Joe Hart’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Charles Joseph John Hart is a well-known English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Scottish Premiership club Celtic. John is not new to the field when we talk of body inks and tattoos. It seems to be a side interest of many players. This article of ours shall give you an insight into Joe’s unique body tattoos and their relevance to him.

Joe Hart

1. Tribal Bands on Right Leg

Joe leg tattoo

Tattoo: Joe has got the tribal bands tattooed across his lower right leg.

Tribal tattoos are one way that might relate to different aspects, quite relevant to each individual. It may be symbolic of one’s culture, background, and rich family heritage.

Also, some people relate it to being a popular symbol of protection, power, and strength.

2. Right Arm Armour Tattoo

Joe arm bands tattoo Joe arm armour tattoo

Tattoo: Joe’s right arm is covered with another huge tribal design that is inked more like armor.

Joe got the tattoo in 2019. Acting as his personal shield, the tattoo is undoubtedly a great way to reflect his power and stability.

Joe quoted, ‘You are the man @hanumantra thank you, this is the only time of year I could take this on, so I appreciate you fitting me in and smashing it!!

‘I got my armor on now… let’s see what’s next. Not everyone’s taste, I understand that, but this definitely represents me, and thank you for making it happen.’

3. Thigh Tattoo

Joe thigh tattoo

4. Right Arm Tribal Bands Tattoo

Joe right arm bands tattoo

Tattoo: As if the tribal designs on his leg were not enough, we see some more tribal designs, and they exist on his right forearm.

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