Dayne Beams’ 30 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dayne Beams is another famous name in the Football club who is known for his heavily tattooed body. Dayne is a former professional Australian rules footballer who used to play for AFL Australian Football League in Collingwood Football Club. He had also been part of the Brisbane Lions as a player and also as a captain. It was in 2018 when he took a step back from his captain and ultimately retired in 2020 owing to some personal issues. He has always been vocal about mental health issues and how 2017 had been the worst year of his life. Currently, he runs a website, Health of Mind Art ushered to a mental health charity, Love Me Love You. Dayne has got ample fan-following not only just because of his football career but his excessively tattooed body. Let us explore his multiple body tattoos and their meanings.

Dayne Beams

“I was young, and I was getting a tattoo under-age. I thought it was being really cool,” he said.

I am not bothered by the bad reviews footy fans are all too happy to offer up on his body art: “People hang on the fence and tell me I have s**t tatts all the time.”

The intricate design includes a spider, flames, dice, and an Eightball.

1. Dragon Tattoo

Dayne shoulder tattoo

Dayne dragon tattoo

Dayne arm dragon tattoo

Tattoo: Dayne has a substantial green-colored dragon inked on his right upper arm, which wraps around his shoulder and bicep.

Meaning: Dragon symbolizes bravery, wisdom, intelligence, and spirit. Green colored dragon is the specific way to represent the virtues of nature and the environment. The Japanese dragon on Dayne’s arm is the symbol of self-protection and the force of God.

2. Pair of Soldiers on Left Shoulder Tattoo

Dayne bicep boy tattoo

3. Glass of Water and A Riding Horse Tattoo

Dayne bicep design tattoo

4. Billiard Ball Tattoo

Dayne billiard ball tattoo

Tattoo: Dayne has the billiard ball tattoo in number 8 tattooed near his right forearm.

Meaning: 8 Ball is the symbol of good luck owing to the direct fact that it is considered to be the best ball in the game.

Also, a flaming eight ball, as can be seen on Dayne’s arm, since the tattoo is surrounded by flames, signify other multiple aspects such as Man’s devastation, drinking, booze, gambling, adulterous women risk, etc.

5. A boy on a stranded boat in a Sea Tattoo-Left Arm

Dayne boy on boat tattoo

6. ‘Fortius Quo Fidelius’ Tattoo

Dayne chest writing tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Dayne has got the Latin words inked as ‘Fortius Quo Fidelius.’

Meaning: Fortius Quo Fidelius or Strength Through Loyalty stands for ‘the stronger, the more faithful’ when translated into English.

However, there are some speculations that this was the motto of Dayne Beams’ Junior football team and club, St Kilda.

7. Devil Tattoo-Right Thigh

Dayne devil tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper right thigh, a blue-colored devil face is inked.

Meaning: Devil tattoo is the way to ward off the evil and also to remind other people about the tattoo wearer’s daring spirit and strong characteristics like bravery, courageousness, determination, and perspective.

8. Rolling Dice Tattoo

Dayne dice tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of rolling dice on Dayne’s right forearm.

Meaning: Rolling Dice represents the tattoo wearer’s risk-taking capability and daring nature. Also, it is an essential harbinger of good luck and positivity. Some people also believe that dice with dots stand for randomness, the proximity of reality, and the buoyant nature of life.

9. Blue Colored Flag Tattoo-Right Bicep

Dayne flag on arm

10. Ace of Clubs Tattoo

Dayne flames and card tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, Dayne has got a tattoo of the clubs of the Playing cards.

Meaning: Club of cards brings good luck, mental health, wealth, and wisdom.

Ace of clubs is considered to be the luckiest of the deck in the game.

11. Rolling Dice and Flames Tattoo

Dayne flames and dice tattoo

Dayne playing cards tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand’s wrist, there is a tattoo of Ace of Playing cards tattooed.

Four Ace cards are another token of good luck, wealth, and good fortune. However, as per the olden beliefs, the ace of the card has a dark history to it as it was used in the wars in the times of American history, especially in World War II and the Vietnam war.

They are often linked with gamblers, bikers, and gangs.

12. Flames Tattoo

Dayne flames tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, there are fire flames tattooed.

Meaning: Fire flames are the symbol of wild passion and deep desires of the person.

13. Flowers on Right Thigh

Dayne flowers on thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Wrapping his upper right thigh is the band of multi-colored, widely spread flowers.

Meaning: Flowers are the token of happiness, hope, desire, good omens, and freshness.

14. Flowers on Hands

Dayne flowers tattoo

Dayne rose tattoo

Tattoo: There are roses tattooed on both hands of Dayne.

Meaning: Rose is the representation of love, affection, romance, friendship, and romantic relationships.

15. Left Arm Tattoos

Dayne forearm tattoo

16. Finger Tattoos

Dayne hand tattoo

17. Sunset Mountain Scenery Tattoo

Dayne leg tattoo

Dayne knee tattoo

Dayne leg themed tattoo

Tattoo: Under his left knee, there is a beautiful tattoo description of a sunset-mountains scenery with widely distributed forest and greenery.

A sunset with a mountain tattoo is often used to represent the fact there is a life after death and, more specifically. Reincarnation. It is the depiction of fresh beginnings, transitions, and fresh journeys of life.

18. Koi Fish- Right Shoulder Tattoo

Dayne koi fish on back

Tattoo: on the backside of his right shoulder, Dayne has got the tattoo of orange-colored Koi Fish.

Meaning: Koi Fish is the symbol of perseverance and shows the times of troubles which the tattoo wearer has had in the past or is currently facing. Orange Koi Fish is a token for the mother of the family and reflects courage and bravery.

19. Koi Fish on Left Arm

Dayne koi fish tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a tattoo of Koi Fish.

Meaning: Koi Fish is the famous symbolism for perseverance. They are often chosen as a tattoo to represent the past troubled phases of one’s life or the struggles that he might be facing currently.

20. Left leg Tattoo

Dayne left leg tattoo

21. Portrait on Left Leg Tattoo

Dayne leg ink

22. Heart with Roses and Names Tattoo

Dayne neck design

Tattoo: On the backside of his neck, Dayne has got a beautiful piece inked which shows a godly figure’s face to whom a heart is tagged along with arose, on either side. Inside the rose is the pair of footprints followed by names under the heart that can be read as ‘Carter and Ruby.’

The tattoo is Dayne’s dedication of love for his children, Carter and Ruby. The footprints represent their birthmarks, and the roses show his affection and love for his kids. Ruby is his first daughter with Kelly beams, who was born in 2016, and Carter is the name of their son.

23. Owl on Neck

Dayne neck tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his neck, Dayne has got a magnificent owl tattoo. He got it done from @jakybtatz, as shared by him on his tattoo revealing Instragam post.

Meaning: The owl is symbolic of illusions, prophecy, perspicuity, and smartness. As per the Native American cultures, owls are often associated with immortality and the afterlife and are regarded as spiritual guides.

24. Portrait on Arm

Dayne portrait tattoo

25. Right Bicep Tattoo

Dayne right bicep tattoo

26. Left Arm Tattoos

Dayne shoulder ink

27. Spider Web Tattoo

Dayne spiderweb tattoo

Tattoo: There is a spider web with a spider design inked on Dayne’s right elbow,

Meaning: Spidweb web tattoo is symbolic of the troubled time which the tattoo wearer had to spend in his past.

Spider’s web symbolizes fortune and mortality, whereas a spider tattoo can illustrate perspicuity, fertility, unity, and consonance.

30. Stomach Design

Dayne waist tattoo

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