Kaia Gerber’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Seventeen years old, Kaia Gerber is in the footprints of the 90’s model Cindy Crawford which makes a total sense considering that’s her mom. She has an accurate sense of fashion and style which has attracted an enormous number of followers across the world. She even represents a beauty line, Yves Saint Laurent. She is a clear fashion icon to follow. Let’s take a look at her little tattoos.

Kaia Gerber

1. “Jordan” on her Left Upper Arm

Kaia Gerber Jordan tattoo

Tattoo: Jordan

Meaning: Kaia has got the inner side of her left upper arm inked with the Jordan. Jordan is her middle name. The ink is in beautiful cursive handwriting. She wrote, “just coming on here to say I don’t think enough people talk about the weather these days” on her Instagram post, revealing her new tattoo. This tattoo is inked by Tattoo Artist, Rafael Valdez, on October 2018, who confirmed that she has gotten inked. This is her first tattoo.

2. Rocket Tattoo on her Ankle

Kaia Gerber rocket tattoo

Tattoo:  Rocket Tattoo

Meaning: Kaia has got her right upper thigh inked with a little rocket tattoo done with simple black ink.

3. Lady with a bird on her Left Elbow

Kaia Lady with a bird tattoo

Tattoo: Lady with a Bird

Meaning: Arm tattoos are undoubtedly a favored choice, and rightfully so. They offer the convenience of being both easily displayed and concealed, particularly when situated on the inside of the arm. In this instance, the tattoo (crafted by JonBoy once again) is positioned just above Gerber’s left elbow, depicting a recreation of a Picasso sketch.

4. “I know” tattoo on her Left Wrist

Kaia Gerber i know tattoo

Tattoo: I KNOW

Meaning: Kaia again got a miniature tattoo on her left wrist. The tattoo is somewhat unclear, but it may be a little sentence that says, “I know” with a red line over it.

5. An Angel/Eros Tattoo on her Left Ribcage

Kaia Gerber's eros tattoo

Tattoo: Eros/Angel

Meaning: Gerber has got her left ribcage inked with an angel/eros design tattoo. She showed this tattoo on her Instagram and Twitter posts while sunbathing. She captioned this picture “the holidays will do that to you.” The tattoo is too subtle and elegant to notice.

6. Number 23 Tattoo on Elbow

Kaia Gerber's 23 tattoo

If you examine the model’s elbow carefully, you’ll notice figure 23 etched into her skin. Despite its simplicity, the design complements her preference for understated tattoos.

7. Anatomical Heart Tattoo on Her Right Forearm

Kaia Gerber's anatomical heart tattoo

For her right forearm ink, Gerber opted for a distinctive and intricate variation of the conventional heart symbol. Executed by JonBoy in September 2019, this tattoo portrays a red anatomical heart. Although Gerber’s tattoos are predominantly black, this piece and her “I Know” tattoo suggest a fondness for red ink as well.

8. Interlocking Arms with Heart on Shoulder

Kaia Gerber's hugging hands

At the start of 2020, Gerber unveiled a duo of fresh tattoos, both masterminded by renowned artist Evan Tattoo. The initial piece is another exclusive interpretation of a heart tattoo, exhibiting a woman embracing her torso. Through some imaginative sketching choices, the design ultimately resembles a heart and resides on her right shoulder.

9. Floral Tattoo on Wrist

Kaia Gerber's Floral tattoo

One can view Gerber’s second choice: a delicate floral pattern situated on the inside of her left wrist which was done along with the interlocking arms tattoo.

10. “444” Tattoo on Her Right Arm

Kaia Gerber's 444 tattoo

She has a small 444 tattoo on her right elbow done with simple black ink.

11. Solemate Tattoo with Cara Delevigne on her Foot


Kaia and Cara’s friendship is undeniably adorable, and their recent matching tattoos add to their charm. Kaia gave a birthday shoutout to Cara on her Instagram story and shared that they had both gotten “solemate” ink on the side of their feet. The gesture is heartwarming and makes me want to get matching tattoos with my own best friend.

12. ‘Prez’ on her Shoulder

Kaia Gerber's prez tattoo
Kaia has a small ‘Prez’ written on her shoulder in simple black ink.

13. ‘Silent Madness’ on Ankle

Kaia Gerber's Silent Madness Tattoo
Kaia has a tattoo right above the back of her ankle that says ‘Silent Madness.’

14. Matching Tattoo with Charlotte Lawrence

In a Vogue interview, close friends Gerber and Charlotte Lawrence discussed their numerous matching tattoos, which they rarely reveal on social media. Among them are Eros, a mermaid, and a glass of wine. They even have small line drawings of each other’s breasts inked on their skin.

15. ‘Strawberry Fields’ on Back

Kaia Gerber's Strawberry Field Tattoo
Kaia has ‘Strawberry Fields’ written on her back which we are guessing is a reference to the song by The Beatles.

16. Wine Glass Tattoo

Kaia has a secret wine glass tattoo on her body.

17. The Year of her Birth – ‘1999’ on Ankle

Kaia Gerber's 1999 tattoo

Since Kaia was born in the year 1999, she has had it inked on the back side of her ankle.

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