19 Amazing Mosaic Tattoo Ideas With Meanings

Mosaics have been pretty much popular since the time being and are thriving in shells, stones, and glasses. The formulation of a cool artistic design through small bits and pieces and ultimately creating a masterpiece subtly defines the art of mosaic. The whole design is based on small fragments and that’s why they are so vital. It signifies that only drop by drop can a sea form, like merging of the smaller pieces to something larger than life. Can you remember where can you find most mosaic designs? It’s the churches, mosques, and synagogues that are adorned with the mosaic art form. That’s probably why they are connected to the spiritual world too.

If you seek to intensify your plain old tattoo, the mosaic is a great way to do that. It takes art to the next level. So mosaic designs are great for men and women who pay attention to the details, for the whole, minute intricacies are important. Mosaics are definitely attractive for those who adore geometric designs and modern art forms. Both black and white, and colorful patterns look super cool if done in mosaic. Another trending way is to mix two kinds of art forms. For example, only one half of your tattoo can be mosaic. The other one could be just plain black and white outline. It provides the whole design with great irony and twist.

Mosaic tattoos are a welcoming visual to the eyes and so we’ve created a list of 20 Amazing Mosaic tattoo designs with their meanings especially to get you through your search for the perfect design! Read on.

  • Daniel and the Lions

mosaic tattoo

There’s a story behind Danie and the Lions if you already didn’t know about it.  Daniel is promoted to high office by his royal lord, Darius the Mede. Although his jealous enemies trick Darius into announcing a decree which condemns any sort of prayer to any god or man but Darius for thirty days. The punishment for this was to be thrown into the lion’s den. Nonetheless, Daniel continued to pray to God and the king. Deeply distressed, the king had to condemn Daniel to death. The next morning, the king hurries to ask about Daniel’s situation to which Daniel replied that he was saved by an angel who closed the jaws of the lion, “because I was found blameless before him (God).”  The king orders for the tricksters to be condemned to death with their families.

This tattoo pattern shows with Daniel and the lions through color stained glass engraved on the leg. It evokes the memories of being in a cathedral, doesn’t it? So if you’re strongly spiritual, this design will look formidable to showcase your faith.

  • Elephant Face

mosaic tattoo

In its most general meaning, elephants stand for strength and power. It also stands for patience and perseverance. They are usually very calm creatures unless some sort of threat is imposed on them. Besides being significant, elephants are very fashionable these days when it comes to getting it inked on your body part. The chest or the back are two great options to reproduce something so humongous. This elephant even has a third eye, which is actually quite chic and hippie. The red tone enhances the whole design to a great extent.

  • Blue Cat

mosaic tattoo

This cat looks quite unique in mosaic form. The blue color is pretty distinctive, but it’s a good color choice if you’re not into anything loud. The gree eyes of the feline resonates pretty well with the blue overalls. This is a highly charming design for your triceps. In case you already have a pet cat, this one can serve as an offering to your little friend.

  • Owl Designs

mosaic tattoo

Owls are known to be found only in the darkness, which consolidates alchemy, occultism, and witchcraft. Now, something that relates to the night is the moon, surprisingly, being a nightcrawler, to which owls are also associated. It, therefore, becomes a representative of the feminine energy and fertility with the moon’s phases of regeneration. Even the mythology holds evidence that relates owl to wisdom and femininity.

  • Full Back Mosaic Tattoo

mosaic tattoo

This tattoo design looks like it has directly been copied from a church’s wall to this guy’s back. The full-back mosaic is a prototype of the grandeur. It is so intricate that it would have required a lot of patience and detailing on the part of both the tattoo artist and the wearer. Although when done, the end result looks magnificent. This pattern is totally inspired by Christian tattoo designs.

  • Cute Elephant Tattoo Design

mosaic tattoo

Elephants are known to have a strong metaphorical meaning all over the earth and are perceived as a symbol of good luck, vitality, success, wisdom, and adventure. For the reason that elephants are extremely social animals, just like human beings, they are also considered to be a representative of loyalty, intimacy, and solidarity. However, this particular tattoo pattern shows off the whole animal imprinted with multiple different designs. The mandala behind the head gives its such a profound look. What stands out is the gem-like stone on the top of his head.

  • Face Mosaic

mosaic tattoo

This pattern is quite peculiar as compared to the other designs. It can have infinite applications according to your own individual perception. For me, it means that something is missing or probably that the person is unsure about something. The one eye that is visible is quite realistic looking.

  • Mysterious Wolf Design

mosaic tattoo

Many people engrave wolf patterns on their bodies because it looks extremely cool and the wolf, in general, is an animal that is quite fierce and represents courage. Wolf is a representation of guardianship, custom, integrity, and a kindred character. Wolf has the capacity to secure swift and strong sentimental attachments, and frequently need to commit to their own drives. Thus they motivate us to follow them likewise, to commit to our souls and brains and have authority over our own lives. Additionally, the wolf has always been correlated with occultism and the mosaic effect does nothing but adds much more mysticism to the whole design.

  • Crocodile Design

mosaic tattoo

This mosaic Crocodile looks amazing as if it’ll pounce right out of a waterbody. The square mosaic looks as if it can be a great pattern for tiles too. The blue, green, yellow and pink colors resonate well with each other and make a great contrast.

  • Mosaic Peace Design

mosaic tattoo

Mosaic Peace Sign Tattoo looks quite fashionable. The beautiful colors compliment the peace symbol which has a black background. The vines that are entwined on the peace symbol connects it with the theme of nature. You can add some flowers too if you like. In fact, the mosaic effect resembles the petals of a flower already.

  • Roaring Panther Mosaic Tattoo

mosaic tattoo

The roaring Mosaic panther face tattoo on the chest looks quite exquisite. It is such a majestic looking design and the mosaic effect adds a little artistic touch to it. Symbolically, it has been associated with a spirit animal for ages and people always look up to its energy and strength. They also dreaded this magnificent creature because of its breathtaking aura. The blood dripping from his mouth gives it a profound effect.

  • Mosaic Cat Outline on the Back

mosaic tattoo

This is a very simple design pattern which does not involve any sort of thick lines or extravagant patterns. The back is a good placement idea for the pair as it has ample space. It is a neat piece.

  • Elephant Design on the Forearm

mosaic tattoo

A small mosaic elephant design looks quite trendy. It actually represents the hippie and the wild spirit in you. The forearm is such a great place for a beautiful tattoo like this as it is quite a noticeable spot. The detailing on it is quite splendid. The forehead of the elephant has a yin and yang symbol incorporated into it.

  • Colorful Fish Symbol

mosaic tattoo

The koi fish design looks quite vibrant and colorful. The size of the tattoo makes the back a perfect placement idea. Koi Fish, in Japan, stands for a good destiny or fate. Besides, they also are connected with determination in troubled times and strength of purpose. Hence, in the rest of the world, the Koi fish signify good luck, wealth, and perseverance. It holds great significance in Buddhism too as it represents courage.

  • Mosaic Heart

mosaic tattoo

The heart represents kindness and peace, in addition, to stand for its traditional meaning of love and affection. This heart tattoo is made up of fragments of many triangles and rhombus put together, but inside too, it is filled in by a variety of colorful patterns to add to the mosaic effect.

  • Lizard Tattoo

mosaic tattoo

If you are into the creepy stuff, then this tattoo is the right choice for you. Surely, getting the lizard tattooed on yourself is a unique idea. The colors, however, are the only vibrant part of this whole design.

  • Mosaic Snake Tattoo Design

mosaic tattoo

Historically speaking, serpents and reptiles typify potency or an artistic spirit force. As snakes are known to shed their hide through sloughing, they become a great symbol of resurrection, transformation, timelessness, and healing. Besides the simple snake design, one can opt for an ouroboros pattern which is much significant than a simple snake pattern. The ouroboros is representative of immortality and constant rebirth of life. This snake design in the picture is done with the black ink which gives it a gothic, yet classic vibe. You can also choose to have different colors incorporated into this design since a mosaic design looks great when myriad color shades are utilized.

  • Rose Amidst A Mandala

mosaic tattoo

This is a cool design covering your whole arm and shoulder. The amazing mandala pattern looks beautiful and inside it, a blue rose is embedded. The royal blue color gives it a majestic look. You can notice a few black fillings on the outer area, but the whole tattoo is mostly done in a monotone of blue. The whole tattoo looks like an amalgamation of different designs and patterns clubbed to make one great masterpiece.

  • Mosaic Buddha

mosaic tattoo

This mosaic Buddha looks uber cool in the tattoo form. The most amazing part about this design is the intricacy involved in it. Besides the beauty of this tattoo pattern, Buddha is symbolic of many things. Firstly, the pedagogy established by the Buddha is identified, in English, as Buddhism. So, if you believe in the doctrines of Buddhism, this could be a great design to commemorate your intentions. A Buddha is the one who has achieved Bodhi; and by Bodhi is indicated enlightenment, an exemplary state of cerebral and moral supremacy which can be also be obtained by men through wholly human means. The word, ‘Buddha’ literally signifies the informed one, a knower. Hence, if you have a thirst for knowledge, this design will be an acute representation of your personality.

Coming to the end of the list, we have provided you with 19 amazing mosaic tattoo designs. Whichever design that you choose, you must remember that getting inked is a permanent thing and a lot of research must go behind choosing an appropriate design. So, good luck with that.

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