Brandon Hendrickson’s 5 Tattoos and their Meanings

Brandon Hendrickson competes professionally in bodybuilding in the Men’s Physique Division. Along with many other prestigious competitions, he has maintained his domination after receiving his pro card in 2013 by competing at the New York Pro, Arnold Classic, and Mr. Olympia. Brandon grew from a 145-pound skinny boy who wrestled, played football, and ran for the track team to a chiseled 210-pound muscle machine. To further enshrine this machine, he ventured into the world of tattoos.

Brandon Hendrickson

1. “Big Waves, High Tide” on the Right Arm

Brandon forearm tattoo

Brandon is a trainer at Big Waves Fitness and he is said to have a tattoo of the company’s name on his arm surrounded by waves. A lined black tattoo with neo-traditional abstract ideas around the words; that is what it is all about. The feeling behind this tattoo can suggest his loyalty and dedication to the business and its values.

2. Wolf on the Upper Abdomen

Brandon's chest tattoo

A wolf tattoo is said to symbolize strength, power, and resilience, reflecting the physical prowess required in bodybuilding. Wolves are often associated with leadership, independence, and a pack mentality, conveying the bodybuilder’s determination to stand out and lead in their fitness journey. The tattoo may also signify the endurance, survival, and loyalty Brandon has towards bodybuilding and represent the challenges he overcame. Additionally, the wolf’s wild nature can embody a desire for freedom and a connection with the untamed spirit, encapsulating his journey of self-improvement and growth.

3. Japanese Art on the Left Shoulder

Brandon's Shoulder tattoo

Brandon has a traditional Japanese art tattoo that surrounds his shoulder from the neck bone to the midline of his left arm. He has not divulged the meaning behind this tattoo but it can reflect elements such as koi fish, dragons, cherry blossoms, and waves. The significance of a Japanese art tattoo includes themes of strength, resilience, and discipline. The koi fish, for instance, is a symbol of determination and overcoming obstacles as it is believed to transform into a dragon after swimming upstream.

4. Stars on the Right Arm

Brandon's stars tattoo

Apart from the enormous tattoos inked on his arms and abdomen, Brandon also has cosmical tattoos on his arm inked in the design of stars. Generally, stars can symbolize achievement and success, with each star representing a significant milestone in an individual’s journey. It can be assumed that for Brandon, they serve as a guiding metaphor, emphasizing the importance of staying focused in his field and navigating its challenges.

5. Rose on Right Hand

Brandon's hand tattoo

A tattoo of a rose is also inked on his hand, showcasing all the petals of the flower on the back of his hand stretching towards his knuckles. In this context, the tattoo may represent a deep passion for the art and the discipline Brandon has towards bodybuilding. The origins and meanings of his tattoos are unknown, however, it can be interpreted that there exists the juxtaposition of the delicate beauty of a rose on the robust hand of a bodybuilder showcasing a balance between his strength and sensitivity.

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