7 Eyebrow Piercing Types That You Must Know

Although it’s not as common as a traditional ear piercing, eyebrow piercings have become very popular in recent years. Nowadays, it is quite popular among both men and women and is a unisex fashion statement.

Eyebrow piercings are relatively new additions to the world of body modification and they seem to be unrelated to any cultural or tribal context. Initially introduced as a part of the fashion realm in the 1980s during the punk era, it has become a staple piercing style for those who love piercings that are different and eye-catching.

If you are considering getting eyebrow piercings, you might want to think about it before you do it because it will scar your face permanently, and healing those scars can be a very difficult and expensive thing to do. Learn whether eyebrow piercings are the right choice for you by reading our comprehensive guide to eyebrow piercings.

History of Eyebrow Piercing

The act of body piercing has been performed in cultures around the world for millennia, mostly as part of rites of passage or as a symbol of someone’s bravery, strength, or honor. The history of eyebrow piercing, however, is relatively new. A fashion statement made popular by the punk subculture in the 1970s.

Eyebrow Piercing Types

A perforation under the surface of the skin runs along the ridge of the eyebrow and rests just below the surface of the skin. Perforations of the eyebrow are commonly done in the corner of the eye at a 35-degree angle. Single or double perforations can be performed. Having these piercings gives you the freedom to experiment with a range of looks to achieve the look you desire.

1. Vertical Piercing

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing e1642060310720

Traditionally, eyebrow piercings are made by piercing along the ridge of the eyebrow, vertically. It is most common to place an eyebrow piercing at a 35-degree angle from the outside corner of the eye, somewhere along the brow from just outside the edge to just over the eye, but it can also be placed just about anywhere along the brow.

Since they are surface piercings, they require about 6-8 weeks to heal and have a risk of migration (which occurs when the piercing moves gradually away from its original location over time or because the body is rejecting the foreign object and trying to push it out). The jewelry that is suitable for standard eyebrow piercings is barbells or captive bead rings.

2. Horizontal Piercing

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing e1642060044712

Similarly common is the horizontal eyebrow piercing, which is obviously pierced horizontally across the top portion of the eyebrow. Surface bars (like a staple shape) should be used instead of curved bars, which go into the skin at a 90-degree angle and journey under the skin at the same depth.

3. Bridge Piercing

bridge e1642060026836

Through a bridge piercing, one penetrates the bridge of the nose (the fleshy part between the eyes at the top of the nose). The bridge piercing is not for everyone. It can be performed with a straight barbell or a surface barbell. It may heal crooked or be the prime candidate for migration if the skin between your eyes is tight and thin.

4. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

anti eyebro

The anti-eyebrow piercing (also called a teardrop) is the piercing made in the place where your eyebrows should be if your face were upside down and your eyebrows were below your eyes instead of above them. A surface-piercing along the cheek rather than in the eye, it also appears to be adorning the cheek. It should therefore be performed with a surface bar, as opposed to a barbell.

5. Spiral Piercing

spiral piericng e1640499556980

As opposed to the standard eyebrow piercing, a spiral eyebrow has two or three consecutive holes instead of one; this is known as a spiral eyebrow piercing. After the jewelry is looped through each hole, a special spiral-shaped piece of jewelry is attached.

6. T Piercing

There is another variation of the standard eyebrow piercing, the T eyebrow. In a nutshell, a standard vertical piercing is combined with a horizontal piercing to create a T-shaped design.

7. Multiple Piercings

Finally, a combination piercing or multiple piercing may be formed by combining two or more types of piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing Types, Heal Times, and Jewelry

Placement Heal Time Jewelry
Vertical 6-8 weeks barbell or captive bead
Horizontal 6-8 weeks surface bar
Bridge 8-10 weeks straight or surface barbell
Anti Eyebrow (Teardrop) 6-8 weeks surface bar
Spiral 6-8 weeks special spiral jewelry
T Eyebrow 6-8 weeks two straight surface bars
Multiple 6-8 weeks depends on which types you combine!

Eyebrow Piercing Placement Risks

In general, eyebrow piercings are considered safe as long as proper safety procedures are followed. Some risks, however, may be associated with the placement of the piercing. One of the reasons you should get your next piercing at a professional piercing shop has to do with this.

There is always some risk associated with any piercing. There is usually an infection risk or the possibility of rejection of the piercing. By following post-piercing care instructions, wearing hypoallergenic jewelry, and consulting with experienced piercers in sanitary studios, you can avoid these complications.

According to some reports, eyebrow piercings are more dangerous than other piercings. Piercing too closely to the nose or too close to the eye could strike a major nerve if you pierce too low between the eye and brow. There is a possibility of minor nerve damage if the nerve is pierced.

Avoiding this risk can be accomplished in two ways. First, choose an eyebrow piercing to be placed on your upper-outer brow rather than the inner-inner brow. Secondly, you could go to a professional piercing studio where there are piercing artists. Professional piercers are capable of piercing without going too deep.

Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

There is a wide variety of eyebrow piercing jewelry available. Generally, however, the majority fall into two categories:

  1. Barbell
  2. Rings

Barbell Jewellery


Barbells are not only used by weightlifters; they are also commonly pierced for eyebrows. There is a bar that passes through the middle of each piercing.

There is a wide range of styles for barbell ends. These may be as simple as a ball or as intricate as diamond clusters.

There are various types of eyebrow barbells, but the most common is the curved barbell. Others include barbells with surface bars, spiral, and circular tips. The use of straight barbells for eyebrow piercings, however, is advised against.

Curved barbell

Curved Barbells 1

In eyebrow piercings, the curved barbell is the jewelry of choice, designed so it will fit snugly on the eyebrow. This particular jewelry is typically recommended for the first piercing. It won’t pull at your piercing and cause other problems during the healing process, unlike hoops.

Straight barbell

straught barbell

A lot of people also get eyebrow piercings with this kind of jewelry. Barbells with beads on the ends are common for eyebrow piercings. The market offers a variety of unique and vintage straight barbell designs that you can choose from based on your preferences.

Eyebrow Rings


An eyebrow piercing with a ring is another popular choice. There are two types of rings most commonly used for this piercing: fixed balls and captive beads.

There are two separate parts to a captive bead ring: the ring and the bead or ball. In a captive bead ring, the ring does not quite complete the circle. The bead appears to join the ends of the ring, giving the appearance of a complete circle.

Fixing bead rings is similar to securing beads in a captive ring. However, instead of the beads moving around, they are fixed in place. The advantage is that it will be more difficult to lose beads. The disadvantage of this design is that, upon close inspection, you can see that the bead is missing from the open ring end.

Captive bead ring

CBRs Captives or Captive Bead Rings

As the name implies, this is also known as a ‘bead closure ring’ and is a universal ring that is meant to be worn with almost any type of piercing. These rings have an opening in the center of the ring where a ball or a small stone fits. Piercing communities tend to be quite fond of them since they’re easy to use and they’re good for eyebrow piercings since they fit well without being uncomfortable. These jewelry pieces are also used as initial piercings.

Twister ring

Twister Spiral Barbell 1

With the twister ring, you can add an interesting touch to your piercing. It’s designed like a spiral road. You can have fun choosing the end beads, which come in a variety of playful and colorful beads.

What Jewelry Material Is Used for Eyebrow Piercing?

In regards to the metal, Exrecommends splurging on gold or titanium. Both metals have a tendency to heal faster.

  • Implant-Grade Titanium: Titanium is the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, and given the high rejection rate of jewelry in this area, titanium makes the most sense. Despite its pricier price, it’s well worth it because of its quality and high safety standards.
  • Gold: If you’re going to go with gold, you should select 14k or 18k, not gold-plated.

Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare

For the primary healing process, eyebrow piercings typically take between 2 and 3 months and up to 4 months for the healing process to be completed. Although the healing process is important, it’s important not to move or change your jewelry during this time since the skin in this area is delicate and soft and movement can result in rejection and scarring of the jewelry.

To heal your eyebrow piercing effectively, you need to follow these aftercare guidelines. It depends on how well you take care of your eyebrow piercing that it will heal properly.

  1. Be careful when getting haircuts: Despite what may appear to be a strange hint, eyebrow jewelry can easily become stuck in combs. When getting a haircut be careful not to tear your new piercing because the skin is so fragile, and doing so can lead to a lot of problems. To avoid anything concerning your piercing, delay getting a haircut until it has healed.
  2. Avoid using makeup and face wash: Using makeup or face wash during the healing period is not recommended due to the fact that foreign materials should not be in contact with the new piercing. In order to prevent skin irritation and other issues, adhering to this rule can be challenging.
  3. Go for precious metals: Esthetic considerations and jewelry rejection (jewelry moving from its original location) can pose some major eyebrow piercing issues. The use of cheaper metals, which are more likely to be rejected by your body, is one of the main contributing factors. Thus, you should select a precious metal for your piercing, such as 14k gold.
  4. Do not wax your eyebrows: If the wax comes into contact with your piercing it can irritate it. Makeup and face wash contains foreign substances that can aggravate your piercing. You can pluck the hairs around a piercing if necessary, but be extremely gentle to prevent irritants from getting into the piercing. You should remember that this is a very delicate piercing so be sure to keep it as safe as you possibly can.
  5. Don’t touch or move the jewelry: Although it may be tempting to keep touching and playing with your new eyebrow piercing, you should refrain from doing so since doing so could lead to complications such as infection. To avoid contamination, wash your hands thoroughly before touching the area. To avoid contamination, do not touch the piercing with your hands. The healing process is interrupted whenever you handle your jewelry and move it about. It might take longer for your jewelry to heal.
  6. Eat, sleep and rehydrate: As well as getting enough sleep, you need to eat well and drink plenty of water in order to achieve rapid healing.

In conclusion, excellent aftercare can result in faster healing for your eyebrow piercing and a lower risk of complications that could arise if you don’t take care of it properly. If you notice green or brown pus, redness or warmth around the piercing spot, or swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, you may have an infection. Fever may indicate a serious infection, so be cautious and seek medical attention right away if you experience any of the following symptoms.

Eyebrow Piercing Tips

Listed below are some tips specific to healing eyebrow piercings.

Don’t wax your eyebrows during healing. You should avoid wax during the healing process because it can irritate your piercing. When maintaining bushy eyebrows, you can gently pluck out the hairs that are nearby the piercing. There are some people who say that waxing is okay as long as the wax is kept away from the piercing site, but we say it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with such a fragile piercing.

Be careful with face wash and makeup. Your new piercing should not be exposed to anything other than aftercare products. This includes face washes and makeup. Despite this being challenging, it’s essential, since the chemicals in these products could irritate the skin and cause scarping and other problems.

Be careful with your bangs. If you have bangs, they can prevent your piercing from being seen. Consider letting your new eyebrow piercing heal while your old one is healing, and if you get them cut, make sure not to cut them too close to your new piercing. By wearing your hair in the piercing site, you’re risking introducing bacteria to the piercing or snagging the jewelry and causing trauma to the site.

Opt for precious metals for your eyebrow jewelry material. A major problem with eyebrow piercings is the migration and rejection of jewelry. The body rejects metals that are cheaper even when they have a number of other factors contributing to them. Pick quality metals such as 14k gold or titanium to ensure you get the best results.

Don’t move the jewelry. Shifting jewelry around can irritate the skin and cause complications. Depending on the situation, you might be tempted to conceal your new eyebrow piercing at work or at a more conservative event. However, while the healing process is ongoing, this is almost impossible.

By covering a healing eyebrow piercing with a bandage, you may put pressure on the jewelry, which may result in rejection. The jewelry should never be removed from a piercing since it could damage it or cause the hole to close before you can put it back in. If you get an eyebrow piercing, you must be prepared to have it visible once it heals. Purchasing piercing retainers will give you a subtler look, but once the piercing heals, you can purchase piercing retainers.

Can Eyebrow Piercings be Rejected?

“Eyebrow piercings require extra care and attention because they are especially susceptible to rejection and migration,” explains Blair Murphy-Rose, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. When the healing process is interrupted, there is a higher chance of rejection and migration.

You are likely to encounter this situation if you choose the wrong jewelry and aren’t careful with it. Although, it is something you cannot always avoid. Any foreign object that you insert into your body will have a chance of infection and rejection. The two can occur for no apparent reason. For example, sometimes your immune system is active, causing something to migrate.

Eyebrow Piercing Cost

According to the piercer and the type of jewelry used, the cost of an eyebrow piercing can range anywhere from $20 to 70. The cost of an anti-eyebrow piercing and a horizontal piercing generally ranges from $30 to $80, although it can also vary depending on the jewelry.

In order to avoid making mistakes while getting your eyebrows pierced, ensure that you go to an established and reputable piercer. This is a piercing that leaves a permanent scar on your face, so you don’t want to take any chances. In other words, it is best to not let the price impact your decision and choice of the piercer.

Side Effects of Eyebrow Piercing

You should limit how much you clean your piercing, which can prolong the healing process.

  • Infection: Infections are somewhat rare, but they do occur occasionally. Typically, you’ll notice green or brown pus on your skin, and it will feel very warm to the touch. Your lymph nodes under your jaw will also be swollen. The infection could make you feel sick, and you might even develop a fever if the infection is severe. Whenever you observe any of the signs or if you notice streaks coming out from the wound, seek medical help immediately.
  • Rejection or migration: Our experts highlighted the fact that eyebrow piercings are more likely to be rejected than other types of piercings. By disrupting the healing process, it is possible for piercings to be rejected or to migrate. The piercing should not be handled, rotated, or played with, nor should jewelry be changed until it is completely healed.

How to Change Out Eyebrow Piercing

Approximately six weeks after you’ve changed the jewelry, if your body is healing well, you can switch out the piece for a smaller one or for one that suits your style better. You can exchange the smaller replacement jewelry without paying anything extra, but don’t change the jewelry for the first time yourself. Most shops include the smaller replacement jewelry in the price of your initial piercing. You should seek the advice of a professional to ensure you know what you’re doing. If you fail, it is possible that it may close up or actually suffer trauma from you trying to put the jewelry into it improperly, causing more damage than good.

Do Eyebrow Piercing Hurt

On the pain scale, eyebrow piercings are generally less painful than other piercings. An uncomfortable pinch and some pressure are possible but should be manageable.

After getting your eyebrow pierced, you may experience more discomfort and swelling than you would after getting other piercings. All of these things should go away on their own, so you need not worry about them. Stay away from blood thinners, apply cold compresses, and make sure you get plenty of sleep to speed up your recovery.

Seeing a doctor is the best thing to do if you experience any of these symptoms in excess.

Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Piercing

Before getting an eyebrow piercing, weigh its pros and cons. This will help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Eyebrow Piercing Pros

  • There is less pain from this piercing than from other piercings.
  • Whether worn by women or men, it looks great.
  • Style and elegance are evident in this piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing Cons

  • There are risks associated with jewelry because it can get trapped.
  • Permanent scarring occurs on the face as a result of it.
  • There is a high possibility that jewelry will migrate or be rejected.
  • Piercings on the face can affect an applicant’s employment prospects.

It’s your choice whether you want an eyebrow piercing done, and there shouldn’t be any reason not to when you really want one. Take into account, however, how convenient or otherwise it will be for you before you move forward. It’s time to make the change! Once you’re convinced it’s the right choice for you, make it happen and enjoy yourself!

How often should you clean your Eyebrow Piercing?

Maintaining a clean piercing regularly is very important to ensure that it heals quickly. Cleaning your piercing at least 2-3 times a day is a good idea. By cleaning, you can keep your piercing from becoming infected. 

Using a sea salt solution, you can prevent crusts from forming. By washing your hands with soap and water, you can start the process of cleaning your eyebrow piercing.

  • Cleaning should be done using an aftercare spray.
  • It is possible to purchase an aftercare spray or mist online if your piercer does not provide it.
  • Contact with the wound results in an infection. This spray prevents it from happening. Because it does not have to make contact with the wound.
  • If you are not using a spray, ensure you clean your hands completely and slowly.
  • Keep your fingers clean by washing under the nails between the fingers and don’t forget to wash your hands on the backside as well.
  • Sometimes you will notice crust developing around your eyebrow piercing. It is very important to remove the crust properly to prevent infection.
  • Salt solution should be applied to the crust forming.

Sea salt soak recipe

Iodized salt is not necessary. Use 1/4 cup of sea salt (non-iodized). Stir warm water into not iodized salt (salt that does not contain iodine). Put a fresh, clean cotton ball in your hand. Dipped the cotton ball in the solution for a minute. And there you have your sea salt soak. To clean the piercing, take the cotton ball out of the solution and wrap it around it.

  • Cleaning with this warm salt solution is ideal at least two or three times per day.
  • Stay away from soap and shampoo, just use sea salt instead.
  • The mist should be sprayed gently over the piercing if you are using readymade.
  • Ideally, you should spray 6-8 times so that it stays clean and free of infections.
  • Eliminate nicotine intake and alcohol consumption since they lower immunity.
  • Take care of your health by eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.

Be sure to maintain a daily cleaning schedule. Let us know your problems, experiences, and queries right here in the comment section.

Which Side to get Eyebrow Pierced?

There are no rules saying that only one side of your eyebrows is allowed to be pierced. The most important thing is which side looks beautiful on you and suits you.

Putting yourself first and considering your own desires is the best course of action. People make decisions based on their own desires. I do not think it is fair to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality just because of their piercings.

It’s true that these things do exist. There are some issues to deal with. Hence, I am tackling this topic, as well as including it in this post.

For men, it is customary to pierce the left side of their eyebrows, and for girls, it is customary to pierce the right side. Males with right eyebrow piercings are considered gay, and the same holds true for females.

Eyebrow Piercing FAQs:

How long does it take for eyebrow piercings to heal?

In terms of how an eyebrow piercing heals, each piercing and person will have their own healing process. Your body’s chemical makeup and how fast you heal will determine how fast or how slow you recover. The healing times for eyebrow piercing should be discussed with your professional piercer before getting an eyebrow piercing.

What is the pain of getting one’s eyebrows pierced?

The amount of pain that comes with an eyebrow piercing varies according to many factors. There are many different kinds of pain, and the amount you tolerate really depends on your pain threshold. Getting pierced requires speaking with a professional about pain management and piercing types before getting your eyebrows pierced.

When it comes to eyebrow piercings, how much do they cost?

Where you get your eyebrow piercing will greatly affect how much you must pay for eyebrow jewelry. Besides the price of the jewelry you choose for your piercing, the cost of your eyebrow piercing will also depend on the price of the jewelry. If you want an estimate on the cost, contact your local piercing shop.

Why should I avoid getting my brows pierced?

It is okay if you do not want to get an eyebrow piercing or another facial piercing. These are great ways to accessorize, but they aren’t for everyone. Prior to getting a piercing, make sure you are completely convinced that this is the right decision for you. Ask your piercing professional all of your questions about an eyebrow piercing, and learn everything you need to know. Our other piercing guides may also be of assistance to you in determining which piercing is the best for you.

What is the proper way to clean my eyebrow piercing?

In order to ensure good hygiene following brow piercing, practice good hygiene afterward. If you have questions about aftercare, we recommend H2Ocean aftercare spray or saline solution, and that you consult your piercer.

Is it possible to change my eyebrow jewelry after a certain period of time?

You should wait until your piercing is fully healed before changing your eyebrow jewelry. When you have healed, you can experiment with different types of jewelry like curved barbells, captive beads, and others.

What is the procedure for getting an eyebrow piercing?

It’s not you! Getting a piercing done on your brow or face should be handled by a piercing professional.

If I develop an allergic reaction or my eyebrow piercing becomes infected, what should I do?

Your piercing professional should be able to give you advice on allergies and infections. Additionally, it would be a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider to be sure you don’t have a sensitivity to metal commonly used in eyebrow jewelry products. Whenever you notice redness or inflammation around your eyebrow piercing, remove it immediately and consult a professional.

Please remember to follow your piercing care guidelines in order to avoid infection.

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