20+ Best Hydrangea Tattoo Designs with Ideas and Meanings

Colorful clusters of small flowers that resemble fluffy clouds, what’s not to love about these beautiful hydrangea flowers? The greatest diversity of these flowers is found in Japan, China, and Korea although some species are native to America as well. It is known that the color of hydrangea depends on the acidity of the soil and that’s how they became the flowers of expression. Let’s look at what these beautiful flowers symbolize for you to get one of these tattooed even if it is just for the aesthetics.

Meaning of  Hydrangea Tattoo Designs

Hydrangea is generally known for expressing heartfelt and true emotions. So a hydrangea tattoo would also depict the same. It also is a symbol to honor someone or express your love for someone. With that being said, there are some other meanings associated with the most common colors of hydrangea.

Pink hydrangeas denote love and all the genuine emotions related to it. They are a symbol of admiration for someone that you adore.

Purple ones symbolize prosperity and a feeling of deep understanding of the other person or what others are going through in general.

Blue hydrangeas are associated with feelings of apology, regret, and forgiveness.

White is associated with peace and union, so they are often seen at weddings and expressing love as well. Some people associate it with flaunting something but that idea is not very common.

Green hydrangeas symbolize regeneration and rebirth. They usually evoke feelings of new beginnings.

Ideas For Hydrangea Tattoo Designs

Hydrangea tattoos come in all sizes and hence are one of the most aesthetic tattoos when placed on small areas like the wrist, ankles, behind the ear, etc. However, they are also ideal for larger areas of the body if you want to go for something bold.

Since they are related to emotions you could add other elements like the moon, roses, stars, and diamonds according to how you see emotions and new beginnings.

You could even combine a few colors of the hydrangeas if you want to give out more than one message or even just want to make your tattoo bold by adding more colors. Let’s explore some of the best hydrangea tattoos there are!

Where Should You Get Hydrangea Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Hydrangea Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Arm

Hydrangia tattoo 12

Starting with this beautiful blue hydrangea tattoo on the arm where the wearer has a twig of multiple flowers clustered together. They have chosen to keep the color of the leaves more on the black side rather than green. It could depict that the person believes in forgiveness and second chances.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design behind the Ear

Hydrangia tattoo 5

Very subtle and elegant, this is the perfect place for a tattoo if you do not want it to be very visible and you can easily cover it with your hair when you want to. The wearer has got a blue and violet hydrangea which could mean that they are empathetic towards others and their struggles.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Back Shoulder

Hydrangia tattoo 6

The wearer here has got a blue hydrangea tattoo on their back shoulder and highlighted each petal by using different shades of blue. The shoulder back is a very common and preferred place for getting natural tattoos like flowers, trees, etc and they look very alluring as well. The wearer has got the right amount of shading in the leaves giving it a very realistic look.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Thigh

Hydrangia tattoo 7

The wearer has got this pretty tattoo on the thigh and has kept it really small. They mixed the blue and the violet hydrangeas and added a little ghost on the side. The ghost tattoo is symbolic of higher intuition or remembering someone who is no longer with you. So the tattoo could be in honor of someone who was also very forgiving in nature or someone who taught you to be.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Back

Hydrangia tattoo 8

This hydrangea tattoo features a very elegant-looking tattoo that extends on the back. The wearer has added a few words at the end of the twig making it look like the part of the plant branch.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Forearm

Hydrangia tattoo 10

The wearer has got a blue and pink hydrangea tattooed on the side of the wrist and the size is also perfect to make the tattoo more visible. It could mean that the person appreciates genuine emotions and believes in the expression of true emotions of love or in general. It could also mean that they are forgiving in nature.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Collarbone

Hydrangia tattoo 11

The wearer here has got a small tattoo placed horizontally on the collarbone. This area has less padding and therefore can be a little more painful than other areas. It is hence advised to keep the size of the tattoo really small here to make it somewhat bearable.

  • Falling Hydrangea Tattoo Design

Hydrangia tattoo 9

The wearer has got a bunch of hydrangea flowers of blue, purple, and pink color and petals can be seen falling from the flowers as if the flower is falling mid-air. This could be symbolic of the person working on building their emotional strength.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Front Shoulder

Hydrangia tattoo 13

The next in the series is this colorful and vibrant tattoo on the front shoulder. The wearer has added some butterflies and colored dots to give it a more surreal and magical effect. Butterflies signify transformation and freedom. The tattoo could mean that the person had a major transformative experience it a huge change in their life.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design with Text

Hydrangia tattoo 14

The wearer here has gone for a very minimal design with faded colors. They have also extended the branch of the flower to write a text possibly a name. You could choose the word of your own choice that describes you and make this tattoo your own. Being so small in size, this tattoo is ideal for the wrist, ankle, hand, and even waist.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design with Moon

Hydrangia tattoo 15

The wearer has got a hydrangea tattoo and a moon on top of it. The moon is symbolic of growth and change and paired up with hydrangea, it could mean that the person has undergone an emotional change or has grown emotionally in any way.

  • Black and White Hydrangea Tattoo Design

Hydrangia tattoo 16

This next one features a tattoo where the wearer has not chosen any colors and hence we cannot say what color of hydrangea. Seems like a good idea if you want to just represent a hydrangea and not get caught up in the colors and their meanings.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design in a Bag

Hydrangia tattoo 17

The wearer has got a tattoo of the hydrangeas tied up in a bag which could mean a lot of things but the most common explanation of this meaning is that the wearer could be someone who has a problem opening up to people and trusting them. They could be someone who keeps their emotions to themselves tied up like the hydrangeas in this bag. If you are someone who is not very expressive, this tattoo can be quite the representation of that.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design with Heartbeat

Hydrangia tattoo 18

As we know by now, hydrangeas are symbolic of true emotions, what could be a better addition to the tattoo than a heartbeat? The wearer has got a colored hydrangea tattoo with the stem extending into a heartbeat which could mean that the person truly values their emotions. It could also be to honor true feelings for a romantic partner.

  • Geometric Hydrangea Tattoo Design 

Hydrangia tattoo 19

This next one will make your tattoo look like a bracelet. The wearer has got a hydrangea tattoo within two lines that go around the arm. Within those two lines, they added some geometric patterns like triangles. You could fill up that space according to your own pattern of choice.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design with Snake

Hydrangia tattoo 20

The wearer here has gone for a black and white tattoo of the hydrangea with a snake going around it. This is a very bold tattoo considering the design and the size. The snake is symbolic of power, transformation, or the circle of life depending upon the context. The tattoo could mean that the wearer holds emotions in a very high position in their life.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design in a Bottle

Hydrangia tattoo 21

This next tattoo features a hydrangea flower placed in a bottle with a half-cut apple sticker. The bottle could have a personal significance for the wearer but it could also mean the bottled-up emotions that the person has.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Hand

Hydrangia tattoo 22

This tattoo positioned on the hand is one of the most visible and noticeable tattoos out of all. This also means that being constantly exposed to the sun the tattoo would require a lot of care.

  • Beautiful Hydrangea Tattoo Design

Hydrangia tattoo 23

The wearer here has got a hydrangea branch shaped and bent like the shape of the moon. There are some flowers that fill up the twig and by doing so the wearer has very smartly combined two elements into one tattoo- the moon and the hydrangea flowers.

  • Alluring Hydrangea Tattoo Design

Hydrangia tattoo 1

This dreamy tattoo shows a bunch of hydrangea flowers tied around in a circle. There are a lot of stars and sparkles that give it a shiny and magical appearance. They have also added a few dotted lines to add to the beauty of the tattoo.

  • Creative Hydrangea Tattoo Design 

Hydrangia tattoo 2

The wearer has used the hydrangeas very creatively in this tattoo where they bunched the flowers together to use them as the top of a hot air balloon. This is one of the prettiest hydrangea tattoos out there. Some petals of the flowers have been highlighted and there is a blue airy highlight under it.

  • Hydrangea Tattoo Design on the Ankle 

Hydrangia tattoo 3

Lastly, this aesthetic tattoo that the wearer has placed on the ankle is also ideal for the wrist and other small places because of its size and simple design. The wearer has used a mix of blue, purple, and pink colored hydrangeas to show a mix of heartfelt emotions and understanding.

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