Erick Silva’s 16 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Erick Vinicius Silva, a Brazilian professional MMA fighter, currently performs in the Welterweight division. Erick is equally competent when it comes to getting tattoos done on the body and thus, he has got amazing body tattoos just like other champions. Erick began his professional career as an MMA fighter in 2005. His arms and chest are full of ink designs. Let us see what tattoos he has and their relevance for him.

Erick Silva

1. ‘Arte Suave’ Tattoo

Ercik Arte Suave Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a short phrase, ‘Arte Suave’ tattooed on his right forearm.

Meaning: ‘Arte Suave’ is a Portuguese word that means, ‘Gentle Art’ in English. It is basically an appreciation and honor for the weaponry, battle, or to the ‘Martial Arts’.  Arte Suave is also known to be the direct translation of “Jiu-Jitsu”  which is otherwise the nickname given to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

2. Shoulder Tattoo

Erick shoulder Tattoo

Eric stomach tattoo

3. Chest Tattoo

Eric stomach writing tattoo

Erick wife name tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper right stomach area, Erick has got a tattoo that says, ‘Lettycia Silva’.

Meaning: Lettycia Silva (Lettycia Maestri before marriage) is the name of Erick’s wife. Erick and Lettycia have two sons.

4. Tribal Tattoo

Eric tribal tattoo

Eric tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Erick’s left arm is covered with the Tribal Tattoo. Tribal tattoos are basically symbolic of one’s culture, heritage, and achievements however, more keenly they are the most common symbols of strength and protection.

5. ‘1984’ Tattoo

Erick 1984 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘1984’ inked on his left hand’s knuckles.

Meaning: Erick was born in the year 1984 and thus, this tattoo represents his birth year.

6. ‘Back’ Tattoo

Erick back tattoo

7. Bicep Tattoo

Erick bicep Tattoo

8. ‘Cross and Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Erick cross and angel wings tattoo Erick cross on arm

Tattoo: On his inner right rm, Erick has got a huge cross inked which is surrounded by Angel wings on either side.

Meaning: Cross is the symbol of the fact that Erick is a Christian and holds strong faith and belief in Christianity. Angel wings on the cross symbolize religious freedom and a tribute to a dear one who is no more in this world. However, people also get a cross with angel wings tattooed as the symbol of remembrance of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice.

9. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Erick cross tattoo

Tattoo: Another cross is tattooed on the left side of Erick’s neck.

Meaning: Cross, the Holy symbol of Christians represents Erick being the staunch believer of Jesus Christ and his blessings. This is not what we feel like saying but, Erick himself has accepted many times that he holds firm religious values and beliefs.

10. ‘Faith’ Tattoo

Erick Faith Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Faith’ inked on his right hand.

Meaning: Erick says that this tattoo is the representation of his ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in Jesus Christ and his blessings over him always.

11. ‘Finger’ Tattoo

Erick finger tattoos

Tattoo: On his right-hand ring and pinky finger, Erick has got a crown and number 10 inked, respectively.

Meaning: Crown is the symbol of victory, power, and triumph.

12. Neck Tattoo

Erick neck writing

Tattoo: ‘Love Process’ tattooed on the right side of his neck.

13. Rose Tattoo

Erick rose tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of love, romance, and affection, is inked on Erick’s left hand.

14. Skull Tattoo

Erick skull tattoo

Tattoo: Erick has got a skull inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: Skull is considered to be the symbol of death and the dead. However, the skull can also be used to symbolize your strength of overcoming all the obstacles and difficulties.

15. ‘Tiger’ Tattoo

Erick Tiger Tattoo

Tattoo: The half face of Tiger tattooed on Erick’s right arm.

Meaning: TIGER tattoo is another symbol of showing your strength, power, and courage.

16. Tribal Tattoo

Erick tribal tatto

Tattoo: Just like his left shoulder and forearm, his right shoulder and arm are also covered with a long tribal design.

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