Are Temporary Tattoos Waterproof?

Temporary Tattoo is something that is drawn on your body by design, ink or pigments and stays for the maximum period of seven to ten days depending upon the care you take to keep it dry for as long as you can. These have been created for those individuals who wish to decorate their skin but are afraid to get something permanent. It is one thing which gives us the golden opportunity to try and dress our skin with multiple tattoos from time to time especially when you are an art lover but scared of getting a perfect permanent one printed on your body. They can easily be changed from time to time as per the changing fashion.

No, Temporary Tattoos are NOT waterproof. Though they do not come off in the first wash, however, their stay on your skin purely depends upon your skin type and the quality of ink that is used. Usually, a temporary tattoo lasts for about a week, it can sustain 3-4 soap washes.

Temporary Tattoo may also stay beyond the period of ten days, but that leaves your skin with a faded tattoo which undoubtedly gives an ugly look.

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Why should you prefer a Temporary Tattoo?

There are multiple reasons which easily motivate the person to get a temporary tattoo rather than a permanent one. Here are a few reasons I often get temporary inks on my body, also, a few reasons why people get temporary tattoos:

  • I feel scared to get something permanent on my body- Temporary Tattoos do not stay forever on your body. This is the major advantage as compared to permanent ones and thus, is adopted by those youngsters who do not hold the guts to get permanently inked. This becomes the best option to try wearing a particular design on your skin before you get the similar permanent one printed on your skin which would stay till your last breath or unless you get it removed through laser tattoo removal treatment.
  • Temporary Tattoos are Painless- Unlike permanent tattoo where needle punctures your skin to fill in the ink into it, temporary tattoos are painless. Henna (or Mehndi) tattoos, the white henna tattoos, adhesive tattoos which you used to stick using water during childhood days are all painless in nature.
  • Testing a Design with Temporary Tattoo sounds wiseIf you wish to get permanently inked but you are scared whether it would suit your look or not, then my friend, temporary tattoo is undoubtedly meant for you. Before getting a permanent design imprinted on your skin, you can test the same design by getting it temporarily done on your body part. Wear it for the time it stays, and if it suits then obviously you can go in for a permanent tattoo.
  • Suitable for each occasion and fashion- If you are an avid tattoo lover and wish to wear different designs on your arm, hands, or biceps from time to time, then temporary tattoos are meant for you. You can get it done whenever you feel like, as soon as it fades away, opt for the second without being afraid of the fact that it will stay forever. Just like fashion changes, so can your tattoo too.
  • Keeping medical information in hand- Semi-permanent tattoos are a great way to let others know about you emergency medical situations. This is an alternative when you do not want confusing medical ID bracelets or road ID. Thus, a simple tattoo on your skin, clothes or wallet can help the medical assistants understand your condition immediately.
  • Promote a particular cause- You must have seen in your college, your workplace or any other place when a group of people is working for some particular cause, say members of Red Cross Society when they are out on some particular mission or some cause they wear the red cross symbol on their cheeks, hands or arm. These tattoo marks are all temporary in nature. People out on a mission wear them to draw onlookers attention towards them
  • Team Work- Getting inked together gives a perfect happiness. Whether you do it with family on any particular occasion or with your friends’ group. These are the ultimate source of memorable experiences that bring people together.

Temporary Tattoo

Different ways of getting a Temporary Tattoo on your body.

  • Henna- The best and the oldest method of getting a temporary design on your skin is Indian Henna (locally known as Mehndi). Though it is being used during marriage ceremonies to enhance the beauty of Indian Bride as a tradition. However, it is also applied on regular basis. It is filled up in a plastic cone and is used to draw the design on any part of your body, be it your neck, arm, bicep, anklet. As soon as it dries off you can pat it dry by removing the dried chunks or also may wash your hands. Amusingly, people do not wash their hands initially, because the henna tattoo which begins with the orange shade and turns black or brown will stay the longest totally depending on how long you keep your skin dry.
  • Printer’s Ink-You can easily scan the tattoo art design from the computer and get it printed as a tattoo design on the paper. It can be applied in a similar way we used to apply the tattoos on our hands with water during childhood. If you wish to adopt this method of getting a temporary tattoo, make sure you check your printer settings properly to get the same tattoo design printed on the paper. The printed paper should be covered with the adhesive sheet avoiding any bubbles between them. The extra sheet around the tattoo design may be cut and pasted on which ever body part you wish to apply with the help of a wet sponge.
  • Tattoo Markers- Tattoo markers come in multiple colors and shades. When you are sure of your design and have practiced it on a paper before drawing it on your skin directly you can easily get a beautiful temporary tattoo. They work like a regular marker but are nontoxic in nature and even wash off easily once you are done. In order to get the required shade and control the amount of ink that you need on your skin make sure you practice It once on the sheet of a paper.
  • Jagua Ink- Jagua ink is the extract of the fruit named ‘Jagua’. It is applied to the skin in the manner of any design that you wish to get on the top layer of your body. The juice of Jagua has been in use for ornamental purposes since ages. Jagua ink takes few hours to dry. Unlike a henna tattoo, Jagua takes few days to turn blue or black in shade, unlike the henna tattoos which are orange brownish in shade. Jagua tattoo stays for the minimum duration of a week and thus, fades away gradually as your skin exfoliates. This technique is used by the professional tattoo artist to help their customers test the tattoo design on their body before getting a similar permanent tattoo. It is applied with the help of a squeeze bottle, you may use a stencil to get the exact design. The outer hard covering of the ink can be peeled out easily as it dries.
  • Airbrush Paint- Airbrush Tattoos are drawn using the alcohol-based cosmetic inks and a stencil to get the exact design on your body. The tattoo obtained with the help of the airbrush technique last for a shorter period of time. Airbrush guns may be used for this purpose.

Rainbow Tattoo

Ways of making your Temporary Tattoo stay longer

  • Choose the tattoo spot carefully- The area of your body that you wish to get a tattoo on should be selected appropriately. Areas that become sweaty quickly should be avoided.
  • Cleansing the area where you wish to get tattooed– The life of your tattoo completely depends upon the type of your skin. Oily skin or makeup and skin lotions tend to reduce the durability of your tattoo.
  • Shave the area before pasting the tattoo- If there are lots of hair on the part of your body where you wish to get the temporary tattoo, it is best suggested to shave it before applying the tattoo. This increases its life. Besides this, if you want to shave the newly grown hair on the skin after you got yourself tattooed, make sure you use a new and a sharp razor because a dull one can cause the tattoo to come off easily.
  • Use talcum or baby powder after pasting the tattoo- The excess of oils from the skin can be absorbed by applying the talcum powder which will help in elongating the life of your tattoo. A soft brush may be used for the same.
  • Hairspray- Using a hairspray can make your temporary tattoo last for a month depending upon the additional care that you take.
  • Things to avoid after you have pasted the tattoo-
  1. Avoid using hot water over the skin.
  2. Do not scrub the tattoo unless you wish to remove it.
  3. Do not rub the skin immediately after applying the tattoo.
  4. Avoid application of oil, cosmetic lotions such as sanitizers or sunscreen lotions.

Why opt for a Temporary Tattoo?

Tattoo requires a lifelong commitment unless you are all set to bear the pain of laser tattoo removal which at times is not even successful. If not a laser treatment then the only option left is to get another permanent tattoo of larger size just to cover up the existing one. I am sure, if you are not a risk taker in life you would never go in for a permanent tattoo unless you have tried the similar temporary tattoo design on your skin. It is less costly, and a full proof testing option available before you get permanently inked.

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