Caeleb Dressel’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The fastest swimmer in the world in 50m and 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly, Caeleb Dressel, has a remarkable consistency which he improves with every swim from prelims to finals. In addition to two Olympic gold medals, he was the first swimmer to break the 40-second mark in the 100-yard freestyle and the first to go less than 18 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle. He has a highly recognizable style which, is escalated by his tattoos.


1. “Gator” Tattoo On His Left Forearm

Gator Tattoo- caeleb Dressel

Tattoo: Face of an alligator

Meaning: Dressel has inked a gator on his left forearm. The tattoo is beautifully filled with colors. He inked this as in tribute to his alma mater, i.e., his university. The alligator was chosen as the emblem of the University of Florida football team in the early 1900s. The new version of the Florida Gators logo, which was first adopted in 1995, depicts not the whole alligator, but only it’s head. The alligator looks aggressive and attacking due to its open mouth revealing sharp teeth. Tattoo Artist, James Cumberland, has inked this tattoo. Caeleb thanks James on Instagram by captioning the picture as “Always a pleasure to have James Cumberland draw on me. You’re the man, thank you, my boy.”  In an interview, he said, “I wanted to pick something that I connect with on an emotional level — something that I want to carry with me for a lifetime, It turns out, that inspiration has been right in front of my face all along. I think (coach Gregg) Troy is my true spirit animal,”

2. “Eagle” Tattoo His Left Shoulder

Eagle tattoo- Caeleb Dressel

Tattoo: Eagle with the flag of America

Meaning: Caeleb has got eagle tattoo inked on his left shoulder which extends to his left chest area. The Tattoo Artist, James Cumberland again ink the tattoo. The eagle is a symbol of focus and courage. Earlier, this tattoo is beautifully complemented by the flag of America below it, which represents his love and tribute to his country. Now the tattoo has been changed. The flag has been covered with a newer tattoo. This tattoo helps the viewers to easily identify him while competing.

3. “Bear” On His Left Upper Arm

Caeleb Dressel Bear tattoo

Tattoo: Bear

Meaning: Caeleb has bear inked on his left upper arm. “I’ve been searching for the perfect spirit animal that captures my soul, And the eagle just wasn’t that.” He told in an Interview. Tattoo artist, James Cumberland, has inked this tattoo. The bear looks very aggressive in the tat.

4. “Olympic Rings” On His Right Upper Arm

Caeleb Dressel olympic Rings Tattoo

Tattoo: Olympics Rings

Meaning: Caeleb has got colored Olympic rings inked on his Right Forearm. It is a sign of a great reward. James Cumberland has inked this tattoo. Dressel wrote, “some Perfect circles” on his Instagram post.

5. “American Flag” on his Left Forearm

Caeleb Dressel American flag tattoo

Tattoo: Flag of America

Meaning: Caeleb has got the tattoo of the flag of America inked on his right forearm. The flag is colored as the colors of the flag. This shows his love and affection for his country. Again, James Cumberland has inked this tattoo.

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