Alyssa Milano’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Alyssa Jayne Milano better known as Alyssa Milano is an American Actress, Singer, and a Producer. She is best known for her roles in the Television Series- Who’s the boss?,  Melrose Place, and Charmed. Let us take a look at the tattoos she has and the meanings behind them.Alyssa Milano

1. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Alyssa Angel with Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: Alyssa’s left leg has the tattoo of an angel with wings who is also holding a cross.

2. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Alyssa Cross Tattoo

Tattoo:  Alyssa’s back contains the tattoo of a cross with rosary beads.

Meaning: This tattoo on Alyssa’s back represents devotion.

3. ‘Rose Band’ Tattoo

Alyssa Rose Band Tattoo

Tattoo: Alyssa’s right ankle is covered with a tattoo of flowers in the shape of a band.

4. ‘Hinduism Symbol’ Tattoo

Alyssa Buddhist Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: The back side of her neck contains a tattoo of the Buddhist symbol for HUM.

Meaning: Alyssa got this tattoo because she practices the teachings of Buddhism

5. ‘Fairy’ Tattoo

Alyssa Fairy Tattoo

Tattoo: Alyssa’s belly has the tattoo of a fairy who is kneeling down with grass and flowers.

6. ‘The Snake Ring’ Tattoo

Alyssa Snake Ring Tattoo

Tattoo: The underside of her right wrist has the tattoo of a purple and green snake biting its own tail.

Meaning: This tattoo represents the circle of death and rebirth.

7. ‘Hindu Symbol’ Tattoo

Alyssa Hindu Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: The underside of her left wrist contains the symbol “Om” from Hinduism.

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