Tulisa Contostavlos’ 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tulisa Contostavlos, the singer and songwriter mostly known for judging the hit reality show X-Factor. Along with being a great singer who won many awards, she is also an actress and a hit television personality. But what mostly caught our eyes are her tattoos and inks making it to quite an attractive personality. While some of her tattoos are thought-provoking and sweet, some are tagged as ‘raunchy.’ But nevertheless, Tulisa carries her inks and her personality pretty well making it quite a head turner for many.

Tulisa Contostavlos

Here are the 5 tattoos inked on this celebrity:

1. Vintage Microphone Tattoo

Tulisa Contostavlos - Microphone arm tattoo

Tulisa has a beautiful vintage style tattoo on her left forearm of a microphone. This tattoo also has roses and music notes surrounded the microphone. It has words “RIP Uncle B N-Dubz for Life” inked in honor of Tulisa’s uncle Byron who was instrumental in her musical career and success.

2. Lyrical Tattoo

Tulisa Contostavlos - Lower back lyrical tattoo

The singer has her song lyrics inked on her lower back from the album “The Female Boss.” The tattoo says:

She is strong when she is weak

She is brave when she is scared

She is humble when she is victorious.

3. ‘Lucky You’ Tattoo

Tulisa Contostavlos - Lucky You tattoo

Tulisa has interestingly weird tattoo on her lower stomach with four-leaf cover along with words “Lucky you” inked. The tattoo seems like a teasing message for anyone who can see that racy tattoo of the singer.

4. Unicorn Tattoo 

Tulisa Contostavlos - Unicorn shoulder tattoo
The singer has a large unicorn tattoo with wings on her right shoulder blade. The old tattoo of Tulisa of ying-yang symbol and her name is Greek is covered by this new majestic tattoo but is faintly visible.

5. “Female Boss” Tattoo

Tulisa Contostavlos - The female boss arm tattoo
“Female Boss” has been inked on Tulisa on her right forearm along with female gender symbol. This tattoo is a representation of singer’s nickname and is believed to be her ‘trademark’. The singer is very fond of this tattoo and loves to flaunt it off.

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