30 Amazing Galaxy Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Ideas, Celebrities

Space is such an enthralling state, full of infinite possibilities and absolute mystery. Many unsettled questions come to memory when you attempt to understand the notions of space and how the cosmos are put together. How huge is space in the hugeness of it all? Is space terminable? One of the most ambiguous features of space is it’s size. There are really only two basic theories. Either A, that space envelops around kind of like a donut, or B, that space is simply unfathomable and ever-expanding. While the entire donut shape theory is pretty difficult to wrap your mind around, the notion of space being endless is sufficient to figuratively blow most of our minds.

Giving up something this interesting for your next tattoo design is tough. It’s nearly impossible to go without conceiving about what’s out there when the stars in the sky are such, well, stars! Encouraged enough, we put together a list of over 30 space associated tattoo designs highlighting nebulas, stars, planets, and galaxies that pretty much cover all the artistic bases. We hope you enjoy this list as much as we relished working on it. And don’t forget to save and share your preferences!


A galaxy tattoo offers a lot of significance to distinctive people. Each application depends on the acumen of the people who viewed it but usually, this tattoo expresses three things.

  • The first one is life and aspirations. Ever fantasized of something that you really want and looked up the stars? That is the idea behind why it describes life and dreams. People tend to look up to the night sky when pondering over something deep or dreaming something.
  • The second meaning of a galaxy tattoo is optimism. This definition is actually quite related to the first one but the discrepancy is that some people do not assume of something to happen but rather wish to have a positive life that is liberated from problems.
  • Lastly, galaxy tattoo designs can also mean admiration and commitment. Having a galaxy or cosmic tattoo anticipates that your love for a person is like a universe. From the beginning to the end of life, he or she is your one and only. Despite the copious stars out in the universe, you picked him or her as your partner for life.


Since galaxies come in numerous shapes and sizes, this tattoo design can be very compliant and can fit right in with any body part you want to have it. Most people, nevertheless, like to place their galaxy tattoo on the limbs (sleeve, arms, legs, thighs, shoulders) to show off the elaborate detailing and colors of the tattoo. Others also ink their galaxy tattoos on the chest and back because it extends a bigger space to work with than the limbs.

  • Forest Galaxy Designs

galaxy tattoo


Sometimes simplistic designs prove to be the most striking. If you’re looking for something ingenious, classy, and attractive, this delicate little wrist tattoo is definitely something to build on. Often times the best scenes of the night’s sky and the stars it holds are in rural areas. That’s why this forest scene gives you a powerful shot of nostalgia, bringing back reminiscences of those camping trips where you can truly see the stars at night.

  • Galaxy Hair

galaxy tattoo

Space hair, don’t care. Bet you’ve never caught on that one before. This pattern is an absolute stud when it comes to epic space-infused tattoo designs.  This design builds upon the playful nature of the girl who is enjoying herself in the mysterious boundaries.

  • Saturn On The Ankle

galaxy tattoo

Here we have a different watercolor design that highlights everyone’s favorite ringed planet. In the days, not hours, that we spent curating this list, we only came across a few space-themed ankle tattoos. Ankle tattoos are normally low on the ankle but this savvy chap was smart enough to place it high enough to evade the cover of even mid-length socks.

  • Keyhole Galaxy Tattoo Designs

galaxy tattoo

We love the notion of keyhole tattoo designs that suggest a small flash into another space or time. This design assists as an on-the-spot lure, beckoning its viewers to come closer and take a peek through the keyhole into a world of exploding twinklers and unimaginable color.

  • Planetary Orbit

galaxy tattoo

This elegant black and grey ink design demonstrates the revolving paths of each planet as they circle our sun. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of designs decorated with dangling beads, or “jewelry” as it’s seldom referred to as. The elaborateness of these hanging elements supplements an air of elegance and beauty to any piece, and while this design doesn’t undeviatingly try to channel that aspect, it does heedlessly reap the same artistic benefits, especially with the varying thickness of each planetary orbit

  • Galaxy Amidst Hands

galaxy tattoo

In this piece, there unquestionably seems to be a more comprehensive power at work. You’ll find several of these kinds of designs on the list with colorful watercolor galaxies enveloped with minimalistic shapes and objects. It’s a great alternative to juxtapose the components without taking attention away from the main focal point.

  • Floral Galaxy Skull

galaxy tattoo

We love a good floral skull but this one unquestionably takes the entire concept to a completely different level. Upon first glance, it takes a few minutes to really acknowledge the complexity of this piece and to figure out what precisely is going on. An ideal show-stopping conversation piece if there ever was one.

  • World Map Galaxy

galaxy tattoo

Everyone admires a good world map tattoo. Apparently, because it stirs up those voyage bug jitters and evokes to you of all those cool places you have yet to travel. But add a little watercolor technique to the mix and matters get even more interesting. On the left side of the piece, you’ll discern what looks like a large negative space sun

  • Rose Galaxy Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Roses are normally a symbol of love and galaxy, as said, could mean inscrutability. So this could be a lover of mysteries. But to make it all lovey-dovey, it could also purport love for eternity seeing that the cosmos could go on forever.

  • Till the World Ends

galaxy tattoo

One day, the Earth could cease to exist. This tattoo might seem a little hair-raising but it could also mean that we never know when our deadline is so live life to the fullest. Plus the features in this design definitely bring the tattoo to life.

  • Upper Back Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

The fabulous thing with galaxy tattoos is that it could be for both men and women. Here’s a simplistic planet design for both genders. By glancing at it, it could be a representative of strength and power.

  • Galaxy of Conundrum

galaxy tattoo

Here’s a super lifelike tattoo (on the skin part only though) that exposes off how there is a whole galaxy inside you. It could mean that you are a conundrum. Behind all those corporeal traits, you could be something much more than what others grasp of you.

  • All-Encompassing Eye

galaxy tattoo

“The All-Seeing Eye” is usually questionable with the social thinking of it as a sign of decadence. However, break down the legend by this design and if they ask, here’s the true significance of the symbol: it is actually a metaphor for high spiritual power or even a renewal of the spirit.

  • Alice in Wonderland?

galaxy tattoo

Kind of recalls of you Alice in Wonderland. Here’s another option for surrealistic space designs. It could mean that space and time could be two distinctive things and yet corresponding as well.

  • Full Sleeve Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Full sleeve designs are really excellent to look at notably when you’ve got a wonderful design. The colors of the universe plus the marvelous scenes that happen in space is surely a plan worthy of a full sleeve.

  • Black and White Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Black and white space tattoos are equally pleasing to look at. It practically has an enchanting feel to it. It would look like the twinklers are in your body.

  • Color Contrasts

galaxy tattoo

From solid black to blazing red, the colors are one of the purposes of why getting a space tattoo is fabulous. The diversity in colors could make it bold and alive. This one truly looks fierier. Otherworldly is perhaps another word to represent space tattoos. It might be a bit accurate but some plans give off more than just the precise application.

  • Sci-Fi Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Here’s another cool space tattoo that is extra colorful than the somber and brooding. It shows more of stronger properties than being enigmatic, probably because of the coloring. And it also looks like something out of a sci-fi book or comic which is absolute for sci-fi lovers.

  • Galaxy Skull

galaxy tattoo

Each person would have their own narrative with their tattoos. Usually, nonetheless, skulls express more than death, but a commemoration of life. This tattoo could be a magnificent depiction of celebrating your own life in a world that is limitless and inconstant.

  • Tulip Galaxy Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Tulips are most commonly correlated with love; red for true love and yellow ones for gaiety. This tattoo could simply mean unswerving (seeing as the universe is constant) rejoicing in love.

  • Van Gough Galaxy Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Looks familiar? Maybe because you’ve seen it someplace. Here’s a great replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It’s the obscure version of good stargazing.

  • Swinging Down

galaxy tattoo

This tattoo shows a girl in a swing glancing down at the earth from the universe. Surreal but attractive. Plus the narrative behind it could depend on what you imagine.

  • Chest Galaxy Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Here’s an unaffected complex tattoo that’s best comprehended on flat places like the back or a man’s chest.

  • Attractive Galaxy Tattoos

galaxy tattoo

Here’s a fashionable sci-fi tattoo for everyone who loves the sorts. It would seem to be delivering a message that all of us are made of similar materials and are from the corresponding inception.

  • Galaxy Hand Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

This design is like missing part of your hand into a void which is a cool and nice delusion. It’s astonishing and simple as well.

  • Going All-In

galaxy tattoo

If you want more intimate things, how about our Earth plus our next-door-neighbor planets? These are fascinating portraits of the planets of the solar system which we all grasp about but are still unfamiliar to us. It could express how things could look the same but could feel conversely.

  • Sky Full of Stars

galaxy tattoo

Another space inside tattoo design. This one is enormously subtler and more beautiful with the colors and apparently shimmering and illustrious stars.

  • Black and White Saturn

galaxy tattoo

If you desire to walk away from the blues and violets or oranges and reds, here’s a black and white tattoo starring Saturn and its beautiful rings.

  • Half Saturn

galaxy tattoo

This tattoo shows half of Saturn and of course, it’s stunning rings plus some of its satellites. You could easily be a fan of sci-fi or just be enamored by Saturn. Or you can also have it as a representation of dominance, determination or labor among its other meanings.

  • Children In Space

galaxy tattoo

Space could be surreal and here’s a magnificent design to bring its surrealism to a completely new level. It can be a piece of candor and wonderment.

  • Unique Watercolor Space Tattoo

galaxy tattoo

Space tattoos don’t really require to be bold and colored. Sometimes you can contest with various styles and end up having unusual kinds of tattoos. Here’s a space tattoo design in watercolor fashion.


  • Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has a galaxy design tattoo on her right forearm.

  • Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd got a space galaxy-themed tattoo on her ankle in the exaltation of her mom Carrie Fisher’s birthday, considering the Star Wars actress had a comparable tattoo herself.

  • Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain has a geometric space circles tattoo on her forearm by Dr. Woo.

  • Renee Pheonix

Renee Phoenix has this tattoo on her left forearm of a snail made up of yellow geometric print in front of a purple galaxy print backdrop.

  • Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had her knuckle tattoos infused in by artist Lauren Winzer on October 14, 2014. She filled the heart on her pinkie with galaxy print, added a new tattoo of an alien head on her ring finger, reconstructed the triangle on her middle finger into a slice of watermelon, and illuminated the Nazar (“evil eye”) on her ring finger with some colors.

  • Jacqui Sandell

Jacqui Sandell has a tattoo on her left forearm of three tree branches tied into a triangle with vivacious colors in the center. The artwork evolves from a card in The Wild Unknown tarot deck drawn by Kim Krans. Tattoo artist Joseph Michael at Hole in the Sky Tattoo Parlor did the inking in July 2014.


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