Max Holloway’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jerome Max Holloway popularly known as Max Holloway is an American Mixed Martial Artist and competing in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is currently the UFC Featherweight Champion. Besides being a well known Martial Artist he is also famous for his interesting body tattoos. Let us explore his body inks and their meanings.

Max Holloway

“I just share lovely relationship with with tattoos. I keep telling myself no more tattoos and its the last one as these things hurt. I duno why people go through pain and still I keep on getting more and more, Like, its a different way to express yourself like people know kind of person you are.”


1. ‘JESUS’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Jesus Tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Max has got the tattoo that reads, ‘Jesus’. The ink is the representation of his strong faith and love for Christianity and Jesus Crist.

2. ‘Polynesian’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Polynesian Tattoo

Tattoo: The whole of his chest is covered with a huge Polynesian design which includes two tiny birds on the upper part of left pec, few trees, plants, and two eyes towards the end.

Meaning: The Polynesian tattoos are the symbol of peace and strength based on four elements i.e Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire. When asked about the inks relevance for him, Max said that it is too close to his heart and explained further:

“It is super close to me. It links to my roots, it means to love to me. It has two birds, one is me and the other is my son. It is the symbol that when I travel I get blessed with travel mercies, there is the tree on the right side of my chest which represents health. the tattoo tels my story but the tattoo is not done yet because my story is not done yet.”

“My chest tattoo is the most special piece. It stands for honor and protection over my family. My tattoo guy put a sword down the middle that stands for the fight, and being a warrior. It looks cool. It’s a Polynesian tattoo. It’s not together yet. Everyone asks why it’s broken up? It’s because if the tattoo is done, the story is done, and my story is not done. I’ll finish it off when it’s done.”

Arm Tattoos

Right Arm Tattoos

Max Holloway Right Arm Tattoo

Max claims that the inks on his right arm are the symbol of the religious aspect. He calls his Right arm as the RELIGIOUS SIDE of himself.

3. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Blessed Ink

Max Holloway Blessed Tattoo

Max Holloway Blessed Tattoo .

Tattoo: Beginning from his right bicep towards his wrist there is a tattoo that goes down and reads, “Blessed“. Max claims that he is well blessed in his life and considers himself to be the blessed child of his family, thus, he got this tattoo done.

4. ‘Trees’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Trees and PLants

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep towards the side of his chest, Max has a tattoo of trees inked in geometrical shape. According to him, trees represent a healthy life for him.

5. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Max Holloway CrossTattoo

Tattoo: On the upper side of his right bicep there lies an ink of the cross. The cross tattoo represents his strong belief in Christianity.

6. ‘Dog Wings’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: There are dog wings inked on Max’s right forearm. Dog arms are the symbol of love and faith for dogs.

7. ‘Son’s Name’ Tattoo

Max Holloway RUSH Tattoo

Tattoo: On Max’s inner right bicep there lies the tattoo of his son’s name as ‘RUSH’ along with the sky, clouds, and sunrays inked over it.

‘Here is the name of my son and the sky inked over it so that they look down over hIm’.

8. ‘Psalm 144’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Psalm 144 Tattoo

Psalm 144 Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of Max’s right forearm there is a tattoo that contains the quote from the part ‘Psalm 144′ of the bible. Bible- The Holy book of Christians contains huge number of life quotes.

Meaning: The one on Max’s arm reads as, “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” The quote is the tribute to the blessings that God showers upon us and to seek further blessings in the form of strength for fighting during the time of wars, battles, and difficulties of day to day routine.

Left Arm Tattoo

Max calls it to be his party side.

9. ‘Street Name and Number’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Left Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: Max has got his street number and name inked on the inner side of his left bicep. The name ‘Momona Place’ lies on the plate along with the street number ‘96792′ inked over it, followed by a lantern on the left side of the nameplate.

10. ‘HOLLOWAY’ Tattoo

Max Holloway HOLLOWAY Tattoo

Tattoo: Max has got his surname inked on his abdomen in bold and italicized font. It was his first ink and he received it at the age of 17 years. Max claims it to be the most painful ink out of all that he has got till now.

“I thought it was cool to have and was the most painful ink. I had to be sure that the spellings did not go wrong during my SAT test so I got my surname inked on my stomach.”

11. ‘Angel and Demon Wings’ Tattoo

Max Holloway Angel Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: Max has the ink of yin-yang vibe covering the whole of his back. Towards the left portion of his back is the big angel wing inked whereas on the right side of his back is the demon wing inked.

Meaning: This was Max’s second tattoo which he got at the age of 18 years in a continuous session of 4 long hours. He says that there should be a balance between our life, there should be a balance of everything and thus the balance between the angels and demons too who are the two mains of this world.

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