Himanshi Khurana 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Himanshi Khurana is a famous name in Punjab and a well-known model-turned-actress who is a big youth icon. With her beauty and talent, she has managed to make a good name in the Pollywood Industry. She is known to have begun her modeling career at the age of 13. She has won the Miss Ludhiana Contest and gained much limelight via her debut film, ‘Sadda Haq,’ irrespective of already being part of six south-Indian movies. Himanshi has also participated in Big Boss season 15. Just like other stars of the industry, Himanshi has also got a few inks on her body. This article will give you insight into her tattoos and their meanings.

Himanshi Khurana

1. ‘Luv Mom’ Tattoo

Himanshi Luv Mom Tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, Himanshi has got some words inked that can be read as ‘Luv Mom.’

Meaning: This is Himanshi’s second body tattoo that she got as the dedication of love for her mother. Himanshi was born and brought up in Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab. She has revealed multiple times about her mother being her idol and source of motivation in life. Her mother’s name is Suneet Kaur.

2. Babbu Mann’s Name Tattoo

Himanshi babbu mann tattoo

Tattoo: On her right shoulder, Himanshi has got the tattoo of the name of her favorite Punjabi SInger, Babbu Mann, in Punjabi transcript as ‘ਬੱਬੂ ਮਾਨ.’ 

Meaning: Himanshi is a big follower of Babbu Mann.

“I am hugely inspired by Babbu Mann, he is a great personality. I am highly inspired by him and his nature, if he has to say anything bad about the person or about his mistake he brings it directly to the person, and if he has to help someone, he does it openly. I got this tattoo because I am a tattoo addict and once sitting in the hotel I thought I really wanted a tattoo and that too of Babbu Mann.”

3. Back Tattoo

Himanshi back tattoo

Tattoo: On the top right side of her back, Himanshi has got the tattoo showing her love for her parents: Suneet Kaur and Kuldeep Khurana.

The tattoo says: Made by my parents

4. Writing on Foot

Himanshi resilence tattoo

Tattoo: On her right ankle, Himanshi has got the tattoo of the word resilience.

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