30 Amazing Henna Mehndi Designs For Legs

Nowadays applying mehndi has become a trend. Mehndi can not only be applied on hands but also on legs for enhancing the aesthetic value. There is no limit for hand Mehndi designs. However, the designs seem to be limited when Mehndi patterns for legs and feet are concerned. Here, we have listed some amazing henna mehndi designs for legs which are worth adorning.

So, here is a collection of Leg Mehndi Designs 2019 for every occasion and even non-occasions.

Leg Mehndi Design

1. Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners

Simple Mehndi Design

Quick Beauties.

Simple Mehndi patterns look extremely amazing and it can be applied on any occasion or non-occasion. It is perfect for teens who cannot keep wet mehndi for long hours and they need not worry about henna stains. The simple pattern combination of climbing leaves and dots is very popular. The best part is that you can try it at home yourself.

2. Arabic Mehndi Designs! You’ll Love To Try It

Arabic Mehndi Design

‘Arabic Mehndi’ originated in Arabian countries and it gained popularity in Asia, especially India and Pakistan. The ladies who do not like the heavy patterns or the ones who are working can opt for Arabic mehndi which looks gorgeous and trendy. This Arabic mehndi will accentuate the beauty of your legs and make your legs look more ravishing.

3. Glam it Up With The Anklet Style

Anklet Mehndi Deesign

Getting bored of wearing silver or artificial anklets? Here is the solution- You can draw patterns, dots, and lines on your feet just like an anklet using henna. It can be easily created at home anytime. The design looks definitely elegant and lovely on your feet.

4. What About Unique Arabic Design?

Unique Arabic design mehndi

For those who love thick designs rather than the conventional mehndi patterns, Arabic designs will definitely be your to-go option. Its grace can enhance the beauty of your legs. As shown in the picture, Arabic mehndi with traditional ornamental patterns looks more attractive.

5. Go With This Round Leg Mehndi Design

Round Leg Mehndi Design

A few small-dotted patterns above & below with round designs in the center of your foot completes the entire design. It looks pretty and cool. DIfferent patterns of mehndi involving circular or round shapes with intricate designs will definitely adorn your legs in the best way possible.

6. The Oh-So-Wow Traditional Full Leg Mehndi Design

Magnificent Full Leg Mehndi Design

This traditional heavy mehndi pattern is always in demand in India. A number of sinuous patterns with well-shaded flowers, leaves, bold dots, and many more figures designing your entire leg is perfect traditional sight. This design definitely doesn’t fail to be attractive and eye-catching. It is very popular among Indian brides.

7. Enhance Your Legs With This Arabic Tribal Leg Mehndi

Arabic Tribal Leg Mehndi Design

Arabic Tribal Design is for those who do not like the patterns of flowers and figures. Arabic Tribal design consists only simple dotted patterns like some sort of ornament or jewellery. The combination of dots and spirals look like gems hanging on legs and this amazing pattern gets a thumbs up from our side.

8. Shine Bright With The Glitter Mehndi

Glitter Leg Mehandi Design

Nowadays, Mehndi designs are often enhanced with a shade of glitter. The pattern of glittered flowers, leaves, and dots running up along the length of your leg makes the design look even more amazing. It gives a beautiful shine and sparkle to your legs which will fail no chance to attract other ladies for applying the same on their feet.

9. Heena Tattoo Looks Cool

Heena Tattoo

It is for all those ladies who want to get inked but fear the pain from getting a tattoo. This design of mehndi seems to be like a temporary tattoo which is perfect for non-occasions. The design is appropriate for teenage and young girls who love tattoos.

10. Fresh Flower Jewellery For Your Feet

Fresh Flower Jewellery Mehndi Design

Fresh Flower Jewellery Mehndi

Legs and feet covered with floral designs are very popular and trendy nowadays. An artistic touch to the floral design and addition of bright colour to it will make your mehndi design more pleasing just like jewellery. This design will look good on anyone irrespective of age and occasion.

11. You’ll Love To Flaunt This Classic Marwari Design

Marwari Mehndi Design

This design is quite different from the traditional full leg mehndi. This mehndi pattern is beautifully designed with complicated motifs, elephants, peacocks, flowers, and leaves which cover the legs and feet gracefully leaving no space in between. This design is a great combination of traditional patterns with modern ones.

12. Star-Moon Mehndi Design To Make You Shine Like a Diamond

Star Moon Mehendi Design

Star Moon Mehendi Design.

It is one of the easiest mehndi designs having simple star-moon patterns. This design is perfect for teenage girls who don’t like traditional Indian henna designs. If you try it out with dark black mehndi, then it will look even more amazing, cool, and attractive just like a tattoo.

13. Side-Slanting Foot Mehndi Design

Side Slanting Foot Mehndi Design

If you are looking for a unique style of foot mehndi pattern then go for the unusual side-slanting design. It consists of intricate floral patterns and tendrils which make the design even more attractive and beautiful.

14. Let’s Go For All Borders And No Frills

All Borders And No Frills

Now, it is all about mehndi with bold borders and no frills and fill-ups in between the pattern. It looks like it will take a few minutes, and it really does. It is quick to create and this one suits best for teens, and those who may have a shortage of time during the wedding season.

15. Try This Amazing Glitter Arabic Mehndi

Glitter Arabic Foot Mehndi Design

Apart from the simple Arabic mehndi, you can also sparkle your feet with colourful glitter mehndi to get that fancy look without wearing any jewellery or an anklet. It is not at all time-consuming but it definitely demands creativity.

16. Enter The New Phase of Your Life With The Fish-Net Design

Net Mehndi Design

If you want a fuller henna appearance for your foot without applying rich mehndi, then you can go for a fish net or ‘jaali’ design mehndi. This net designed attractive foot mehndi has been created by expert hands only. The designs also consist of small flowers, medium sized flowers, and also bold dots inside it.

17. Adorn Your Feet With These Round Flowers

Round Flower Leg Mehndi Design

These round big flowers (Mandala) mehndi design at the center of your feet is suitable for almost all occasions. Moreover, the fine leafy patterns on the fingers make these designs trendy. It is a good option for the festive season as well as for the wedding season. Your feet will definitely look lovely and adorable in this ‘mandala’ design.

18. Go For Leafy Designs For Giving Pretty Looks To Your Feet

Leafy Mehndi Designs

The image reminds one of long creepers plants. This design is best for the ladies who love leafy patterns. Both the feet and legs look beautiful with the intricate work.

19. Let’s Do A Dance With A Playful Peacock

Peacocks Mehndi Feet.

Peacocks Mehndi Feet

When we talk of bird patterns, these peacock designs are one of the favourites among the ladies. The intricate pattern of the peacock looks amazing. This design is always high on demand and even mehndi artists give priority to this design.

20. Quick Beauties

Quick Beauties. 1

Quick Beauties

What do women really want while applying mehndi? Yes, you are right- they generally want it to be quick and fast, less stressful, and of course, a beautiful outcome. So, the images shown above are one of the quick designs of mehndi which you can prefer without any reason or occasion.

21. Take A Feel of an Ornament

Ornamental Mehndi Designs

Ornamental Mehndi Designs 1

Ornamental Mehndi Designs 2

The Indian wedding celebrations are incomplete without applying the ornament designed mehndi which is considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity in the Indian culture. This ornament design mehndi is always in demand and women’s first priority.

22. Try Out This Sideway Pattern

Sideway Pattern Mehndi

Sideway Pattern

The sideways pattern mehndi is quite different from the side-slanting pattern. It is usually more elaborate which is the first choice of young or college-going girls. It is designed in L-shape in a free-flowing style. In this pattern, the heels and ankle of the foot are covered with beautiful dark leaves and flowers along with spirals which look beautiful.

23. Go For A Mirror Effect

Mirror Effect Mehndi Design

Mirror Reflecting Henna Design

This is one of the unique and amazing styles to adorn your legs and feet. By its name, it is clearly described that any pattern which you have drawn on one foot will have a mirror image on the other foot. It has a beautiful appearance and even mehndi designer does not have to think of different designs for the other foot.

24. How About A Spiral Design?

Spiral Pattern Mehndi Design.

Spiral Pattern Mehndi Design

This spiral mehndi design for feet is suitable for festive occasions as the design is quite tricky and complicated. This design looks very delicate, eye-catching, and makes a strong impression. Beautifully detailing throughout makes this design look more unique and just wow!

25. Colourful Pattern Is A Swagger

Colourful Patterns Mehndi

Colourful Patterns


Those who like to add colour and bling to their mehndi designs can use colourful gems, stones, and liquid sparkles to enhance the overall look of their favourite mehndi style. Many women love this creativity on their legs. Special cones are easily available in the markets.

26. Design Your Sole

Mehndi design for sole of feet

Sole Feet Mehndi

Sole Feet Mehndi.

Mehndi can not only be applied on legs and feet but it can also be applied below your feet i.e. on the sole. It looks amazing at any festival or occasion. It is usually the first choice of newly married ladies but it can also be applied on newborn or infants on their naming ceremonies which looks cute as shown in the above pictures.

27. The Diagonal Mehndi Design

Diagonal Mehndi Design.

Diagonal Mehndi Design

As you can notice, these mehndi designs run diagonally across your feet. The designs consisted of flowers, knitted work, leafy structures, and lovely shades. This beautiful design is perfect and graceful for small occasions. The grace of this mehndi design enhances after wearing cool cross strip slippers.

28. Give A Blood-Red Touch To Your Legs

Red Colored Foot Mehendi Design

Red Colored Foot Mehendi Design.

The simple mehndi tattoos have the typical reddish brown colour while the design looks unique and magnificent with floral patterns and red coloured flowers and dark border background. The border gives the design a perfect finish. It is suitable for any kind of occasions.

29. Traditional Patterns

Traditional Orthodox Pattern

It is a part of the Arabic designs which consists of symmetrical chakra designs alternating with pomegranate patterns and plumes of fern which are the heritage of the deserts. You must try it at least once.

30. Feel Like A Fairy With This Fairytale Pattern

Fairytale Pattern

Fairytale Pattern.

Both the above designs look magical. The combination of dark and light shades looks absolutely perfect. Combine it with a pretty pair of anklets. Make sure you lift your lehenga or long skirt a bit over your heels to show this beautiful design off.


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