2 Celebrities With Neck Piercing

When people usually speak about getting punched on the neck, it means that they are talking of the nape or the back of the neck. However, it is not always the case. While it is the most common kind of piercing, it is not the only placement option when it comes to neck piercings. The madison piercing is yet another piercing which is commonly called collar bone piercing which is done in the front part of the lower neck often between the two collar bones, and hence the name.

Any kind of neck piercings can be surface or dermal piercings. Before we get onto the famous celeb trends with neck piercings, here is a difference you ought to know between the surface and the dermal neck piercings.

Surface Neck or Nape Piercings

Surface collar bone piercing is different because they have an entry and an exit point which is made by removing a small piece of the flesh using a needle. A surface bar is pushed inside the created space and it comes out from the other end. Each end of the bar has some kind of jewel that remains exposed, the bar, on the other hand, remains inside the skin.

Surface piercings are more prone to migration and rejection because they are super close to the surface of the skin. But the good news for the people who get their surface piercing done on their neck has lesser chances of getting their piercings rejected. No matter where you get your piercing done, looking out for a skilled piercer and following good aftercare will definitely help you avoid any kind of problems that are related to a piercing gone bad.

Dermal Neck or Nape Piercings

Dermal piercing is the kind of pricing that goes deep within the layers of the skin by piercing the dermis. It is not like Surface piercing which has an open and exit point and has only one single point for fixing in the jewel. The jewel sits on top of the skin while the piercer puts in the anchor in the removed part of the skin,

Usually, dermal piercing is done using a dermal punch and people wear a diver with it which has a sharp edge and a very decorative top that could be any material available. Other methods of punching in the skin can be done by using needles and a small scalpel. The anchor is then inserted inside the space which runs parallel to the skin. The decorative top of the jewel gets attached to the anchor.

The anchors are better chosen by people because the jewels get changed in this kind of piercings. Thus you can change whatever the jewel according to the occasion. Many people get multiple piercings in a row and mix the designs. On the other hand, if you decide to go with the dermal punch and diver, keep in mind that you’ll require to exclude the jewelry completely if you fancy switching things up.

List of 2 Celebrities with Neck Piercing

1. Cassie Ventura Neck Piercing

cassie neck piercing 2

Cassie’s Ventura has a dermal piercing on the back of her neck right at the nape.

cassie throat piercing 2

Cassie Ventura also has her throat pierced with a dermal piercing besides the nape of the neck!

2. Perrie Edwards Neck Piercing

perrie edwards

Perrie Edwards has a beautiful surface piercing on the nape of her neck, she admits that she has suffered a bit while doing so. The Little Mix singer told in her Twitter account that she felt a bit nauseous after she got herself pierced with a  silver barbell done in surface piercing style. ‘Perrie does getting your neck pieced hurt?’ asked the fan or famously known as, Mixer.

Perrie responded: “Yea a little! It’s not the pain it’s just the weird sensation that makes you sick! Aha :’) Perrie”

Perrie Edwards has always been a big fan of colored hair, tattoos, and body piercings also has rings studded through her nose and multiple piercings on her ears too. In fact, many of her fans have taken this as an encouragement to get themselves the same kind of body piercings.

Just like it is with tattoos, many people want to see what kind of piercings their favorite celebrities have made and for what reason? It not only makes them feel closer but gives ideas to them to improve and enhance their styles too. Piercings that are done by celebrities actually turn out to be a reflection of what’s hot and what’s not.

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