116 Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

Would you like body art that is sure to attract attention and make a statement? The American Traditional Tattoo is a procedure that has been around for several decades. It is characterized by its bold appearance and is often observed in celebrities. In this style, black outlines dominate the composition, with only red, green, yellow, and blue used as colors. Several themes including nautical and animals were incorporated into these pieces, giving them a unique appearance. The female form can be celebrated by getting a pinup or diving girl tattoo; or by showing your experience at sea using a swallow painting. Through this impressive approach, you can also instill fear in others or serve as a proud example of your patriotism.

If tattoo artists want to create truly traditional designs, they should follow a few rules so that their designs look as authentic as possible. The majority of these rules apply to specific intentions and topics, as well as how they can be colored and drawn. A crowd of devoted tattoo fans around the world loves the more straightforward and more precise lines of today’s tattoos as well as the bright, vibrant current style.

Gatherers who act in such a way that is authentic and completely “traditional” must understand the rules that apply to traditional tattoo designs. It is best to pick a tattoo artist with knowledge of these rules and who will deliver your traditional tattoo in just the way you want it. Unless they consider this part of traditional tattoo designs, you may end up with a plan to get tattooed despite the lack of consideration for this aspect of tattooing. You must pick a smart, professional tattoo artist to have an exceptional piece of ink.

In this article, we have also composed the traditional design which is made on by celebrities. In case you can spot on your favorite celebrities and get inspired by their deisgn, do let us know! So read on for more tattoo inspiration below!

List of 116 Celebrities with Traditional Designs

  • Jessica Origliasso Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Jessica Origliasso

In Jessica Origliasso’s right forearm she has the Hindu god Krishna tattooed.

“कृष्ण? Kṛṣṇa
It’s taken me 4 years to find someone’s work that I love, and trust to slowly create the tattoo art I’ve always dreamed of.
Thank you @maxe_brother for creating the most delicate art.
You are rare. I can’t wait to continue all this with you ??” – According to a post-Jessica made on Instagram

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

celebrities with traditional tattoos

In recognition of her fans, Julia Michaels has tattooed four gemstones on her right arm, which she calls “Little Gems.” She wears a heart-shaped pink jewel below her shoulder as her most noticeable piece. Her outside elbow is also adorned with a blue diamond, her inside elbow is adorned with a round amber stone, and her wrist is adorned with a dark blue rhombus. A series of four gems was painted by artist London Reese in July 2018. 

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

celebrities with Harry Potter

In July 2018, Julia Michaels got a baby pink snake tattooed on the side of her right bicep, writing “a Slytherin for this baby pink snake.” She is a huge Harry Potter fan and identifies as a Slytherin. They have a snake as their house mascot.

  • Sherri DuPree Bemis Traditional Tattoo Design On Chest

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

An image of a rose with the words “up all night” was tattooed onto Sherri DuPree Bemis’ chest in July 2018. She is a mother of three and often finds herself awake at night because of her children. The tattoo she chose was inspired by an illustration of a tattooed mom wearing a nursing bra, but rather than have her design tattooed she got one similar to this cartoon mom. The following is what she wrote on Instagram:

New Ink by the masterful @jwhitttattooer! (It’s now my favorite tattoo). When I saw @drawingsbynicole’s ‘Up All Night’ art (swipe for it), I totally connected with it and wanted to get a piece inspired by it; As always, @jwhitttattooer was able to interpret it perfectly and create this beautiful design. ?
I feel so blessed to know such talented, and humble people filled with genuine passion and creativity. They make the world a better place.

  • Tameka Cottle Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

“No filter it’s the real deal.. come back for the second round of my mural on my back! I should be able to complete the top & the side next visit! Thx @tatubaby I love it & can’t wait to see it finished!! If you are in Miami u should check her out!!” The ample back tattoo design on Tameka Cottle’s back was the subject of one of her Instagram posts. 

  • Amy Winehouse Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

amy winehouse feather forearm tattoo

Among Amy Winehouse’s tattoos was one of a Native American feather on her left inside forearm. Described in an interview as a symbol of courage, this feather tattoo was one of Amy’s first and, for her, it teemed of her Native American Indian heritage. 

  • LIGHTS  Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

lights gas can we were here tattoo e1635749813957

On March 5, 2018, Lights and several members of her crew got matching tattoos during the group’s We Were Here Tour. On a day off in the middle of the tour, Scott Sonner inked them at the Divine Machine Tattoo shop in Buffalo, NY.

Since her debut album, she has gotten a tattoo for every single album, but she hadn’t gotten one for a tour until this one. The tour this time was, however, particularly significant. On April 8th, when the final performance took place, she posted: “That’s a wrap on #WeWereHereTour holy shit the best tour of my life, I love you all more than I can explain. I love my crew and band and am so proud of the last two and half months!”

Tattoos on red gas cans are inspired by the “We Were Here” music video and issue #4 of Skin&Earth, both of which tell the same story. The character Enaia Jin in LIGHTS carries around a gas can purchased from a convenience store, where she finally uses it to start a fire under a truck. During the tattoo process, LIGHTS’ Skin&Earth album logo was added to the gas can. There is a replica of this design on the t-shirts for the We Were Here tour. It is noteworthy that in both the video and comic, the gas can displays a different company logo incorporating a bird and an oil rig.

  • Juliet Simms Traditional Tattoo Design On Neck

juliet simms goddess isis side tattoo e1635749830743

On the right side of the rib cage, Juliet Simms has a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Getting a black-and-gray tattoo together with her nickname on her neck in February 2017 was a natural step. As with Rihanna’s famous Isis tattoo beneath her breast, we see similarities in this tattoo.

  • Asian Doll Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

asian doll dragon back tattoo 1

An elaborate dragon tattoo is on the upper back of the Asian Doll. A large ink piece was executed by @milktattoos____

In addition, the dragon is a symbol of “Wisdom, Strength, Power, Longevity, Prosperity, and Good Luck. ??” In one of her Instagram posts, Asian Doll mentioned.

  • Chiara Ferragni Traditional Tattoo Design On Finger

chiara ferragni lips knuckle finger tattoo e1635749847176

Chiara Ferragni added a red lip tattoo to her ring finger in November 2014 to match an eye tattoo she already had on her opposite hand.  Although she used both eyes and lips in her designs for the Chiara Ferragni collection, it seems that her use of the eyes is more popular with customers and more common in the recent collections than her use of the lips.

  • Iggy Azalea Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

iggy azalea rose clock arm tattoo e1635749862766

Another piece Iggy Azalea added to her right forearm half-sleeve in 2016 was a surrealist rose design, just below the elbow, on the back of her arm.  The tattoo includes a traditional rose tattoo and the roman numeral digits from a clock face spiraling into the center of the flower.

In a recent video, Iggy conveyed the ephemeral nature of time and expressed the significance of it to her. She has not explained what it means to her personally.

It seems that the numbering on the clock is a bit odd, but they may be symbolic if they aren’t typographical errors.  The clock goes directly from one (I) to three (III), and there is no number two (II) in between. Four have been written as IIII instead of IV, which is the correct roman numeral.

  • Chiara Ferragni Traditional Tattoo Design On Finger

chiara ferragni eye knuckle finger tattoo e1635749880943

Her left ring finger is tattooed with an eye tattooed by Chiara Ferragni.  With her fashion brand Chiara Ferragni Collection, which began with shoes and now includes eyes in everything from bikinis to phone cases, Chiara Ferragni has become synonymous with eyes.  In a conversation with a Female, she said:

I created @chiaraferragnicollection in 2013 and it’s growing like crazy. I designed this blue eye for the first collection because eyes are the feature that I love the most in a person and it became iconic, it’s the logo of the brand now.

A tattoo motif commonly used is the eye, as “evil eye” talismans are believed to ward off evil in many cultures.  Glamour reports Chiara acknowledged that the tattoo has superstitious meanings for her, but she did not elaborate.

I really liked the aesthetic. The most iconic piece of my shoe line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, is the blinking eyes. There is a secret meaning about it I won’t tell. I am Italian, so I am pretty superstitious 🙂

She tends to wear eye jewelry from just about any brand, not just her own since she loves the look of eyes.

  • Noah Cyrus Traditional Tattoo Design On Finger

noah cyrus teardrop finger tattoo e1635749894985

Similar to her sister Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus also has a small teardrop tattoo on her left index finger.  A blue pen is supposed to be used to fill in the area, but the ink wears off due to friction.  Although it has already been touched up once, the color does not seem to be holding.  The only part of most pictures that can be seen is the black outline.

Moreover, the tattoo is also special to Noah as it is associated with her debut single, “Make Me (Cry)”, which launched her music career.

  • Frances Bean Cobain Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

frances bean cobain woman back tattoo

During her time at MTV, Frances Bean Cobain got a tattoo of Dolly Parton on her left shoulder blade.

Frances’ Dolly tattoo was designed by Shannon Perry, the owner, and artist of Valentine’s Tattoo Co. in Seattle. He captioned the Instagram photo of his work “I like that all the colors I use are complementary”.

“Very honored to give this #dollyparton portrait to the lovely Frances Bean today @space_witch666 !!”

  • Bishop Briggs Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

bishop briggs dragon thigh tattoo 1

A traditional Chinese dragon has been painted on the side of Bishop Briggs’ left thigh, by artist @denise_tpinto.

According to Bishop, the artwork was an inspiration for him: “I love to get spontaneous tattoos so, at the moment, I decided that I needed something that reminded me of power. I also loved the idea of dragons having this fire in their bellies but only releasing it in times of danger or protection. I thought it could be parallel to my life – keep the fire as fuel and use it wisely.”

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

julia michaels peony flower arm tattoo e1635749911303

In February 2018, Julia Michaels got an intricate peony flower tattooed on the back of her left forearm. She underwent blackwork floral tattoos at General Electric Tattoo in Van Nuys, CA using artist Frank Allen, who has done similar pieces for many of his clients. Crisp black lines are surrounded by tiny pointillism dots to create the illusion of shading.  Unlike the scorpion on Julia’s other arm, Frank had never tattooed her before, but he did this one as well as the scorpion on this arm at the same time. “I got to do these 2 on my new Pal @juliamichaels. Thanks for your Trust,” he recorded.

  • Avril Lavigne Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm


avril lavigne heart forearm tattoo e1635749925284

Avril Lavigne came up with the idea of filling in the space between the cupcake and Let Go star on her left forearm with an American traditional style red heart, complete with an arrow shooting through it and a banner across it.

The tattoo matches one she got on her boyfriend Phillip Sarofim, who got the identical design on his arm just below the elbow.  The couple inked their agreement in April 2018, when their relationship was quite new.  There has been little disclosure regarding their relationship, but it is reported that she fell for Phillip, the son of Egyptian-American billionaire Fayez Sarofim, at a dinner party held by mutual friends a month or two ago.

If their relationship ends up being short-lived, Avril never fears getting tattoos for her ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Additionally, she has ink tattooed on her upper arm with both of her ex-husbands: Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger and Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley, along with ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner.

Avril Lavigne Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

avril lavigne rose forearm tattoo e1635749943301

As you can see, Avril Lavigne has a large rose tattooed on the outside of her left forearm.  Her black and gray flower starts just below her elbow and stretches all the way down to her wrist with its stem and solid black leaves.

Michael Kortez is the artist she visited in November 2017 to fill in some of the spaces on her left forearm.  This rose was inked along with two other tattoos – a cross, and a dagger, all in one session. “Finally got my arm worked on @michael_kortez killed it!!! Earlier in the day, Avril published a post to Facebook which she later removed.

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

julia michaels harry potter snitch tattoo 1 e1635749956459

Juliana Michaels and her father got matching tattoos on December 28, 2017, so they could celebrate the holidays with family in a unique way. Choosing the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter series and inking it in bright colors was their decision. A tattoo on Julia’s upper right arm and one on her dad’s lower forearm are the only two tattoos they both have.

Her father and her attitude toward tattoos have changed a lot since Julia began getting tattoos at the age of 18. In those days, he didn’t want to think about Julia getting tattoos and didn’t think he should either. Though Julia’s thoughtful artwork has changed his mind, he hasn’t given up on her. The following is what she told Universal Music:

The first tattoo that I ever got was this microphone when I was 18. My dad used to be very conservative. And when I told him I wanted to get a tattoo he [said] “I don’t know how I feel about that” but I [said] “you should come with me.” And when he came with me, he was so in love with the process that he now wants to get one with me.

  • Katy Perry  Traditional Tattoo Design On Foot

katy perry prism ankle tattoo e1635749972244

The Prism tattoo is the second tattoo Katy Perry has gotten for each album she has released since she started getting them in March 2015. A motif from the album is turned into a cutesy cartoon face complete with eyebrows and eyelashes in every case.  One of the Boys had strawberry dessert, Teenage Dream had peppermint sweets, and now Prism has a rainbow-colored prism. A tattoo artist by the name of Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy designed this sweet design.

“I always bring Bang Bang in for my most special tattoos—the ones my touring team and I get at the end of a tour to commemorate another successful journey together. Each time, he’s created the definitive symbol of that era of my life.”

As part of the deal, she pays Bang Bang to stay on tour with her for weeks at a time so that he can tattoo her entourage and crew. Inked tattoos are a bond between everyone involved with the planning and production of the tour. She wants everyone involved with the planning and production to get them. The Project received the following information from her:

“It comes towards the end of the tour because it’s kind of the payoff. We’re all like ‘we’ve done 100-plus shows, let’s shed some blood together’ we do it as like a family thing.  It’s to commemorate.”

There were 149 shows on six continents across the globe over the course of the Prismatic World Tour, which lasted from May 2014 to October 2015.  She got her tattoo at the end of the Euro leg in March of 2015, which indicates the successful completion of the Prism album cycle. However, the tour wasn’t over at that time. A few weeks after returning home, she was back on the road to perform her final shows in Asia and Latin America.

  • Avril Lavigne Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

avril lavigne switchblade forearm tattoo e1635749987639

On her left upper forearm, Avril Lavigne has this tattoo of a switchblade knife that dates back to November 2017.  Tattoo motifs commonly displayed on tattoos are knives and daggers. There’s no way of knowing yet if it’s more than a demonstration of toughness or if there’s something personal behind it.  Since Avril has already been bedridden for months while battling Lyme disease, we already know she deserves to win!

  • RaeLynn Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

raelynn horse forearm tattoo 1

The album “Wildhorse” is RaeLynn’s debut. A tattoo of a horse appeared on her forearm to commemorate the release of the album.

After spending hours online in search of tattoo inspiration, she ultimately decided to let Charles Russ create a truly customized piece for her.

In an exchange with her husband about having more tattoos, RaeLynn promised him she wouldn’t get any new ones unless “Wildhorse” became an overwhelming hit.  However, life plans sometimes change, and she got the tattoo a month before it was released and hoped Josh wouldn’t see it in the pictures she was sending him while he was in basic training.

  • Kreayshawn Traditional Tattoo Design On Calves

kreayshawn sailor moon leg tattoo

“New ink by my fav. @alexstrangler who does everything basically from my knees down? I wanted to make a statement on women and how we need to stand up and protect ourselves. No one is saving us nor do we need to be saved by someone ACTUALLY yall need to save yourselves from the US because women are doing a lot of power moves lately *old school gun emoji*”

  • Snooki  Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

In honor of her two children, Snooki has a squirrel tattooed on her left upper arm. She and JWOWW were spotted getting tattoos at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo in July 2016 while filming for their show Moms With Attitude on go90. Snooki’s squirrel was drawn by Tatu Baby, the Ink Master star and fellow mom. “Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t get tattoos” Snooki maintains in the episode. It made her smile that she chose a squirrel baby to represent her children, whom she calls her squirrels. “It’s probably the most meaningful tattoo I have on my body.”

  • Sherri DuPree-Bemis Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

Coraline, a cartoon character named after Dupree-Bemis’ daughter, is permanently tattooed on Sherri DuPree-Bemis’ right upper arm. Her tattoo was inked by Joshua Whitten in October 2015 and was designed by Shame Prigmore.

  • Kelly Clarkson Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

kelly clarkson kites wrist tattoo e1635750005275

In addition to an already large tattoo on her left wrist, Kelly Clarkson added another to it. After making a heart, she whipped up a heart-shaped kite and finally added another kite just next to it. Instead of being a match, the kites are complementary – the new kite is green and shaped like a diamond kite.

  • Kirstin Maldonado Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

kirstin maldonado fangs ankle tattoo 1 e1635750028835

On the inside of her right ankle, Kirstin Maldonado has a tattoo inspired by vampires. As opposed to blood drops, it looks like an upside-down heart with vampire fangs.

A Friday the 13th special tattoo by artist Romeo Lacoste completed the look for her on October 13, 2017.

Films about vampires, such as Interview with the Vampire, are her favorites. Earlier this year, she wrote something similar on Twitter: “Interview with the Vampire will forever be the best vampire movie EVER. Or just movie in general.”

  • Bishop Briggs Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

bishop briggs blackbird tattoo

“After our final show with @unrealaltj last night I met up with @mattooclarke to get this blackbird & the evening quickly became a room full of his closest friends (full of thick southern accents) telling stories as he requested sweet tea from the place next door. Oddly I’ve never felt more at home ?”

  • Malin Akerman Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

malin akerman neck tattoo

Across the upper part of Malin Akerman’s back is a lotus flower. Her tattoo is a celebration of her Buddhist upbringing and background.

  • Misty May-Treanor Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

misty may treanor V flowers back tattoo

An athlete named Misty May-Treanor has a tattoo beneath her chin of the Roman numeral five (the number she played with in college) and her grandmother’s initials in the middle, surrounded by colorful flowers and a dragonfly.

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

On the right upper arm of Julia Michaels, there is a tattoo of a faceless woman. The face of the portrait is patterned in geometric forms, while the rest of it has a very vibrant color palette. This ink piece was completed by artist Jim Sylvia over the course of several sessions between February and March of 2016.

In Julia’s case, she was writing songs for other artists at the time, so the concealed face represents her feeling of being invisible. The following is what she told Vevo:

I have this faceless woman here. It kind of, at the time, was describing my anonymity in the music industry…I’ve always kind of felt like this is who I am on the inside. Everything’s just kind of changed so much this year that I feel like this is me, this is me showing myself, this is me at my most vulnerable.

It wasn’t until she wrote her breakout hit, “Issues,” a song that was so personal, she couldn’t imagine anyone else singing it, that she transitioned to becoming an actual performer.

“I’m a very nervous person, and I’ve never really been much of a confident person. I think it took a song like ‘Issues’ for me to realize that [being a singer] was something that I wanted, and something that I’ve suppressed because I’m so fearful of it,” she told Jimmy Fallon.

Since she was under a lot of stress, she had been hiding her face from the world. A piece she wrote for Glamour described her journey towards overcoming the anxiety that she had suffered from since the age of 18 and was experiencing panic attacks. Putting her face in the public eye had been difficult for her, but she is happier now that she has accomplished it. Her writings are as follows:

I was scared of not hiding anymore. I was scared of reaching a level of potential I had never reached.

When I see people sing “Issues” with me, it’s the most incredible feeling in the world…This is what I’ve always wanted. To be understood, to be heard. To be seen.

  • Lena Dunham Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

lena dunham eloise tattoo

“Finally had my first ever tattoo touched up. This little lady needed some love. Thank you @rbrtbnhm for correcting Eloise’s two left thumbs and scarred skirt. Ah, to be 17 and trust absolutely anyone wielding a tattoo gun.”

  • Julia Michaels Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

julia michaels lotus arm tattoo e1635750062778

In February 2015, Julia Michaels added a pink lotus flower tattoo on her right elbow. Her choice of the lotus, a symbol of rebirth, was influenced by the breakup she had just experienced.

Her only dissatisfaction with her tattoo is the one on her left hand. The following is what she told Power 93.3:

I do kind of regret this one. It’s my lotus, but it looks like an artichoke. And I got it the day my ex broke up with me the first time — I know, I’m a mess.  And I thought, like an idiot, that I could combat emotional pain with physical pain. Don’t do it, guys — not smart.

Maxwell and she jokingly laughed about it:

It ended up looking like a colorful artichoke. And every time I look at it I just — I can’t stand it…This just looks so ridiculous. So I want to get that covered up so badly…Choose your artist well.

  • Asia Argento Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

asia argento peony thigh tattoo e1635750076132

The tattoo of a peony Asia Argento got on her inner thigh in May 2016 is one of her favorite tattoos. Because it is a highly detailed full-color traditional tattoo that is different from anything else she has inked, she chose a tattoo artist who specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos – Tokyo-based tattooist Akilla. The artist and she traded tattoos, and she gave him a small tattoo on the back of his wrist.

  • Martine McCutcheon Traditional Tattoo Design On Foot

martine mccutcheon raven rose foot tattoo

On the top of Martine McCutcheon’s right foot can be found a tattoo of the words “Raven Rose,” teal stars, a red rose, and swirling vines that go up to her ankle.

As soon as she got her tattoo on December 31, 2011, she tweeted  “Just been to studio IX in Manchester and had an amazing tattoo on my foot as a treat. I love it! So cool! It’s my 3rd #Imayhaveaproblem.” A few days later she replied to the parlor, writing “The Tattoo is gorgeous thank u… Healing nicely… Feel like the little rock chick I was meant to be!”

  • Amy Macdonald Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

amy macdonald skulls full sleeve tattoo

Among Amy Macdonald’s impressive tattoos is a full skull sleeve on her left arm.

As Amy talked about her tattoo, she said she always loved fashion designer Alexander McQueen and how he has the iconic skull. She loved the designs so much that she decided she wanted a rough tattoo on her arm. “I wanted the skulls, and the roses and all of that.”

  • Dagi Bee Traditional Tattoo Design On Ankle

dagi bee anchor ankle tattoo e1635750093793

A tattoo was the first tattoo that Dag Bee got in September 2013.  On the inside of her left ankle, there is an anchor and a heart.

The tattoo was obtained while she was with a friend in Düsseldorf. Even though it was a spontaneous event, she had been contemplating getting a tattoo ever since she turned 18. She had been considering the design for some time. To get the job done, she just needed an encouraging friend!

Alex Dorame Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

alex dorame corpse bride thigh tattoo

Alex Dorame has a detailed tattoo of the main characters from The Corpse Bride on her left thigh. She filmed the entire process and posted videos of the entire process on her YouTube channel. The tattoo creation took about 6 hours to complete.

A fan of Tim Burton movies, she chose this piece since she considers Corpse Bride to be her favorite among his films – she described that in an interview.

  • Sherri DuPree-Bemi Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

sherri dupree bemis deer tattoo

In her Instagram post, Sherri DuPree-Bemis mentioned that she got a new tattoo on her right forearm and she was very pleased with it: “My new beautiful artwork by @jwhittdesigns! I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you so much, love you dude. I’ll get better pics when she’s not swollen”.

Joshua Whitten, the tattooist artist, has also stated: “Had a great time doing this piece for @sdupreebemis. Always a good time hanging with this awesome couple, thanks again @maxbemis @sdupreebemis (I’ll get some better pics asap ?)”.

  • Kesha  Traditional Tattoo Design On Hand

kesha tiger hand tattoo e1635750110356

During a recent experience with artist Derrick Snodgrass at Saved Tattoo in Los Angeles, Kesha got this colorful tiger’s head tattooed on her left wrist.  On February 1, 2017, she posted a picture of her new tattoo to her Instagram account with the caption: “fukin meow.”

  • Kesha Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

kesha narwhal tattoo e1635750123806

Kesha displayed this beautiful narwhal tattoo on the outside of her right forearm during Halloween celebrations. One of her friends gave her a narwhal custom onesie as a present. She wore it for a birthday party with coworkers. Her cute narwhal tattoo to remind her of the fun night spent with real friends came the next day on November 1, 2016.

“haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize last night,” she writes. “night night. so grateful for my beautiful magical friends. when u find the real ones hold on tight for dear life y’all. they’re what’ll keep u laughing when life throws you shitheads and douchebags.” “btw I was a NARWHAL tonight which was a present given to me by one of my darling animals on this past tour *FUN FACT*”

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

Ruby Rose got a tattoo of Polly Esther from the anime TV show Samurai Pizza Cats (Kyattou Ninden Teyandee) back in April 2012. She needed one more character to complete the full sleeve on her right arm and this completed the third one on her forearm. On the right arm, she is left with only small spaces.

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Lower Stomach

ruby rose archer stomach tattoo e1635750149135

Several weeks ago, Ruby Rose inked a tribute to the FX animated comedy television series Archer on the right side of her stomach.  Lorde tweeted on November 18, 2013, about her plans for the tattoo: “I love Lorde and Sterling Archer. Forever and ever. Need to get an Archer tattoo, weird If I got a 16-year-old Lorde tattoo tho.#boundaries” 

She took that leap one day later when she visited the legendary Los Angeles tattoo parlor Shamrock Social Club and visited artist Louie Perez for the tattoo.  Sterling Archer’s arm features a tattoo of a gun in his hand, depicting him as the show’s title character.

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

ruby rose phoebe heart back tattoo e1635750164925

Ruby Rose got this tattoo of a heart on her back with the name of her partner Phoebe Dahl inscribed in it as a mark of their relationship. Taking to Instagram, the model posted a photo of her new tattoo on April 1, 2014, captioned “Whoops spelled Romeo and Juliet wrong oh well ;)” The couple disclosed their engagement a few weeks earlier after dating for three months.

Despite getting engaged, they never made it down the aisle and parted ways in December 2015. “[Phoebe] remains very dear to my heart. I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of the time we shared,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ruby hasn’t yet removed Phoebe’s name from the tattoo, but she has made one modification – she added paint strokes around the heart’s outer edges.

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Neck

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

The back of Ruby Rose’s neck is adorned with a blue swallow tattoo. Tradition has it that swallows are the symbol of freedom on the shoulders of sailors.

Originally done more than a decade ago, Ruby recently had her tattoo reworked. According to the photo on the right, the tattoo was much smaller and just an outline at the time. There are shades of blue in the cover-up that make it appear more cartoonish.

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

ruby rose boxing back tattoo 1 e1635750195784

Among Ruby Rose’s tattoos lean towards boxing. Her right lower back has two boxing-related tattoos.  It shows the first part of the tattoo was dedicated to her godfather Lionel Rose, who won the first world title in indigenous boxing. In May 2011, Lionel crossed the bridge of life at the age of 62.  A tribute tattoo was commissioned from Ruby that same month by Sydney Australia tattoo artist Rhys Gordon. On her right shoulder blade, there is a tattoo of boxing gloves, a wreath with Lionel’s name at the bottom, and a pair of boxing gloves.

She was named after Lionel Rose but is not related to him biologically. Ruby Rose Langenheim is Ruby’s birth name. During his childhood, he was close friends with her father. A controversy erupted in 2012 when Lionel’s family claimed Ruby had no relationship with them since her parents divorced and claimed that she was using the name Rose to advance her career as an association with Lionel. Although Ruby never heard from Lionel again after she saw him when she was a young girl, she says to have been deeply affected by seeing him.

“I met Lionel five or six times as a young tacker and he was a huge inspiration to me,” In an interview with the Herald Sun, she said. “I didn’t have a dad. Those trips to Lionel’s, while very few and far between, were everything. We had a crummy life, we didn’t have any money, dad was like `how’s it going?, but Lionel had a real impact on me…He passed away as my godfather. They can’t take that away from me…I love him – and if he’s looking down on me from heaven, I know he would be proud of the things I do.”

Ruby enjoyed training as an amateur boxer as one of the ways she honored Lionel’s legacy. In November 2012, she added two yellow lightning bolts and the nickname “The Thorn,” which is what she is known as in the boxing scene. Since then, she hasn’t taken up boxing again. In the days around the time that she got the tattoo, she entered a few amateur fights.

  • Vanessa Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

The left forearm of Vanessa Martinez has an inspired space tattoo. This was the fourth ink she did, and it is interlaced with a crystal-filled triangle, which she also did at the same time.

She evokes the idea of femininity in the triangle, while the space reminded her of her fascination with space and her childhood desire to become an astronaut. On the left side, she has the Sun and the Moon, and at the bottom three small circles because three is an important number in the Universe. On the right side, she has Saturn, her favorite planet.

  • Halsey Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

halsey matchstick tattoo e1635750211948

On May 15, 2015, Halsey got this tattoo on the same side of her body as three of her fans. The lucky fans were selected randomly via Twitter, according to an interview she gave. Fans of hers, most of whom are around the same age as her, appreciate that she goes above and beyond just hanging out with them.

I got match-ing [get it ?] tattoos with them, and that’s the joke. I also told them that an unlit match represents not playing all your good cards like you have one. It’s unlit and I think what that represents is potential. You can strike at any moment. And I told them that when they feel like they’ve reached a point of potential in their life, or they feel like they’ve done something that they wanted to do for a long time, I told them that they should go back, get a flame added to it, and then let me know when they do, because it’s a significant moment. And I told them I would do the same, so I’m just holding out for that moment because I don’t know when I’m going to reach my potential. But hopefully one day something will be enough for me.

  • Halsey Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

halsey planet tattoo e1635750228771

The friends, Halsey and Sean, both got identical Venus and Mars tattoos on their elbows back in July 2015. In response to a question about the meaning of her planet tattoo, Halsey said:

“My friend Sean is an Aries so his ruling planet is Mars and mine is Venus and his birthday falls EXACTLY on my half birthday so we got each other’s ruling planets!”

Musician Blackbear has a similar tattoo on his left arm sleeve that features a red and black planet. Her tattoos matched precisely, but Halsey shared a picture of the tattoos, but it seems they were just a coincidence since he had his tattoo before she did.

  • Miley Cyrus Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

miley cyrus avocado arm tattoo e1635750242511

Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of avocado on her upper left arm in honor of the 4th of July in 2015. It was done by Lauren Winzer.  The vegan Miley loves avocados, especially after her conversion to veganism. On her Instagram account, you can see a lot of fruits and veggies that she eats. In the caption of one avocado picture, she wrote:

The luxurious life of a vegetarian in LA… So many good plants/fruits/veggies to eat you ain’t gottttta eat dead animals! Everything that goes into my body is aliiiiivvvve! To keeeep ME alive! Love this life!

The owner of multiple rescue pets, Miley supports animal rights in all forms: she opposes hunting, wears only faux furs, and has several rescue pets.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez duckling tattoo e1635750256251

Melanie Martinez visited Lauren Winzer in August 2016 while on tour in Australia and had this yellow duckling wearing a bonnet and two other designs tattooed onto her right arm. They are all inspired by vintage plush toys and nursery decals.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez lamb tattoo e1635750268899

Melanie Martinez has several tattoos on her left arm, including this lamb on her left arm, got from Lauren Winzer in August 2016. The nursery decals in each of them are inspired by vintage patterns. An artist named Chloe Tersigni illustrated Melanie’s Crybaby album storybook, who designed this design specifically for her.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez clock tattoo e1635750281820

The artist Pancho Placas at High Seas Tattoo Parlor gave Melanie Martinez this tattoo of a clock back in May 2016. Melanie added her own flair to the design, which was inspired by work by contemporary artist Mark Ryden.  It has an old-fashioned alarm clock face that she put on the wall clock in the painting The Butcher Bunny from 2000.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

melanie martinez madeline leg tattoo

A tattoo of the children’s book character Madeline and a quote from the book series hangs on Melanie Martinez’s left calf.  Throughout the stories, Madeline leaves Paris to study at a Catholic boarding school.  Before eating meals, she and her friends always pray together: “We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other.” This lesson serves as a reminder that our relationships are our most precious possessions.  Her tattoo features a picture of Madeline holding a loaf of bread and is surrounded by little pink hearts, which comprises the prayer Melanie included in her tattoo. Having been inked by Nat G at Good Luck Tattoo in January 2016, this tattoo was hand-crafted by the artist.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez 222 heart tattoo e1635750297664

Melanie Martinez got the heart tattoo on the upper right arm of her upper right arm from Nat G at Good Luck Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia, in January 2016. She got one more tattoo from Nat in October 2016. 222 is her lucky number, and she added it. “The number follows me around everywhere. Usually whenever I see it something good happens,” she commented.  She is known for her “222” tattoo on her arm and the name of a record label and clothing line. Some fans wondered whether she was inspired by her The Voice mentor Adam Levine. Melanie corrected this notion in an email response to a fan, saying it “contains nothing to do with him.”

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Stomach

melanie martinez gumball chest tattoo e1635750324919

The tattoo of a pink gumball machine on Melanie Martinez’s chest was done in January 2016 by Lauren Winzer, her favorite artist.  Even though she knew she wanted a gumball machine, she thought a lot about where to place it. In light of Rihanna’s goddess Isis tattoo, she decided she wanted a tattoo in the lower chest area, which she had previously shied away from. The following is what she said during an interview with Fuse before having it done:

I want to get a gumball machine. I’m still debating where. I think it’s cool — and I didn’t think it was cool for a long time — but I really want to get a tattoo here [pointing to her abdomen]. It’s really hardcore and I know it’s hardcore.  I’m not like Rihanna, you know?  I don’t know if I could pull that off. I’m hardly ever showing this area of my body. But I don’t know, I feel like I’m growing up and I’m going to turn 21 soon, and I might as well do something fun and — I don’t know. I might get a gumball machine here. We’ll see.

She has shown off this tattoo as the only one in a hidden area she has that she’s flaunted on social media. However, based on the number of tattoos she has cited in interviews, we suspect she has more.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez bicycle boy tattoo e1635750338436

The Magic Circus is based on a character from surrealist artist Mark Ryden’s 2001 painting, which Melanie Martinez got tattooed on her upper right arm from Lauren Winzer in January 2016.  Currently, the picture shows a boy riding a tricycle with a flag and horn, wearing a mask.  Details are all highlighted in red.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

melanie martinez couple thigh tattoo e1635750352880

The thigh tattoos on Melanie Martinez’s thighs are illustrations designed by Japanese artist Masami Yanagida that represent relationships in their complexity. An expressionless couple sits on her right leg with their heads in a lottery wheel, while a couple clad in clothes is circling in a maze on her left leg. We can see how our minds and bodies are detached from each other in both designs.  They demonstrate that sex and relationships are two separate games with a different purpose: to play by chance and to test your luck.  It is noteworthy that both heads in the relationship illustration are together at the end of the maze, whereas in the sex illustration they are separated. Although Melanie omitted the text from her tattoo, the clothed man’s shirt in the original artwork has the word “tough” in it to show that relationships can be a challenge – but are worth it when the challenge is successful.

The outlines of both legs were drawn in December 2015 (as seen in her music video for “Crybaby”), and the colors were applied in April 2016 (as seen in her music video for “Alphabet Boy”).

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez wagon leg tattoo e1635750380529

The artist, Shon Lindauer, tattooed this piece on Melanie Martinez’s left calf at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles, in November 2015. In her own little wagon, she took naps while she was young. Now she has a red horse with a pillow and Z’s to represent that. Her social media accounts feature a picture of her seated in a wagon being pulled around by an adult, while she has also used a wagon as a prop in a photoshoot. The lyricism in Melanie’s books is often based on childhood memories and the metaphors that they represent.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

melanie martinez decapitated leg tattoo e1635750420304

There are several tattoos of Masami Yanagida’s drawings that Melanie Martinez has, but this one on her left calf is the first.  The picture shows a little girl jumping in the air, except that her head has been cut off and roses are spilling from her neck.  The girl’s blouse says “For Joy,” which is a reference to the expression “jump for joy.” Melanie went to artist Gary Royal in October 2015, for whom she transformed the drawing into a permanent tattoo. They changed the colors, notably the hue of her skirt.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Calves

melanie martinez elephant leg tattoo e1635750435186

In October 2015, Melanie Martinez showed off a pair of tattoos she got on the back of her calves with two characters from the 1936 Disney Silly Symphonies short film Elmer Elephant, designed by Shon Lindauer.  Elmer picks flowers and brings them to Tillie Tiger’s birthday party in the cartoon.  Elmer looks hesitant in Melanie’s right leg tattoo after giving Tillie a bouquet after giving Melanie the gift.  Tillie is nice to Elmer, despite the other animals making fun of him for his long nose. He tries hard to hide it so that he can fit in, but they don’t tolerate his long nose.  Tillie is saved by Elmer when he uses the nose of his nose like a hose to save her from her burning house.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Calves

melanie martinez tiger leg tattoo e1635750454239

Melanie Martinez has a cute tattoo of a tiger cub on her right calf, which ties in with her elephant tattoo on the opposite knee.  Tillie Tiger appears in the Disney Silly Symphony short Elmer Elephant from 1936, showing up as Elmer’s love interest.  She avoids judging him based on his long nose as she does for the other animals.  The tattoo depicts Tilling holding a bouquet that Elmer had given him when he was celebrating his birthday.  Melanie had both tattoos completed by artist Shon Lindauer at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in October 2015.

  • Anissa Rodriguez Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

anissa rodriguez zelda triforce back tattoo e1635750480590

The video game series The Legend of Zelda has left the triforce printed on Anissa Rodriguez’s right shoulder blade. Almost all of the Eyes Set To Kill members have this tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Her sister, Alexia Rodriguez, also has it.

  • Anissa Rodriguez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

anissa rodriguez owl arm tattoo e1635750496694

The tattoo of an owl on Anissa Rodriguez’s right upper arm was done by a tattoo artist. To form the heart of the owl, treble clefs are upside down and bass clefs are joined together. Despite the tattoo’s colorful style, it is done in a traditional style with a black outline. Since February 2010, she has expanded the tattoo twice. The original tattoo was done in February 2010.

  • Kreayshawn  Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

kreayshawn pink panther tattoo e1635750510152

The picture of the Pink Panther with the spray can be in honor of two graffiti artists Krayshawn lost around the same time.  “@rukus_tattoo did this tattoo on my leg the other day. Got it for my painting bros who passed this month .#RIPAntonioRamos #RipAnemal” she inscribed. Artist Rukus is known for his cartoon-inspired tattoos.

  • Kreayshawn Traditional Tattoo Design On Calves

kreayshawn vampire hello kitty tattoo e1635750525821

During the Los Angeles Hello Kitty Con celebrations for Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday in November 2014, Kreayshawn got this Hello Kitty tattoo on her calf, her second Hello Kitty tattoo; her first was the sugar skull one on her arm.  According to this rendition, Hello Kitty is a vampire with tiny fangs and bat wings.

  • Kreayshawn Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

kreayshawn hamburger mickey tattoo e1635750540974

Kreayshawn has a hamburger containing a Mickey Mouse inside her right elbow. Joshua Agerstrand is the artist responsible for the original illustration. It is what she says: “It’s Mickey Mouse in a cheeseburger. I like burgers, I like Disney characters, so why not put ’em together? Would you eat a burger with a rat inside? I wouldn’t, but it looks good.”

  • Kreayshawn Traditional Tattoo Design On Hand

kreayshawn alien hand tattoo e1635750560993

May 2012 is when Kreayshawn got a tattoo on the back of her right hand. There is an alien on the beach smoking weed while looking sexy. Certainly one of Kreayshawn’s most bizarre tattoos, this is one of his most elaborate designs. It’s no secret that Kreayshawn loves marijuana, but why take off her top to smoke so much? What is the purpose of a palm tree? Although there is certainly a backstory, Kreayshawn posted a tweet on Twitter “The tattoo is full of meaning if you think carefully.”

  • Kreayshawn Traditional Tattoo Design On Neck

kreayshawn neck tattoos e1635750580967

Kreayshawn’s very first tattoo is an ice cream cone that she has on the left side of her neck. It is her opinion: “I decided to get my first tattoo while at the tattoo shop when my sister was getting hers. I was like, They are tattooing 15-year-old kids–I’m down! It’s my favorite because it’s so old. It doesn’t look like any of my other tattoos because they are all so bright and vibrant and it’s weathered.” Mickey Mouse gloves are attached to the opposite side of her neck. On the back of her neck, there are also writings, but I can’t decipher what they say.

  • Lights Poxleitner Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

lights rocket tattoo e1635750599855

The tattoo, of a retro-style rocketship, was a tribute to her daughter, Rocket Wild Bokan. It was done in May 2014 by Lights Poxleitner. She keeps it next to a portrait of her husband Beau Bokan on her right thigh. The ship is identified with the inscription “Player 3” to represent Rocket as the third member of their family and with the date “02-15-2014” which marks his birthday: the 15th of February 2014.

  • Lights Poxleitner Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrities with Dragon Designs

A large and colorful new tattoo replaced Lights’ old black ink heart and the banner tattoo on her left forearm instead of covering them.  This is a coat of arms that she designed to represent various aspects of her life.   On the left side of the shield is Jesus’ name in Hebrew, and on the right side are her parents’ initials “EPVP,” which stand for Eric Poxleitner and Virginia Poxleitner.  In this cover, she reflects her outer space alter ego Captain Lights through planets, a raygun, and music notes.  An ape-like creature crushes a dragon on the bottom, along with a lion and a griffin.

  • Lights Poxleitner Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

lights twinblade tattoo e1635750631207

It is the Twinblade of the Phoenix from World of Warcraft that Lights wears on his right arm. “It’s one of the most beautiful weapons,” says Lights, adding that its placement “always makes me feel like I’m ready with a weapon.”

As a child, Lights got a tuberculosis shot that caused a scar on her arm. She had the sword tattooed so that the jewel on the sword covered the scar. It is explained by her “It scarred me for life. And I had this, it looked like a bullet wound on my forearm since I was five. And [in 2009] I got this tattoo covering it which is a sword from a game I play called World of Warcraft. But I specifically placed it so that the jewel would be right over the scar. And the scar tissue healed weird and held the ink funny so that it actually looks like an opal. But it looks really cool and gives that jewel a unique look. So I turn scars into jewels.”

Even though she has a wall full of fictional weapons in her apartment, lights love fictional weapons. “I’m a warrior in World of Warcraft, so I always have swords. And obviously, I love this whole warrior vibe,” she tells.

Derek Lewis is the artist behind Hartless Design in Toronto.

  • Lights Poxleitner Traditional Tattoo Design On Back

lights wonder woman tattoo e1635750670453

On Lights’ back, she has a large tattoo depicting Wonder Woman pushing off Giganta’s hand, taken from Wonder Woman Volume 3 cover.  An understated banner contains the word UNSTOPPABLE at the bottom of the tattoo.  As Lights points out, “it really represents being able to fight big things even though you’re small.”

She is inspired by strong female figures and has a particular fascination with Wonder Woman.  In her explanation, she says: “Wonder Woman is kind of my role model. She’s beautiful and she’s pure, and she fights with immense strength but integrity. She fights with justice and honor, and she’s not doing anything in a slimy or destructive way, and she’s doing it with grace and out of respect for everyone. And she’s an ambassador for Themyscira and a real symbol of a powerful woman. I think it’s fantastic. And she can kick ass and still look great doing it, so I feel like she’s a great symbol for us.”

She often has tattoos representing strength, and this one is no exception.  “Everything I have on me makes me feel like I can do anything,” she declares.

  • Ashlee Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

ashlee simpson peony wrist tattoo e1635750648571

Among Ashlee’s most prominent tattoos is a colorful peony on her wrist, which she got in March 2008. Ashlee does not associate this tattoo with any special meaning. She told Hot 99.5 there was no story behind the flower when asked if there was one. She replied, “ No, I wanted it.”

Because Ashlee debuted the new tattoo during a radio interview in which she appeared drunk, Ashlee caused controversy. The following is Ashlee’s response to the allegations she wrote on her blog:

The night before, I had a good friend come to my hotel to give me a tattoo. When I arrived to the radio station I showed them the tattoo. It is my belief that they automatically assumed that because I got a tattoo I must have drank that night. I would never get a tattoo after drinking nor would a reputable tattoo artist do a tattoo after someone was drinking.

A star is visible between the leaves of the flower, and the feather Ashlee had on her wrist is covered up by them. The feather is also visible as the hole in the flower, where the feather was. During an interview with Hot 99.5, she explained the cover-up: “I’ve had a few tattoos there, so now I’m really happy with it. I got it covered.”

Even though there is no story behind the tattoo, Ashlee is extremely happy with how it turned out. In an interview with the LA Times, she said “It’s a peony. It’s a flower and my little star is in it too. And it was my last tattoo. I love it. It was really bold. I’m proud of it. I like it.”

  • Beth Lucas Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

beth lucas full sleeve tattoo

Australian acoustic artist Beth Lucas has steadily been adding new colorful body art pieces to her collection of colorful tattoos for the past six years. It has developed from a little rebellious ink to a fully-fledged artistic journey that Beth is not intending to end anytime soon.

Roses and vines are covering Beth’s full sleeve (right arm), along with traditional pieces, including a snake, dagger, locket with keys and ribbons, and a small birdcage on the inside.

  • Krysta Cameron Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

krysta cameron sleeve tattoo inner

On the inside of her right arm, Krysta Cameron has two tattoos that are themed around music. The lyrics to a Björk song, “All is full of love,” are centered on the heart below her elbow. She wears a bracelet that reads “Against Demons” and has a sand dollar (which looks like a star inside a circle) from the Radiohead album cover. She had gotten this tattoo in her earlier days, so the style is much heavier black than her more recent work. She also wrote a sentence with sloppy writing, so it reflects the original artwork.

  • Cassadee Pope Traditional Tattoo Design On Hand

cassadee pope tattoo smiley face e1635750694897

In the other tattoo by Cassiadee Pope, a yellow smiley face is displayed below her index finger on her right hand. As a result of her performance to land her band Hey Monday their record contract on his birthday, Cassadee got this tattoo. It is in honor of her deceased great grandfather, whom she called “happy” when she was young because she could not pronounce his real name. The following is her own description: “The smiley face was from when we showcased for Columbia and it was on my great grandpa’s birthday. And I used to call him “pappy,” but when I was really young I couldn’t say “pappy” I called him “happy.” And we ended up getting signed, so I know he’s looking after us.”

  • Jasmine Villegas  Traditional Tattoo Design On Ribs

jasmine villegas side tattoo e1635750712870

Jasmine Villegas has a gigantic tattoo covering much of her right side. It has undergone multiple revisions, and many artists have contributed to it. At first, she started with a cluster of notes which formed a harmony. The ribbon banner created by MeNaCe weaving through the notes became Jasmine’s least favorite addition when she saw it in October 2012.

“I didn’t really like the scroll too much, how it made my side look,” Her explanation was given in an interview. “So to cover something big you kinda gotta go a little bigger! So I put big colorful roses on my side.”

Flower arrangements were added by Romeo Lacoste. His final design included the music notes and scroll without completely covering them. He added purple ink to the ribbon to show it was with his design.

In the aftermath of all the alterations, Jasmine tweeted  “Not gonna lie…I wish I would’ve thought my side tattoo through more. dad, you were right !! #dadsknowbest”

  • Sierra Kusterbeck Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

The tattoo of an apple core she got on the back of her right ankle during Warped Tour 2010 belongs to Sierra Kusterbeck. Getting the tattoo was a spontaneous decision – she stated that she decided as soon as she heard about it  “right now. I’m not the type of person that’s going to go to a shop and make an appointment and go get this tattoo. That’s why I think I’ve gotten all my tattoos on tour, just spur of the moment.” This is what she explained about its significance “Everybody’s kind of a rotten apple in a way. No one’s perfect.”

  • Melissa Marie Green Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melissa marie green daddy hand tattoo e1635750742612

‘Daddy’ is a tattoo Melissa Marie Green has on the back of her right hand showing her love and devotion to her father. In this design, artist Mikey Tedesco used American traditional style techniques and color palette to create a red heart with a banner and two yellow flowers with black leaves. The sleeve is connected to Melissa’s existing full sleeve with dots and stars and is the first large piece on Melissa’s hands, added in April 2015.

  • Samantha Maria Traditional Tattoo Design On Thigh

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

With two roses surrounding a Mexican Day of the Dead Skull tattoo on her left tight, Samantha Maria has a Day of the Dead tattoo on her left thigh.

Spanish: El Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican celebration of dead ancestors that occurs each year on November 1st and 2nd, coinciding with another Roman Catholic celebration, All Saints Day. On this multi-day holiday, family and friends come together to remember fallen friends and family members and to pray for and support the spiritual growth of those who have died.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez kewpie bunny tattoo e1635750762347

Melanie Martinez has a tattoo of a Kewpie doll in a pink rabbit costume holding an ice cream cone on her left forearm. Along with three other tattoos that Lauren Winzer gave her, she also received this one in June 2015.  Her design is based on two childhood memories. Here are a few memories she shared with Fuse:

This one is based off of a couple experiences from when I was a kid.  My first word was “mine.” It happened when I was in my walker in my driveway and my dad snatched an ice cream out of my hand and I just screamed “mine!”…like “Give me my ice cream! Why’d you take my ice cream?”  And then there’s a picture of me outside dressed as a bunny…So I just did a little Kewpie baby dressed as a bunny, holding ice cream that’s melting, just to mix the two experiences.

  • Ruby Rose Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

ruby rose ninja turtle arm tattoo 1 e1635750778361

Rubies Rose’s right forearm has three tattoos, the first of which is Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which she received from artist Rhys Gordon in November 2011.

In the picture that she posted on Twitter, she is dressed as a little girl dressed in Ninja Turtles costumes. “This is why I have Leonardo the ninja turtle tattooed on me. I wore this to school. I thought I was him,”

  • Melanie Martinez  Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez cake tattoo e1635750791437

In March 2015, Melanie Martinez had this tattoo done by artist Marie Sena on her upper right arm. On top of the pink birthday cake are a party hat and a lit candle. It is decorated with flowers and ribbons. Melanie’s debut album Crybaby, notably the illustration for “Pity Party,” was inspired by the artwork of Chloe Tersigni, who illustrated the storybook accompaniment to the album.

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez bunny tattoo e1635750803453

The tattoo on Melanie Martinez’s right forearm is of a blue cartoon rabbit with a golden heart on its head, done in February 2015.  Melissa described to Fuse the story behind this tattoo. It was inspired by a pet rabbit she kept as a child, which was her first pet. As part of the tattoo, she incorporated a knife below the rabbit’s head because the rabbit was decapitated by another animal.

This one I got for my bunny. It was actually my first pet ever. And then I got a dog and my parents told me I couldn’t have a bunny and a dog, so we all decided to give the bunny away to a friend of a friend who already had a bunny. So we thought “It’ll have a friend, that’s amazing, that’s awesome.” So they left my bunny and their bunny in the backyard unattended for like four hours. They ended up finding their bunny in their neighbor’s backyard and my bunny’s head was in their yard.

 Many fans have compared her appearance to that of Bonnie the Bunny from Five Nights at Freddy’s, though it is unknown whether this was an intentional resemblance.

  • Melanie Martinez  Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez cheese tattoo e1635750819799

Melanie Martinez has a swiss cheese wedge tattooed on her upper left arm. This piece is surrounded by a red heart with scalloped lace. When Melanie and members of her band went on tour in Michigan in February 2015, tattoo artist Josh Barg tattooed them.

The tattoos Melanie has are mostly associated with things she loves, even if they appear a bit silly at times.  Simply put, she loves cheese and has gotten this tattoo to express it.  She narrated to Fuse: “I love cheese.  I’m obsessed with cheese!  I’m like the biggest dairy queen in the world.” On her leg, she also has a tattoo depicting a milk carton.

  • Bunny Meyer Traditional Tattoo Design On Foot

graveyard girl foot tattoo portrait

During spring break in 2011, Bunny Meyer got this portrait tattoo on the top of her right foot. “This was my first color tattoo and also my first large area tattoo,” she said in a video clip. “It’s a cameo of Al Swearengen who is a character from the TV show Deadwood.” It features a portrait of his face within a golden picture frame with a cross-legged miner’s knife on the bottom.

Dave Boseman did the tattoo at Locally Famous Tattoo in Houston, TX. One session took about seven hours, and he got through it in one go. “He is by far the best portrait artist I have even seen,” Bunny replies.

She had originally planned on getting tattoos on both feet, but after experiencing such pain on this foot, she reconsidered. Because her first tattoo was relatively pain-free on her wrist, she was shocked at how much pain it caused. “I was going to get another cameo on my left foot of another Deadwood character so they would match and be a set. But I have not been able to convince myself to do this because the first time around was so horrible.” Although her foot had been tattooed, her foot was so swollen that she had to sit for two weeks.

  • Megan Massacre Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

megan massacre raven leg tattoo

The raven tattoo that Megan Massacre got on her leg was part of the program America’s Worst Tattoos on TLC. There was a zombie tattoo on her chest that she hated that needed to be covered up. A collaborative effort between Tim Pangburn and her was required to come up with the new design.

“I like dark creepy things,” she recounted to TLC. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and ravens remind me of Halloween. So it was a pretty good fit for me. I was very excited about it. I love it so much better than the weird creepy alien zombie that used to be on my leg.”

  • Chrisette Michele Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

chrisette michele birds tattoo

On the upper right side of Chrisette Michele’s arm are a pair of lovebirds with the words “Hopeful Romantic.”.

In a blog post, she wrote: “I have the words ‘Hopeful Romantic’ tattooed at the top of my shoulder blades (I don’t talk much about my tats but I have a point). There are two love birds underneath them. Maybe my idea of romance doesn’t always involve a boy. Romance is the life I live. Daring to imagine that every day is purposed and full of meaning. There’s a great story being told at the end of every road. Everyone has beauty somewhere if you just look for it. I’m a little naïve. It’s true. But I’m in love. All-day long. Constantly dreaming. Constantly believing and always experiencing ‘Love Moments’ like this.”

  • Demi Lovato Traditional Tattoo Design On-Ear

demi lovato feather ear tattoo e1635750840281

It is just for fun that Demi Lovato has a turquoise feather behind her left ear. Hollywood Life reported that she revealed that the feather has no personal significance and is simply something that she likes. “I have a feather behind my ear, and it honestly doesn’t mean anything,” she says. “I just think it’s cute. It’s a light blue feather, but it looks more like a leaf, so I gotta fix it.”

A bus with the same design had been painted over with this tattoo in June 2010 while she attended Warped Tour. MTV interviewed her and she admitted that it was a bad idea, telling them “that just was stupid.” Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her from getting another tattoo, in the same manner, the next year! After initially getting disappointed with the results of the tattoo, Demi decided to have it reworked in June 2011 with more intricate detailing to better resemble a feather.

  • Hayley Williams Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

hayley williams envelope thigh tattoo1 e1635750855368

A tattoo Hayley Williams got on her thigh while on tour in Australia in February 2013 is depicted above. The tattoo was done by Australian artist Aureole at Lust For Life Tattoo in Brisbane. While traveling, the tattoo shows a hand holding an envelope symbolizing relationships with loved ones. The following is Hayley’s explanation:

“To do what we love we miss the ones we love. Long-distance letters and phone calls and anything to make the distance disappear! That’s what this means to me.”

Featuring black and red inks on black paper covered in leaves and ribbons for decoration, it is done in a traditional style.

  • Hayley Williams Traditional Tattoo Design On-Ear

hayley williams warped behind ear tattoo1 1 e1635750868848

To commemorate her experiences with Warped Tour, Hayley Williams has a tattoo behind her left ear. In addition to 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, Paramore performed on the tour in 2011. This tattoo was applied in July 2009, after Paramore performed a surprise set at Cavalcade’s Cleveland Warped Tour 2009. The storm that hit Cleveland during Paramore’s set in 2007 brought down trees and damaged buildings. An upside-down cloud and a lightning bolt are tattooed on the arm, with a message that reads “Warped!” The journal also has the words “remembering that experience” written over it.

According to Hayley, this tattoo represents “My <3 for the warped tour. (minus all the horrific bands on this year). 2 years ago in Cleveland, we almost died in the storm on Warped!!! and our fans stuck around and waited for us for at least an hour. We went on anyways and played one of the most fun sets of the whole tour. So memorable. Then this year, we got to surprise Warped in Cleveland. The weather was perfect. I wanted something to remind me of some of my best Warped memories. No more “tour/bro” tats for me after that one!”

  • Miley Cyrus Traditional Tattoo Design On Fingers

miley cyrus colored finger tattoo

Miley Cyrus had her knuckle tattoos colored in. Her tattoo artist was Lauren Winzer, who did it on October 14, 2014. Galaxy print covered her pinkie, she enhanced her ring finger with a new tattoo depicting an alien head, she redesigned the triangle on her middle finger as a slice of watermelon, and she colored the Nazar (“evil eye”) on her ring finger.

  • Jacqui Sandell Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

jacqui sandell art tattoo e1635750883959

In honor of her dedication to classic art, Jacqui Sandell has a large tattoo of the 1896 lithograph “Zodiac” by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha on her right thigh. The outline of the tattoo was completed in June 2011 and the majority of coloring was completed in September 2011. Original tattoos have flat colors, but Jacqui’s tattoo has shading that gives it a more three-dimensional appearance. Matthew Lukesh of Seppuku Tattoo in Bloomingdale, New Jersey designed and performed the tattoo.

  • Jacqui Sandell Traditional Tattoo Design On Leg

jacqui sandell tea tattoo e1635750898292

It is a tattoo on Jacqui Sandell’s lower right leg that was acquired in May 2012. Featuring the image of tea being poured into a teacup as it comes from a kettle, surrounded by sparrows and flowers. She wrote the following about the right photo before the tattoo was completely colored: “Fuck it I was gonna wait till it’s healed but I can’t wait for the bottom leg piece by @wide_eyes_tattoo can’t wait for the pink to be added!”

  • Melissa Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melissa marie green queen colored tattoo e1635750912193

As of August 2013, Melissa had put her first large piece in the sleeve, though she hadn’t colored the piece until much later. An outline of a queen of hearts playing card with a rose at the bottom was drawn by Jesse Mora. The following is what she writes: “started outlining my sleeve. my take on “all hail the heartbreaker.” so many meanings behind this tattoo, you have no idea. I love it. thanks, @tat2jesse.”

Starting with the rose at the bottom of the tattoo in January 2014, artist Mikey Tedesco has been coloring it. The black outline was redrawn making it thicker and the rose-colored in with red ink, making note of the contrast between blue and yellow on the petal undersides. He writes “Did not start this piece but redoing it all started with the rose :)” Additionally, he completed coloring the queen of hearts in a later session in February.

  • Bajha Rodriguez Traditional Tattoo Design On Fingers

bahja rodriguez finger tattoo

Only a week after getting her first tattoo, Bajha Rodriguez got her second in August 2014. In this case, it is three symbols on her right-hand finger that symbolize the three members of her R&B girl group O.M.G. (Formerly known as The OMG Girlz). It is their signature hair color and nickname that makes them stand out. There is a purple crown for Breaunna Womack, aka Miss Babydoll, a blue star for Zonnique Pullins, aka Miss Star, and a pink heart for Bajha, who is referred to as “Miss Beauty.”

  • Melanie Martinez Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melanie martinez carousel tattoo e1635750947491

Lauren Winzer, an artist from Las Vegas, tattooed Melanie Martinez’s first two tattoos in one session in July 2014. She has a colorful pastel carousel horse on her left forearm, the larger of the two. In the past, Melanie has stated that she loved carousels as a child. She began by recording her first single, “Carousel,” in which she uses a carousel as a metaphor for a relationship that is stuck going in circles.  Although the tattoo is not specifically about the song, both are illustrations of the same aesthetic. “There are certain [tattoos] that mean different things. I loved carousels since I was little, but that’s also why I wanted to write a song called Carousel, so everything in my life kind of fits together,” she explained to Now 105.

  • Faith EvansTraditional Tattoo Design On Chest

faith evans rose chest tattoo e1635750959717

As a tribute to her marriage to Todd Russaw, R&B singer Faith Evans got a tattoo on her chest that reads, “Faye & Todd Forever” with a rose and heart. It turned out, however, that their marriage couldn’t last forever as the tattoo read, and they filed for divorce in 2011 after 14 years of marriage.

As far as the rose is concerned, it is a coverup for another tattoo. Upon closer inspection, there are some black letters visible through the red ink. Her original tattoo was  “BIG ❤ Faye” in memory of her late husband The Notorious B.I.G., who died in 1997. In addition to covering BIG’s name, she added a rose to make her own name and the heart more recognizable.

Having separated from BIG in 1997, she used this time to date Todd.  In 1998, they got married after Biggie’s death, and she changed the tattoo shortly thereafter.

Despite her divorce, Faith still carries Todd’s name on her arms and we don’t know if she is planning on covering or removing it. The former couple has two children together, so she still keeps in close contact with Todd.

  • Snooki Traditional Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Celebrities with Traditional Tattoos

The star tattoos that cover Snooki’s shoulders are all over the place. “It goes around, so it’s kind of like a galaxy of animal print stars,” she responds. A zebra-print star, three small red stars, and three small black stars can be seen on her left shoulder blade.

Her tattoo was done while she was drunk, which is not abnormal for her. “Half of [my tattoos] I got drunk, but surprisingly I still love them and I don’t regret them,” she explained in a YouTube video. “These I got in Vegas, drunk, for someone’s bachelorette party. But I love getting tattoos when I’m drunk because I hate the pain of it. So it doesn’t feel like a pain when you get your tattoos drunk, but you’re not supposed to because you bleed a lot.”

  • Sherri DuPree-BemisTraditional Tattoo Design On Arm

sherri dupree tattoo narnia e1635750972772

On Sherri DuPree-Bemis’ upper right arm she has a tattoo depicting Mr. Tumnus (the half-goat) and Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia books by CS Lewis. July 2013 was the date of the tattoo by artist Jeremy Swan. It celebrates the birth of Lucy Jean Bemis, Sherri’s daughter, who was born a few months previously, in February 2013.

She writes: “Nearly 20 years ago I first heard the story of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (my mom @kimbrtones read it to us as kids) and I decided that one day if I ever had a daughter I would name her “Lucy” (after little Lucy Pevensie). It’s mind-blowing that dream from my 10-year-old self came to fruition and that I was given/trusted with that gift. The gift of my own little Lucy! Your dad @maxbemis and I love you so much kiddo! Thank you to @swanjeremy for creating this beautiful tattoo in her honor. Art by Pauline Baynes.”

  • Miley Cyrus Traditional Tattoo Design On Lips

miley cyrus kitty lip tattoo

In March 2014, while she was on her Bangerz Tour, Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of a yellow crying cat on her inner lip. A video featuring a crying kitten accompanied her performance of “Wrecking Ball” at the 2013 American Music Awards. In her Bangerz Tour backdrops, she included a cat and other animals created by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi. MTV quotes her as saying, “We literally base the entire tour on animals.” His art derives a good deal from the tour.

  • Ash Costello Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

ash costello crow arm tattoo e1635750986147

Ashley Costello’s right arm is covered in an inlaid black crow paired with purple and blue elements. In the banner, there is a quote: “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt,” which is from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, one of Ash’s favorite books.  Designer Baba Austin began constructing the design in February 2011 and completed it by May 2011.

“Before this one I would have said that tattoos don’t hurt, I really like the feeling, but this one hurt so bad. I don’t know if I’m like turning into a pansy. A good friend of mine Baba came up to me and offered me a free tattoo for Warped Tour. It’s like the biggest thing ever. I know this doesn’t make sense but I didn’t realize it was so big when he free-handed it, and then he started going and I was like ‘oh wow, I just ended up with half a sleeve and I don’t even know how.’”

  • Ash Costello Traditional Tattoo Design On Hand

ash costello broken heart hand tattoo e1635750998304

Ashley Costello and Nikki Misery share a broken heart tattoo with the words “I wished for you.” Ash’s heart is a yellow heart with red blood drips on her thumb. It features intricate details such as filigree swirls and stained glass patterns.

The tattoos were gotten in 2011 when the couple was dating.  As Nikki was in a different band, Stitched Up Heart and Ash was about to leave with New Years Day for Warped Tour, they got together to form NICE.  In the years since Nikki has joined New Years Day, and they remain very close friends, despite no longer being together.  In addition to matching tattoos, the two got more.

“My boyfriend has the other one. We realized I’m going to be away on tour for 5 more months. So we wanted to have something where it’s like a little piece of each other. So when we hold hands they connect.”

  • Kacey Musgraves Traditional Tattoo Design On Ribs

kacey musgraves anchor tattoo

A colorful anchor tattoo can be seen on the left side of Acey Musgraves’ rib cage.  Symbolized by a blue anchor in front of a yellow rose, the American traditional style tattoo has an anchor in a turquoise color.

Her younger sister Kelly and she got tattoos at the same time in September 2011.  The anchor of Katey’s wedding shows “Older” at the bottom because she’s the older sister and Kelly says “Younger.” Kelly seems to love yellow roses, and the yellow roses in Katey’s wedding reflect that.

  • Melissa Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

melissa marie green martini arm tattoo e1635751014633

Melanie switched tattoo artists for the martini glass tattoo on her upper right arm, her first full-color tattoo. Her tattoo reads “Like Mother Like Daughter”, and it’s her first full-color tattoo. Designed in September 2013 by Tony Linville of GoodFellas Tattoo, this piece depicts an African rhino. The connection Melissa has with her mother is very close, and they enjoy drinking martinis together.

  • Iggy Azalea Traditional Tattoo Design On Wrist

iggy azalea old rose tattoo e1635751025380

When Iggy Azalea started her career, she had a small pink and green rose tattoo on her right forearm, but she quickly grew tired of it.  Her tweets from November 2011 stated that she had wanted to cover the tattoo, but had decided not to: “I said I wanna cover up my rose tat cause I hate it and it was a mistake. He said don’t. Leave it to remind you no one is perfect, even you. <3”

Her patience was wearing thin by 2012. In August she wrote, “Lately I’ve been thinking about getting some new tats and getting rid of some old ones…” And by November she had a concrete plan to get rid of it, tweeting “I’m getting a new tattoo this week. A cover-up actually. I’m over this rose.” and “yes, the rose is outta here! its days are numbered! @whoiscoreydavis is going to kill my rose.”

Upon the rose was a large painting of Venus the goddess.

  • Katy Perry Traditional Tattoo Design On Ankle

katy perry tattoos peppermint e1635751040906

As part of the matching strawberry tattoo on her other ankle, Katy Perry tattooed a smiling cartoon peppermint candy on the inside of her right ankle in November 2011. Her strawberry covers One Of The Boys, while the peppermint covers her candy-themed Teenage Dream albums and California Dreams Tour. A peppermint font appears on the album cover for the word “Teenage Dream.”. Her peppermint stage outfits also include some stage wear, and she wore one of them while getting the tattoo.

There is also a report in The Sun that 50 members of Katy’s tour team got tattoos. The tattoos on the tour were done by Bang Bang, a tattoo artist who traveled with the tour for a week. In addition to giving Bang Bang the peppermint tattoo on his leg, Katy also used the gun to take a picture of her. She also got a tattoo for the soccer team West Ham United on her arm at the same time as her first husband.

  • Hanna Beth Merjos Traditional Tattoo Design On Fingers

hanna beth knuckle tattoos

The knuckles on Hanna Beth Merjos’ left hand are tattooed as follows:

  • Her pinkie finger has a pink heart that she first had done in July 2006.  Her pinkie jewelry had a heart on it that matched a heart on Trace Cyrus’ pinkie. “TC” was inside the heart, matching her initials with one on his pinkie.  Although Hanna Beth has since remained in his heart, he has filled it with black ink.
  • In October 2008, she got a matching bow tattoo for her ring finger with her friend Lauren.

Getting a matching tattoo with her friend Natalia on her middle finger in January 2011 is a diamond on her middle finger.

  • Hanna Beth Merjos Traditional Tattoo Design On Wrist

hanna beth lady lipstick anchor tattoo

The inside of Hannah Beth Merjos’ left wrist has three tattoos:

  1. She was named “Lady 1963” after her mother Hayley Mortison.  She writes “My mom and I always call each other lady, so I got this tattoo for her. I got it on my wrist next to the blue star I had, and I made the blue star black, it looks way better.”  It was done in August 2008.
  2. This pink lipstick tube was given to her in January 2011.
  3. The tattoo of a matching anchor with her mom was completed in March 2012.
  • Carah Faye Charnow Traditional Tattoo Design On Lower Stomach

carah faye charnow stomach tattoo

Unlike her other tattoos, the pirate swords on Carah Faye Charnow’s stomach have no meaning to her.  Artist Dam Smith, who specializes in straight edge (drug-free) lifestyle art, has recently added addition of letters and numbers that represent Carah’s lifestyle.  It looks as if the words themselves are X’s.

The letter SE stands for Straight Edge and the number 84 represents the year she was born.  In addition to the song of the same name by the straight edge band H20, one of the organizations that singer Toby Morse runs is called One Life One Chance.

Carah considers herself straight edge since 1984 as a result of her self-declared drug-free lifestyle.  While still a child, she witnessed the death of an uncle by a drunk driver, making her aware of the dangers of alcohol from an early age.  In her testimonial from One Life Once Chance, Carah recounts that her uncle died in a drunk driving accident when she was 5 or 6 years old.  “Seeing my grandmother crying as she walked to the car, I was not able to understand, and they explained what had happened to me.  My grandmother was freaking out and she grabbed me and she said ‘Carah, promise me that you will never, ever drink.’…And I was like ‘I promise grandma, I swear.’  I was so young, but I understood that alcohol had killed him.”

Over the years, Carah’s convictions have grown even stronger.  She says “It is so important to me that people know that there is nothing good that comes from [drugs and alcohol]…It just gets you nowhere.  Every moment of my life that has reminded me of that has only strengthened me.”

  • Katy Perry Traditional Tattoo Design On Ankle

katy perry tattoos strawberry e1635751092546

A tattoo of a smiling strawberry appeared on the inside of Katy Perry’s left ankle in July 2009. In the days leading up to her second tattoo, she tweeted “Thinking about getting my second tattoo tonight!”. In celebration of these amazing 15 months, I want a cartoon-like strawberry tattoo.” After getting her tattoo, she posted a picture on Instagram and wrote “My new little friend… what should I name her?”?”

As a means of celebrating her successful album, Katy Perry got this tattoo. She also used inflatable strawberries as props on stage as part of her world tour for “Hello Katy.” Fruit motifs are also featured in her costumes and accessories. Upon learning the album had been so successful, Katy said, “This last year and a half has been insane.”. I’m happy I’ve survived it. I really feel like this record really super-ceded my expectations. It’s been amazing. I didn’t think I would be all around the world in one year…I’ve just had so much success with this record beyond what I planned. You’re never really ready for this type of thing, and getting a tattoo would kind of be like remembering the first time.”

  • Margaret Cho Traditional Tattoo Design On Ribs

margaret cho caterpillar tattoo

As a teenager, Margaret Cho got her very first tattoo. It featured snakes and flowers that spanned around both sides of her hips in a large piece. A famous tattoo artist called Don Ed Hardy completed the tattoo on her in 2005 when she was 37 years old.  Though when Margaret was young, she admired tattoos, which sustained her as she grew older and learned to accept her body.  Furthermore, it gives her a sense of pride in being a woman.

“Having lived under such a regime for so many years, I am finally free, and for once in my life, actually able to do something with my body that I have always wanted to do because I feel safe enough to. Nobody is going to judge me for wanting to wear a beautiful piece of art on my skin. I will not allow it. This is my body, and this is my body with tattoos,” she blogged.  “My life is all-new, with this brand new body, and the chance to start over. It is a fantastic rebirth, and I am so glad to be here.”

Margaret admits that she is a bit scared of snakes, though she admires them. “Snakes are magnificent creatures, like nothing else on earth. I don’t know why I am afraid of them. Possibly because they are so different, mysterious, and unknowable, unpredictable. But on my back, they will be my protectors, my guardians, my cheerleaders, and my friends.”

  • Audrina Patridge Traditional Tattoo Design On Neck

audrina patridge neck tattoo

The back of Audrina Patridge’s neck is covered in a colorful tattoo that represents the biblical story of Adam and Eve – with a twist.  As the red portion consists of a human heart and leaves, you can see how humanity and the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge merge.  An apple is wrapped in a blue serpent, representing the one who tried to tempt Eve to eat it. “My tattoo is a heart with four chambers that turns into an apple with a snake around it,” wrote Audrina. “It symbolizes the story of Adam and Eve…and also temptation and destiny.”

  • Michelle Branch Traditional Tattoo Design On Arm

michelle branch cowgirl tattoo

There is a large tattoo on Michelle Branch’s left forearm depicting a pin-up cowgirl firing a gun.  It was during the recording of an album with The Wreckers, a country duo she and Jessica Harp form, she got the idea for the western-themed tattoo.  “The cowgirl was inspired by the making of The Wreckers album,” she wrote. “Everyone thought I was crazy, but everyone thought I was crazy for doing this project. Every time I look at my arm, I remember being in the studio with Jess. It’ll always be my favorite,” she told People.

  • Hillary Scott Traditional Tattoo Design On Wrist

hillary scott 14 wrist tattoo

Hillary Scott’s wrist tattoo, which bears the number 14, has two meanings: it represents her sister, who is 14 years younger than her; and it symbolizes the age when she knew she wanted to be a singer.

She tells The Boot: “It is a special number to me. That is the age difference between me and my only sibling, me and my little sister. I want to be like her when I grow up; she’s very confident in who she is and her personality and she’s just amazing. And 14 is how old I was when I really felt called to sing and do this for a living, so it’s a constant reminder of being called to do this and the importance of that. Plus my little sister is with me all the time.”

  • Cher Lloyd Traditional Tattoo Design On Finger

cher lloyd heart knuckle tattoo e1635751060847

On the right hand of Cher, a second red heart tattoo was inked on her ring finger in March 2011. Wearing a wedding ring on this finger is traditional. She probably got this tattoo because she loves her future husband? The fact that Cher has not discussed this tattoo leaves us with the only speculation. She has since gotten married, however, and part of her tattoo is hidden by her engagement ring and wedding band

  • Hayley Williams Traditional Tattoo Design On Ankle

hayley williams shave me tattoo1 e1635751072272

Hayley Williams’ first two tattoos are on the right ankle of her right foot. She was revealed to have both tattoos on Paramore’s South American tour in October 2008, but it is not known exactly when she got them done.

Due to her infrequent shaving while on tour, Hayley got a tattoo of a pink razor with a banner that says “Shave Me”. She told Spin, “On the Warped Tour a few years ago, if I wore shorts or if I wore my pants rolled up, someone by the end of the day would have written ‘Shave me’ on my ankle. So I was like, ‘I’m going to have to get that tattooed so you guys won’t have to do it anymore.’”

I got the tattoo not just as a reminder to shave more – rather it’s a reminder of being on the road and living the touring lifestyle. Hayley writes, “I have this ‘reminder’ tattoo on my leg. Sort of a tribute to my days of touring and living like one of the boys. It says ‘shave me’ in a neat little banner… but I don’t think it’s going to help this time!”

In addition, she received a patch with the letters “HHT” for “Hurting Hearts Tour”, after hanging out with New Found Glory during their tour.

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