Jesy Nelson’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jessica Louise Nelson formerly known as Jesy Nelson is an English Singer, a popular SongSmith, Dancer, and a Rapper as well. Nelson is a member of British girl group ‘Little mix’ formed in 2011 during the eighth series of UK version of the X factor, which became the first group to win the competition. Jesy Nelson lists the Spice Girls, TLC and Missy Elliott as her major musical influences. Little Mix’s singer Jesy Nelson has a variety of tattoos with different meanings inked on her body. Let us find out their meanings.

Jesy Nelson

1. Quote on Thigh

Jesy nelson right leg tattoo

Jesy nelson right leg tattoo

Tattoo: Jesy nelson has a Writing inked on upper part her right thigh.

Meaning: In July 2013, Jesy nelson’s right thigh is inked with the words A tiger never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep,” which explains A tiger knows who it is, therefore, it would never worry about or listen to the opinion of sheep. Both are created with different characteristics and purposes in life. Living with a warrior’s spirit in life encourages not wasting time or energy worrying over things that do not matter. The tattoo delivers an inspirational message to rise above criticism and hatred, you should probably focus on your individual opinion rather than becoming part of the flock of sheep in life. This was the first ink of Nesy.

2. Writing on Bicep

Jesy nelson right bicep tattoo

right bicep tattoo jesy

Tattoo: The inside of Nesy’s upper right arm has a quote in a cursive font.

Meaning: The tattoo contains the words, “Music is the strongest form of Magic.” This is a quote by Marilyn Manson. She got this ink at the same time when she got her first tattoo on the thigh in July 2013.

3. Writing on her side

Jesy nelson left side tattoo

Jesy nelson left side writing tattoo

Tattoo: Jesy nelson has a writing tattoo running down on her left side.

Meaning: On July 2013 Jesy got a tattoo on the left side of her torso which says, “You were born an original so don’t die a copy” which is inspired by a book written by John Mason. She got this ink to continuously remind herself to remain real in life and not copy others.

4. “XIX.VIII.XI” Tattoo

Jesy Nelson left wrist tattoo 1

roman numeral on wrist

Tattoo: The wrist of the Jesy Nelson’s right hand has a tattoo of Roman numeral inked on it.

Meaning: Jesy got this tattoo on her right wrist which says “XIX-VIII-XI” which stands for  “9-8-11.”, which represents the date August 19, 2011 –the day when Little Mix were formed during boot-camp on The X Factor. Little Mix even won the competition and were the first of ever group to win.

5. Writing on her Upper-arm

Jesy Nelson left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of Singer’s left bicep has a Gothic style font tattoo.

Meaning: Jesy Nelson’s tattoo on the inner side of her upper left arm is dedicated to her ex-fiance, Jake Roche. The ink reads “Once upon a time”. In an interview with Fabulous magazine, she told,

It’s really cringe, but I recently had this done,”

“When me and Jake first got together… before I’d fall asleep he’d tell me a little fairytale story about how we got together. So it’s really cringe, but it’s cute.”

6. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Jesy Nelson’s left forearm contains big flower tattoo.

Meaning: The tattoo consists of a big artwork of two roses with buds and leafs covering the whole part of her forearm to her elbow. The tattoo was done by artist Oliver Macintosh at Frith Street Tattoo in London on December 2013.

7. ‘Skull and Rose’ Tattoo

jesy nelson skull arm tattoo 1

Tattoo: The outside of Jesy Nelson left forearm contains a tattoo of a large skull and a rose.

Meaning: Adding to her collection of roses- Jesy re-visited tattoo artist Oliver Macintosh in January 2014 to get a skull and rose. The skull is holding the rose stem in his mouth which is passing through his eye from one side and his mouth on the other.

8. ‘Feather’ Tattoo

jesy nelson feather arm tattoo 1

Jesy Nelson left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Jesy Nelon got a tattoo of a feather and eye on inside of her left forearm in August 2015.

Meaning: Jesy nelson took to social media to share her excitement, writing:

“Always wanted to be tattooed by the amazing bangbangnyc and I finally did yesterday,” when She visited the studio of famed tattoo artist Bang Bang in New York City.

9. Symbols on her knuckles

jesy nelson symbols kuckle tattoo

Tattoo: In February 2017, Jesy nelson got a tattoo of six symbols inked on her left hand. She has the four suits from a deck of playing cards, A spade on her index finger,  A diamond on her middle finger,  A club on her ring finger, and A  heart on her pinkie and A Christian cross on her thumb and A lightning bolt on her middle finger.

10. ‘Keepers’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson right side tattoo

Tattoo: Jesy Nelson revealed her ink on the left side of her ribs at the Global Awards on March 1, 2018. Which reads  “Keepers” in the cursive font which was done by the artist Gabby Colledge.

Meaning: This tattoo is the part of a matching “Finders Keepers” tattoo with her boyfriend, Harry James.

11. ‘amor and Initials’ Tattoo

jesy nelson amor knuckle tattoo

Tattoo: In January 2018 Jesy Nelson got three tattoos on knuckles of her right hand. She got initials E and J on her index and ring finger and the word Amor on her middle finger. The tattoo was made by her favorite tattoo artist Gabby Colledge. Amor stands for “love” in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese.

12. ‘Girl power’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson left shoulder blade tatto

Tattoo: In January 2018 Jesy Nelson got thinly written tattoo reading “girl power” on her left shoulder from the tattoo artist Gabby Colledge. 

Meaning: Being a member of British girl group Little mix whose all music is about women taking charge and standing up for themselves and making them confident. “girl power” tattoo is the clear depiction of the motto of the group. Jesy says,

“If a girl is being bullied, or heartbroken, or just feeling like utter shite, if our music can make them feel better… then we’re doing our jobs right,”

13. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson right hand tattoo

Tattoo: In September 2017, Jesy Nelson got another rose tattoo on the upper side of her wrist of her right hand.

Meaning: The ink consists of rose with leaves covering most part of the back of her hand.

14. ‘Gun’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson left side gun tattoo

Tattoo: On December 4, 2018, Jesy got a tattoo of a pistol inked on the upper part of her left ribcage from the tattoo artist Zaya Hastra.

Meaning: Jesy’s ink of a pistol on her left ribcage represents ‘strength‘ for the singer. She did become part of abusive reactions for getting this tattoo.

15. ‘Queen Of Hearts’ Tattoo

Jesy Nelson face tattoo

Tattoo: Little Mix singer Jesy showed off her face tattoo inked to the left side of her face near her ear.

Meaning: In December 2018 Singer again went to tattoo artist Zaya Hastra in South City market, London for getting a tattoo of a Queen of hearts symbol on the left side of her face as a tribute to her group’s song track ‘Woman Like Me‘ from album LM5.

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