8 Types of Mehndi Designs with Meanings

The period of the festival is here and this season is very very burning, heavy, and extremely dreadful. But one need not bother about the Mehndi. This article brings a lot of information about the various designs and patterns of Mehndi to make this season really awesome. Indian culture is not complete without the culture of Mehndi. Along with the beautification of the body, Mehndi plays an important role in terms of the best jewelry. It’s as good as a puzzle to choose the best Mehndi design for yourself on this festive incident.
But did you also know that mehndi has now become a part of many other cultures too if it was not for a long time? In western cultures, henna has been a great trend and many fusion trends have been coming up too. However, there is nothing to worry about because you have now come across this article about various kinds of Mehandi that exist. Various designs and styles of Mehndi are incorporated below that declaims about your taste and preference. So, have a look as under.

Different Types Of Mehndi Designs

The culture of Mehndi is of great importance in India and it’s really awesome due to its convivial and sentimental value. This artwork of Mehndi is appreciated all around the world because of its extraordinary weightage in the East. Various Mehndi designs are created in this location. Marvelous patterns are available on the list to choose the best for yourself. Only you have to go through it one by one.

Cool Fact– It is stated that the Mehndi is the originality of Egypt and businessmen brought it to India for trading purposes. The queens of Egypt were very fond of Mehndi for ornamental purposes like coloring the hair in different styles and polishing their nails naturally. They were actually trendy in their fashion sense.

1. Indian Mehndi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

There is no comparison as far as the beauty and styles of Mehndi designs are concerned. The Mehndi designs and patterns of India are not only detailed but also compressed. The elaboration of the designs is so fine that each line or dot of the design carries some meaning along.

The artwork of Mehndi styles and patterns are prevalent throughout fabulous festive celebrations like Deepawali and Karva Chauth. The Indian designs of Mehndi are motivated by the love for creation and feelings for nature. Indian wedding Mehandi designs incorporate the pictures and images of birds and animals, the sun, Kalash, bride, and groom sketches.

The numerous conventional and popularly seen Mehndi designs in India constitute the stuff of beautiful Indians. To specify the various occasions and celebration in India, the Indian Mehndi designs offers freakish types of style for all ages. It may cover single traces on the back and front of the arms or the comprehensive coverage of the hands-on on both fronts. The bridal mehndi in Indian mehndi vogue decorates the hands with dholkis, palkis, bride-groom artwork, mandap, Kalash, and several different propitious artworks portraying a marriage function, whereas the non-bridal has much more to contribute. The patterns of non-bridal figures are more in command for apparent causes and it consists of a cache of styling choices from a particular ‘bel’/trail to the design on one side of the hand, tiny mehndi artwork, and notably massive full hand mehndi styles. Different varieties of design like paisleys, florals, chequered, dots, hidden names, and other objects of mythical importance.

Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Traditional Indian Mehndi Designs for hands

Rajasthani mehndi designs encompass several blocks in a rectangular, square, or zigzag shape. This is their practice in block making through Mehndi designs. The whole Mehndi design gets more attractive and beautiful with symmetrical blocks. Little floral and leaf pictures magnify the complete mehndi appearance in the Rajasthani designs.

Bangle Mehandi Designs

The Bangle Mehndi designs are the most trending henna designs and sought-after due to their unique form. It normally comprises only flowering and jewel patterns formed in orbicular bangle patterns and omitting alternate bits untouched. Bangle henna designs are invariably long-drawn in continuance. The bangle design is super popular among both Indian and Pakistani Mehandi design patterns.

Dulha Dulhan Mehandi

gujarati mehandi designs

This form of Mehndi style is principally meant for ‘Dulhan’ or Bride and it is implemented for a day or two before the wedding takes place. It is a mixture of flowering, peacock, leaflet, spiral, or twisted pattern with exceptional design factors like Dulha-Dulhan (bride and groom) design and elephant figure. It is a super popular cultural theme in Indian mehndi design which looks super cool especially for the bride. It has a lot of cultural significance associated with it which makes it really amazing to get done.

Mandala Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

Mandala Mehndi’s design is the best if you want designs that are normally compact in wrist-length size. These designs are named mandala styles because mandala similar to circle and semi-circle creating floral designs are formed on the palm making it the core of the whole mehndi pattern. There is a lot of significance to the mandala as the mandala signifies the completion of a cycle and a pattern to it.

2. Arabic Mehendi Designs

arabic mehandi

The Arab society has introduced the Arabic Mehendi designs. The Arabic Mehendi designs are not as same as the Indian Mehendi artwork. This set of designs are more developed than any other Mehendi style in terms of cashew artwork designs along with full-fledged shading. Young ladies prefer these stylish Arabic patterns and design and thus India got a lot of enthusiasts for this artwork in a short span of time. Some people refer to the Arabic Mehendi designs as Mughlai mehndi designs.

arabic mehandi

Many girls prefer getting Arabic designs as compared to other Mehandi because it is more stylish and looks really feminine. This style is mostly preferred by young and unmarried girls who really want to get a very feminine and youthful look. Traditional Mehandi design cans sometimes are too much but the Arabic Mehandi is always graceful.

Cool Fact– The Sanskrit word mendhikā is referred to as Mehendi.

indian mehandi deisgns

These Mehendi designs are recognized for their stylishness of bold lines and blank spaces and thus got popularity in the Mehendi world. The name is assigned to these designs as it is drawn from Gulf Countries. Not matching the Indian Mehendi designs, the Arabic Mehendi designs incorporate some authority and rhythm attached to them. This portrays the boldness of Mehendi artwork in Arab whereas the Indian Mehendi has a vast collection of massive artwork. Blank spaces in Arabic designs have their own importance and they create parallel designs. The world has recognized the patterns and designs of Arabic Mehendi forms.

3. Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs

arabic mehandi

Blending is an excellent idea of inducing the culture of two worlds to stand unitedly and the perfect example of such collaboration is Indo Arabic Mehndi designs for holds that are appreciated by all. This Mehandi design has taken over many parts of India too where it has given serious competition to the traditional Indian Mehandi design.

This amalgamation of mehndi patterns is an exhibition of the most respectable bonding between Indian and Arabic designs.  A pairing of Indian flowery designs and birds with Arabic cashew and shading is the characteristic of such Indo-Arabic mehndi designs for arms and palms. It’s wonderful to have such a mixing of two cultures though we are unaware of the inventor of such designs.

Indian and Arabic style of mehndi designing is a beautiful mixture of two countries. Each lovely and pretty pattern of Indian Mehendi designs is severed by unusual strong lines and blank spaces. This fusion artwork is apprehended by the whole world. The Indian Mehendi designs include all the leaves, florals, paisleys, chequered, etc. types of Indian patterns but the combination of skillful strong and bold lines make the designs more stylish and attractive.

4. Pakistan Mehndi Design

pakistani mehandi design

Since Pakistan and India was once the same society, it is obvious that their Mehendi designs are bound to be similar type. Notwithstanding this, the Pakistani Mehendi designs replaced the traditional Hindu components such as the Bride, Groom, and Kalash with Domes, Flowers, and Leaf-like figures.

Mandala patterns are also adopted by Pakistani Mehendi design as grasped by the Indian Mehendi artwork but not to the extent of Indians. Moreover, this design didn’t remain untouched by the Arabic Mehendi designs and patterns. It is one of the most liked traditional Mehandi designs that people like to get. Pakistani mehndi patterns might look very similar to the Indian Mehandi design but it has a lot of unique patterns that are unique to the design.

5. Western Mehandi Designs

Indo Western mehandi

For western society, Mehandi is a fascinating bit of appreciation and a source of creativity too. So that’s why the western world’s admiration for the sensational Indian Mehendi created the concept of Henna tattoos in their respective areas in the west.

Besides treating Mehndi as a henna tattoo concept, the eager west world has also accommodated this course. They are not traditional for the use of Mehendi on their palm or another part of the body but it is practiced just for the feelings of cool tattoos temporarily. Their patterns of Mehendi designs comprise geometrical sketches, twists, quirky frames, and stylish designs of western society. To show the pattern of Mehendi as ornaments worn by the person, big gaps are provided in the Mehendi designs.

The western Mehandi patterns have a big difference from their counterpart desi kin, they emphasize geometric frames, quirky trims, and usually counterfeit hand jewelry. E.g- the bracelet Mehandi, chandelier Mehandi, and other modern Mehandi patterns.

6. Indo Western Mehndi Design

Indo Western mehandi

Another amalgamation in the art of Mehendi. This is not a charge but a welcome decision as far as the culture of different societies is concerned. The Indo western Mehndi design is a blend of the east and west. This style of mehndi is customarily applied as a style assertion just like the western mehndi and so far has no relations with the traditional mehndi designs. This mehndi design has many spaces between the designs and points to modernized designs and classical Indian designs.

Cool Fact–  Mehndi designs of Indo Western style were universalized in the west by Bollywood tunes and films.

The Lace Glove 

Indo Western mehandi

The ornate pattern of the Mehendi design on the wrist and back of the hand is a very unusual and stylish exemplar as certain forms are extremely complex and virtually give the fantasy of carrying a lace glove.

They generally practice petal-like designs to produce a lacy glove appearance. This henna design can be compared with a recent stylish bride. The color of the Indo western Mehndi design is generally black or brown but its length may cover the whole arms or just the wrist or may only finger.

7. Moroccan Mehndi Designs

moroccan mehandidesigns

Morocco Mehendi design is motivated by inherited tribal emblems and designs. Moroccan mehndi designs resemble a lot of westernmost tribular tattoo artwork because of their zig-zag borders, geometric sweeps, and unorthodox beautification. The popular figure of Moroccan mehndi designs is Diamond shapes in special amity. Not like an Indian mehndi pattern, the Moroccan designs are not too extensive but remarkably appealing without any apprehension. These Morocco figures are not as tender as the others and their structure presents them a favored preference amongst the men who don them as Henna tattoos.

8. African Mehndi Designs


Generally, it is unaware fact that West African culture also has the likings for Mehendi or Henna and they are applying since thousand years back. African mehndi consists of tribal patterns and forms which are quite similar to Arabic Mehendi designs. They both carry the same type of bold lines and spaces in between the designs.

Besides the Mehendi designs listed above, there are many other types of patterns that are followed in different parts of the world. However, the above-mentioned list of Mehendi designs and patterns has always been the most desirable favorite of all the categories. We assume you attained this escort as attentive and are now pretty certain to select the one that would amuse you the most suitable. It is well said that one should go through all the styles before deciding on one.

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