20+ Best Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs with Ideas and Meanings

Harley Quinn, one of the most famous female leads of the DC comics was originally supposed to be featured in one episode but today has a whole movie after her, wow! Talk about character development, from being a villain to our favorite antihero, this woman is all about growth and power. Why would a fan not get a Harley Quinn tattoo? But that’s not what she is famous for, is she? Her unhinged, energetic, vicious, and violent aura makes the worst of the villains fear her.

Quinn appeared for the first time in 1992 in her classic black and red stock character Harlequin. She was often seen as Joker’s love interest but the infamous “Mad love” turned into a transformational experience, especially after their breakup in the relaunch of Quinn’s character. The old her or the new one, both have a tremendous impact on the fanbase and her tattoos have become increasingly popular.

Meaning of Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

Harley Quinn’s tattoos can mean a lot of things depending on a person’s own reason to get the tattoo in the first place. However, we found some of the most common reasons and associated meanings that you could relate to as well.

The first one could be to demonstrate the badass powerful feminine force because let’s admit it, Joker was hugely responsible for her psychotic conditions and activities and she showed a real change after they broke up. She showed how she is her own person with or without Joker and has a huge fanbase to prove that standing out proud in the male-dominated world of superheroes.

One could also get a Quinn tattoo to own up to their mental issues. Be it anxiety, depression, ADHD, or personality syndrome, owning and talking about the struggles not only helps you but also the one’s around you in need. Quinn was also described as suffering from a mental illness caused by traumas but one of the most intelligent ones as well. She later overcame a lot of her issues if not all which also projects hope of something better.

Another good reason would be if you are a fan of the crazy love Joker and her shared. The opposite could be true as well, Quinn tattoo can also be representative of getting out of a toxic relationship and realizing your self-worth. Be it her kick-ass personality or some part of her story that you relate to, our handpicked tattoos will certainly help you represent her well.

Ideas For Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

Harley Quinn tattoos are ideal for both men and women and range from bold designs to simple subtle ones, and we have got them all covered for you. You could get the three-diamond symbol of Quinn from her initial days when she wore a harlequin clown costume.

You could also get a Margot Robbie tattoo or a tattoo of Joker with her ‘Quinn’. This could also be a good idea for a couple’s tattoo and why not add Poison Ivy there if that’s what you prefer? Another idea would be to just get the tattoo of her face tattoos or your favourite dialogue from the movie.

Where Should You Get Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Three-Diamond Harley Quinn Tattoo Design 

Harley quinn tattoo 5

The three-diamond symbol is one of Harley’s trademark symbols because her first character of her was introduced when she was a harlequin clown wearing her jester costume with this pattern. The wearer has incorporated her face through these three diamonds and made it even clear that this beautiful tattoo is of Quinn herself.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design on the Leg

Harley quinn tattoo 10

The wearer of this tattoo has added some extra elements like a hammer to the diamond card pattern. The diamond card of red and black color was also the first card that joker wrote a love note on for Harley. This tattoo could be for the fans who have been following Quinn through comics and her initial days.

  • Minimal Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 17

This minimalistic yet elegant tattoo on the thigh is one of the discreet ones. If you want to represent Quinn on the inside but want it to be subtle on the outside, this tattoo is for you.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design with Poison-Ivy Element

Harley quinn tattoo 15

This next one features the classic three-diamond pattern intertwined with the poison ivy twig. This tattoo could be to celebrate Harley finally finding true love in poison ivy, which appreciates her after being in an abusive relationship. This tattoo could also be symbolic of their long-term friendship.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design with Batman Element

Harley quinn tattoo 21

This tattoo could depict rivalry. The wearer here has got an outline of the batman symbol and inside are the colors of harley quinn who definitely created a lot of problems for him. This tattoo could also be symbolic of an unusual partnership or if you Quinn and batman are two of your favorite characters.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design on the Forearm

Harley quinn tattoo 11

The next in the series is this tattoo of her, where the wearer has added pink and blue colors to the face to make it look realistic. They have also added some face tattoos like the heart and the ‘joker’ on the eyebrow. The details under the eye make the tattoo look aggressive and relatable.

  • Harley Quinn in Action Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 12

Couldn’t look more realistic! This tattoo of Margot Robbie from the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ playing Harley Quinn is an accurate depiction of Quinn in her element. The wearer has got that sad but imprudent look of hers with her heart tattoo and the pudding collar. This tattoo needs a lot of space to bring out the details and is not ideal for smaller areas like wrists and ankles.

  • Dual Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 19

This half-and-half tattoo of Quinn and the Joker is for the fans of this iconic once ‘crazy in love couple. The wearer has very creatively placed the joker’s face next to Harley keeping the features almost the same but adding their own element to it. This tattoo could represent someone who is also crazily in love with someone and would do anything for them (minus the betrayal of course).

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design on the Bicep

Harley quinn tattoo 20

The wearer of this tattoo has got Harley Quinn tattooed in action. The tattoo looks very realistic and she is seen holding the bat and pointing it in a way that she is about to serve some kicks.

  • Cute Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 3

The next one is a little unusual but why not? This tattoo features Harley Quinn if she had a doll made after her character. The tattoo looks very cute and the wearer has placed it on the calf of the leg with the letters ‘Harley’ written under the tattoo really giving out those ‘Boss baby’ looks.

  • Abstract Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 2

This tattoo contains only the outlines of Harley Quinn, making it look very elegant, in the red and black colors that are the colors of her costume. The wearer has taken care of the small details of the costume like the three-diamond card symbol where the third diamond seems to be hidden because of the placement of the hand.

  • Black and White Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 1

This dangerous but cute tattoo of Quinn wearing the Harlequin costume is perfect for arms, legs, thighs, and shoulders. The wearer has got a tattoo that looks like a freehand drawing giving it a very rogue appearance.

  • King and the ‘Quinn’ Tattoo Design 

Harley quinn tattoo 23

This is a tattoo that you can get with your partner and reflect the ‘Mad love’ that exists between you two. The wearer has gone for black silhouette tattoos but has added the pink and blue colors all splashed up for Harley and green for the Joker.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design on the Thigh

Harley quinn tattoo 22

The wearer has placed this black and white tattoo on the thigh which is a great place to get this tattoo. Thigh tattoos not only look incredibly attractive but also are less painful as compared to other areas and hence perfect for large tattoos like these.

  • Harley Quinn Skull Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 18

This skull tattoo of Harley Quinn represents her dangerous side. The wearer has got the eyes of the skull in the shape of a broken heart and a diamond, just like the diamond card that is her symbol.

  • Couple Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 14

This couple of skull tattoos of Quinn and Joker is definitely not to mess with. The wearer has added the colors in the hair to make it more prominent and some red to highlight the joker’s mouth as well. If you are crazy for someone getting this tattoo with them would totally make sense.

  • Mischievous Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 13

This shoulder tattoo gives us the naughty Quinn vibes and that she is definitely up to something. The wearer has gone for the harlequin clown image of her. They have used shadows really well to make it look like she is sitting down.

  • Realistic Harley Quinn Tattoo Design

Harley quinn tattoo 7

This hyper-realistic tattoo of Harley Quinn is tattooed on the arm. The wearer has got all the elements that represent her including her baseball bat. This type of tattoo is very noticeable because of its bold colors but you can get it on the back as well where it would be covered most of the time.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design with Cards

Harley quinn tattoo 4

This next one shows the cards tattooed of the very early known Quinn and her three diamond symbol on the corners of the card. The back of the hand is one of the most visible places to get the tattoo and needs great aftercare due to continuous exposure to the sun. So the wearer really went bold with this and why not, wasn’t Quinn bold herself?

  • ‘Rotten’ Harley Quinn Tattoo Design 

Harley quinn tattoo 8

This is another tattoo that Quinn has on her face apart from the heart under the eye. It says ‘Rotten’ and the wearer has got lips in pink and blue color. There is also a skull on the blue side of the lip and the pink side shows dripping color. It gives the tattoo a very badass and dangerous look. Skulls also represent fearlessness and hence complement the tattoo here.

  • Harley Quinn Tattoo Design with the Quote

Harley quinn tattoo 9 scaled

Lastly, this colorful tattoo of one of her famous quotes from the movie. The wearer has got pink and blue colors tattooed in the shape of splashes and those are the colors that represent Harley Quinn. They have also got the text of the quote in black and bold which really makes it stand out.

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