30 Amazing Constellation Tattoos With Meanings, Ideas and Celebrities

Constellations tattoos may look like an unlikely fashion, but with accurately 88 identified and labeled constellations in the sky, configuration options are almost endless. Think: Orion’s Belt, Ursa Major, Cassiopeia… you get the idea. Although it’s easy to understand that it’s the horoscope-obsessed who are fundamentally encompassing this new trend, the plans are just as suiting for those of us who can’t even understand a birth chart — let alone know what it is.

Constellation tattoos are irrefutably the next big thing for this generation of body art connoisseurs. Whether you are an aficionado of cosmology or astrology, the polished level of excellent intergalactic ink will unfasten universal appeal. Your starry-eyed fashion competitors will perceive the heat of your excellent solar display. All who dare stand in the way of your exclusive attitude will be left in the stardust! There are incessant options within the range of constellation ink. A man’s selection can be based on a particular inclination towards a particular set of stars. A lot of guys pick an arrangement that undeviatingly associates with their horoscopes. Other prevalent selections include the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt.

Ultimately, this sophisticated style will make certain that your style is never limited to mere earthly standards. As a reward, these slick combinations can be masterfully combined into existing pieces. They are commonly added within landscapes and horizons. A constellation tattoo is one of those types that have been around for thousands of years. But, the discovery of modern tattooing machines and techniques now enables people to make them look graphic and stylish. Since ancient times, the constellations have always captivated humankind and before, people assumed that they were the souls of their ancestors. In fact, in some cultures, there was a belief that when a person dies, he or she becomes part of the constellation, and their kinsmen could still interact with them by looking up to the heavens on a clear night.

For a glimpse at what kinds of alterations these cunning constellations can stimulate, just take a peek at this extensive guide to top-notch star ink!

  • Constellation for Travelers


In the old days before the invention of the compass, people would use luminaries for navigation. Sailors were also very educated, and so the position of the distinctive constellation was what they would use to find their way back homeward. And so in contemporary days, having a constellation inked on your body can suggest that you will always find your way back despite where life might take you. This metaphor is very popular with marines when they are out in the sea for many months.

  • Connecting People

Your constellation can also anticipate the kinship between different things and people. You cannot have a constellation without linking several stars, and this is the corresponding way that a human being cannot survive without connecting with others.

  • Familial Ties

People are social beings that need family and intimate relationships for life to be exhaustive. Having these tattoos can express that you know the essence of your family and friendship ties and that you appreciate them.

  • Tattoo


Stars will irradiate your path on a clear night and assist you to find the way to your purpose. You can also interpret this meaning or symbolism to your tattoo and have a constellation symbol to guide you through the many blockades in life by illumining your path.

  • Attractive Constellation Tattoo

Apart from this, you can also have these tattoos to express your enchantment with the stars that make up the constellation. Other people will also have these designs as emblems of faith, assurance, and good luck.

  • Minimalistic Tattoo Design

A constellation tattoo will look stunning when you consolidate it into a minimalistic tattoo, and this is what makes this one of the most preferred ways of expressing this emblem.

  • Tribal Design

Its geometric patterns and the orderly lines connecting the different stars in the constellation look marvelous with tribal designs. Pairing the two is also a classic way to guarantee that your constellation does not look dull and instead it appears accurate and modernized.

  • Amplified Tattoo Designs

This constellation emblem variation is the most attractive one, and this is due to its straightforward appearance, and anyone with fundamental tattoo drawing skills can create it. In its plainest form, you only need to have a few dots and join them with some upright lines to form the constellation pattern that you want. Nonetheless, some people will also spice up this tattoo by having infinite small dots instead of a straight line to connect large dots to form the constellation while others will also intensify this tattoo with some color.

  • Nebular Tattoo Designs

The nebula is another popular image that people like to join with the constellation to warrant that the latter does not look dull. However, painting it can be challenging, and this is why most tattoo lovers will prefer to have the nebular in watercolors so as to dispense its different features clearly.

  • Nebula with Simple Constellation

Once you have the watercolor nebular, you should then end it by drawing a simplistic constellation such as Orion or Aries above it. There is also another attractive choice that involves having a watercolor framework.

  • Cool Constellation Designs For Men

Some constellations have some very unusual shapes, and so you cannot just have them anyplace you want, and this is more so if you need them to preserve their meaning and look chic. Men fancy to have them on the chest, back, upper arm and seldom on the wrist.

  • Amazing Constellation Designs for Females

Women, on the other hand, appear to fancy to have their tattoos inked on the hip, face, behind the ear, abdomen, and the navel area. Still, the bottom line is that you can always have it anywhere you feel comfortable or where you will find it most emblematic.

  • Colorful Moon with Constellation

The ambiguousness of the constellations will not be resolved anytime soon, but their appeal is indisputable. Having a constellation tattoo is one way to declare your enchantment with the enigmatic nature of the universe.

  • Exceptional Constellation Designs

The fact that it is also very indicative helps to make this an exceptional type of body art for both men and women.

  • Cat on the Moon

This design is quite creative as it has two favorite objects of the wearer. The design has a cat too which is symbolic of mystery and occultism, very similar to the symbolic representation of the stars and the moon.

  • Delicate Constellation Tattoo


For those who favor soft tattoos, this arrangement of stars is for you. It’s so light and delicate that most people will never discern.

  • Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

This constellation is for the Aquarians. It also incorporates the birthdate and the constellation name arranged in a calligraphic style.

  • Constellation and Mountains

These kinds of designs are suitable for travelers or adventure enthusiasts. Mountains are also quite symbolic of the mysterious world and the wild. Similarly, joining two such enigmatic symbols creates a profound effect on the tattoo design.

  • Unusual Constellations

Quite an unusual constellation design. However, let your imagination run wild because it will only result in some fun and crazy tattoo ideas. This colorful frog definitely enlivens the otherwise somber and simple constellation design.

  • Behind the Ear

If you are looking for something that doesn’t scream at the top of its lungs, this design is perfect for you. This is a very subtle creation but at the same time, the pretty colorful stars add to the beauty and creativity.

  • All the Constellations Together

This body art is exquisite! It combines a myriad number of constellations on a single spot. Quite an appropriate representation for a traveler or an explorer, this design can also suit someone who is into astrology or cosmology.

  • Cartoon Effect

The constellation designs are encompassed within beautiful caricaturish designs. The colorful outline enriches the whole design and transforms it into something fun.

  • Reminiscent of Camping

This tattoo design definitely is a reminder of all the camping trips you have ever had before. It becomes an emblem of the true explorer spirit in you. This design is perfect to commemorate the memories you have had before and the memories that are yet to come.

  • Simple Constellation Tattoos

Another plus to these tattoos is that they are super significant but won’t take a long time to conceive or recover since ones like this are just a sequence of dots and tiny lines.

  • Unique Designs 

Again, this design is one of the most unique ones on this list. The design can have several interpretations according to the wearer. Let us know what do you interpret out of this one!

  • Moon and Crystal

The moon and crystals tattoo is extraordinary, but when the constellation is supplemented to it, it absolutely emits an out-of-this-world kind of charm.

  • Unconnected Constellation

Of course, you don’t have to join the stars and dots when designing a tattoo. This combination makes it feel even more perplexing and mysterious.

  • Full Chest Constellation

While many constellation tattoos are petite and delicate, this is one that can’t be overlooked. The pretty piece takes up her client’s full chest and advances to become a dreamy design.

  • Impacting Tattoos

It is a masterful piece when it comes to designing minuscule tattoos that render a big impact. This constellation tattoos combine the dots for significant things for the clients, whether that’s the stars, a heart, or a diamond.

  • Taurus Constellation

This tattoo design features a Taurus constellation emitting out of a book. Well, quite significant design if you are a Taurus who has a profound affection for books. Go ahead without a second thought and get yourself inked by the two of your favorite things in the world.

  • Multiple Constellations

This design incorporates a number of constellations on the body. Perfect for the part which has a huge surface area. Using multiple constellations can be an indication of your immense love for stars and the cosmos. However, there can be numerous such interpretations for a design like this.


If Channing Tatum’s recent comments about the supernatural precision of The Pattern app taught us anything, it’s that our combined enchantment with the cosmos and astrology is at an all-time high. Some may even say the stars have joined for the latest trend that’s driving the Astro community by storm. Welcome constellation tattoos.

These are some celebrities who have tried their hands on such chic constellation designs. I hope you get inspired after reading about some of your cherished stars!

  • Mabel McVey

Mabel McVey has a special constellation configuration inked on her left side – the piece of art by the tattooist, Dr. Woo.

  • Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty has floral vines inked on her left side in the contour of the constellation for her zodiac sign Virgo. She got this artistic ink from the artist, Tim Hendricks in April 2018.

  • Joey King

Joey King and her sister – Kelli King- got analogous tattoos of Ursa major constellation on their left rib cage.

  • Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero has a constellation tattoo on her right index finger.

  • Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna Ushkowitz has a brand-new ink artwork on her right forearm. The star constellation tattoo was done by Jon Boy at West 4 Tattoo on May 31, 2016.

  • Solange

Solange got a dainty constellation tattoo on the inside of her arm, thanks to the proficiency of New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoos.

So did you like any of the designs above? I hope we did inspire you enough for that impending visit to your tattoo artist’s studio.


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