Celebrity With Hip Piercing

When it comes to beach fashion and when you have your crop tops or bikinis on, you want to show off not just your belly button piercing (or tattoo!) but your hip piercing too! The hip piercing might in fact add to your tattoos and belly button piercings! The hip piercings are located on any one side, that is, the left or the right side of the hips or on both sides. The hip piercings are the kind of piercings that are usually liked when places diagonally alongside the natural line of your hip.

The beady ends are sure to be liked by people and would turn many gazes towards it! But as a matter of fact, this is just a kind of surface piercing that is not more difficult than other kinds of piercings and so the pain level is pretty tolerable too. It might seem badass and a painful move but really, it is a rather simple one to get. Its location is rather suspectable and if not placed correctly, it has a lot of changes for rejection or migration. Thus, one needs to be super sure about the placement and must do their research!

A perforation is made on the skin where you want to get the hip piercing done. It is a delectable piercing option for people who love to go topless or wear crop tops. Hip piercings are usually done in couplets where both the sides of the hips are pierced, however, it is not a general rule. Some people might also be interested in a single or even a multiple hip piercing! As a general course of nature, it looks fabulous when placed symmetrically because otherwise, it would just seem and come out as an odd piece of jewelry that is placed at a single side of your hip!

Bt no matter what, if you still want to showcase a bad side of yours and express your bold personality, you can easily do it with a hip piercing. There are multiple kinds of hip piercings that you can try on and variations regarding it. You can choose from surface hip piercing and micro dermal hip piercing while making your decision!

Surface Hip Piercing vs Microdermal Hip Piercing

As is already mentioned before, one must do as much research before choosing a piercing studio. It is important that you chose your piercing studio wisely so that you don’t come across any complications.

The piercing shop would always start by cleaning the area of the skin no matter what kind of material you are getting for the hip piercing. After the sanitation process, the piercer will use different steps and instruments to get you other surface hip piercing or micro dermal hip piercing.

Surface Hip Piercing

Surface piercing employs a surface barbell as the piercing jewelry for it. It is started by creating a perforation on the skin from where the barbell can pass easily. it will also make a tunnel-like object under the skin which would be hollow. The material that is used by the piercer could either be a needle or a scalpel. Surface hip piercing is rather a traditional way of getting pierced, and so the chances are that the method will be the same as is with other parts of the body. The piercer will use a clamp to hold the skin together.

Pinching the skin with a clamp is important as it helps to make a perforation faster. It also makes the process a bit less painful. Needle surface piercing is rather getting obsolete because of modern equipment that has come into the market like micro dermal piercing. Some even believe that a needle is not very trustworthy and has higher chances of rejection of piercing while the micro dermal piercing would reduce any such chances and is more accurate.

There is another procedure too which is done using the help of a scalpel. The scalpel is used to create a hollow pocket beside the tunnel underneath the skin. This is also better used than needle piercing because not only is it less painful but chances of rejection also reduces manifolds. After the creation of a tunnel or pocket, the barbell is inserted into the skin!

Microdermal Hip Piercing

Microdermal is a more inventive and newer option for piercing your hips. Microdermal piercing can be done in two ways, that is, by using a needle and by using the dermal punch. If you would want to go ahead with the needle option, the piercer would first clean the area of your skin near the hip with a special tool called a surgical scrub.

After getting the area cleaned up, the piercer would perforate the skin in a very unique way. That is, he will not puncture it in a plain shape but rather in the shape of the alphabet L. This technique is specially used so that the jewelry stays well in place. Creating an L shape also created a pouch inside the skin. The pouch is created where the plate and the anchor of the jewel are put. After making the L shape hole in the skin, the professional will use a surgical tweezer or a pincer to put the jewelry inside in place. These tweezers are alternatively known as forceps. The jewelry plate is put inside first and following it goes the top bead.

The jewelry top is then twined to the anchor and the micro dermal piercing is hence completed. At the same time, the dermal punch hip piercing is totally different from this one. Instead of creating an L shape tunnel, the dermal punch takes some part of the skin tissue out providing some space for the jewelry to go! This is better than the needle micro dermal hip procedure because it helps to reduce the risk of getting the jewelry into the deeper layers of skin. Besides, it is not that painful and is also time-saving!

List of Celebrity with Hip Piercing

  1. Lauren Platt Hip Piercing

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Lauren Nicole Platt, the English presenter, singer, and actor whom you might know from her days in the CBBC talent series Got What It Takes? from 2016 to 2018 or who finished fourth in the 11th series of the famous TV show, The X Factor, previously got her hip pierced. She got the asymmetrical hip piercing done but she removed it soon afterward.

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