Kitty Core’s 33 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kitty Core, born in Magdeburg, is a famous German pornographic actress who has also been the German award winner as an adult entertainer and alternative model. Apart from acting in multiple porn movies, Kitty is known to have worked with multiple international brands and is, rather, a mainstay on German television. Kitty is a professional in her field but, when it comes to her body, she is way too famous for the beautiful tattoos that adorn her body from top to bottom.

Kitty Core

“I have so many tattoos and yes, at times they do cause pain while the process but, its like an addiction for me, I keep on looking for a vacancy on my body and keep adding them.”

Kitty Core

Kitty Core tattoos

1. Leg Tattoos

Kitty leg tattoos

2. German Writing Tattoo

Kitty tattoo writing on bum

Kitty writing on bum

Tattoo: On her left buttocks, Kitty has got german writing tattooed that can be read as, ‘schöne grüße aus dem osten’.

Meaning: The lines when translated into English stand for, “greetings from the east.”

3. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Kitty butterfly with initials tattoo

Kitty left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On her left hand, there is a pink-coloured skull butterfly tattooed along with two initials as, ‘D’ and ‘K’. The skull butterfly is a combination of two aspects i.e. a skull that is placed in the centre of the butterfly body, and the butterfly, being the other.

Meaning: The skull butterfly is symbolic of the circle of life and death. Skull is the symbol of death, evil, and mortality whereas the butterfly on the flipside is the symbol of fresh beginnings, new life, and thus, the circle of life.

4. Flowers Tattoo

Kitty flowers on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On Kitty’s right forearm, there are pinkish flowers tattooed along with tiny flying birds.

Meaning: Birds are symbolic of freedom and independence. They are the most precious beings as believed by humans and reflect the beauty of nature. The flowers on the other hand are the link between heaven and earth and represent the fresh beginnings, love, family, friendships, and important symbol of natural beauty and love between two people.

5. Skull Tattoo

Kitty left leg tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge sugar skull tattooed on Kitty’s left leg.

Meaning: Sugar Skull is the way of honouring and celebrating the love for the departed souls of your life, i.e. your ancestors and loved ones. Some people also regard them as the token of reflection for the rebirth into the next stage of life and the way to remove the negativity and all the negative aspects of death.

6. Skull on Chest

Kitty skull on chest tattoo

Tattoo: Kitty has got a skull tattooed on her right boob.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of dead, death, evil, and mortality. However, what not many of us know is the fact that the skull is also a way to overcome the hard phases and difficulties of life with confidence. Skull reflects the strong personality trait of Kitty and her acceptance of the fact that death is inevitable and thus, we should we keep enjoying our life to the fullest.

7. Skull caught in Spider Web

Kitty right leg skull tattoo

Kitty spider web tattoo4

Tattoo: On her right leg, Kitty wears a permanent ink that shows a spider-web and a skull entangled into the web.

Meaning: Spider-web shows the time spent by the person in the jail. However, it is not true in all cases. Some people get spider web to reflect traits like patience, passive-aggressiveness, and reflectiveness. Skulls are used to enhance the feature of mortality, death, fear in the very meaning of the spider web tattoos.

8. Forehead Tattoo

Kitty tattoos on head

Tattoo: On the right side of her head, Kitty has got two dandelions tattooed.

Meaning: Dandelions symbolise rebirth and resilience. The tattoo choice tells us about the innocence and the pure nature of Kitty. Also, it might also be the means to swiftly move from her past in the hope for a better future.

9. Thigh Tattoo

Kitty thigh design Kitty thigh tattoo piece

10. Spongebob Tattoo

Kitty spongebob series tattoo

Kitty spongebob series tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her stomach, Kitty has got a weird tattoo representation that includes SpongeBob and Patrick, the main characters from a famous cartoon series from Network: Nickelodeon involved in a sexual act. Alongside both of them, we can also see Squidward standing.

11. Stomach Tattoo

Kitty stomach tattoo

12. Lower Abdomen Tattoo

Kitty tattoo on lower abdomen

Kitty lower abdomen tattoo

Kitty tattoo on lower abdomen

Tattoo: On Kitty’s lower abdomen, prominently on her pubic area too, there is an outlined spider tattoo inked across her lower body.

Meaning: A spider can be shaped into multiple designs when it comes to its use in body tattoos. A spider is the symbol of fertility, harmony, balance, and wisdom.

13. Bushes and Leaves on Bum

Kitty tattoo on right bum

14. Serpent Tattoo

Kitty back tattoo

Tattoo: On the centre of her back, Kitty has got a huge tattoo of a hissing cobra.

Meaning: A hissing cobra or a Japanese snake tattoo is the symbol of protection against evil and bad luck. Coincidently, it is also believed to be the token of good luck, strength, and transformation in life.

15. Skull with bow

Kitty skull on arm tattoo

Kitty bow tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, Kitty has a skull with a pink bow tattoo and we can also see the number 85 inked in the centre of the bow. The skull is symbolic of strength and the ability to overcome the difficulties of life besides being the symbol of creepy nature and death. The number 85 reflects Kitty’s birth year as she was born on 11 February 1985.

16. Christian Tattoo

Kitty Christian tattoo

17. Dice Tattoo

Kitty dice tattoo

Tattoo: There are tattoos of rolling dice on Kitty’s left upper arm. Also, there are some numbers including 15, 3, and 63 inked on the sides of the dice.

Meaning: Rolling Dice are the symbols of good luck. They represent the risk-taking capability of the tattoo wearer and thus, the means to bring good fortune.

18. Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

Kitty eye tattoo

Tattoo: A blue evil eyes, the symbol of protection against the bad and warding of the evil spirits, is tattooed o kitty’s right leg.

19. Eyebrow Tattoo

Kitty eyebrow tattoo

20. Back Tattoo

Kitty flower bale tattoo

21. Skull with Frog on Head Tattoo

Kitty frog and skull tattoo

Tattoo: On Kitty’s right leg, there is a very strange tattoo that shows us a skull with a frog on its head.

Meaning: Frog and skull are two opposite means which when combined hold a great relevance. The frog is symbolic of great transformations in life whereas the skull is the means to help the tattoo wearer to be courageous enough to overcome the hardships of life. Thus, a skull with a frog head is believed to be the symbol of positive life-transforming aspects.

22. Hanging Skulls Tattoo

Kitty hanging skulls tattoo

Tattoo: Hanging skulls, the symbol of protecting the tattoo wearer from the negative natural aspects of life, are tattooed on the inner side of Kitty’s left upper arm.

23. Kitty Tattoo

Kitty kitty tattoo

Tattoo: A semi-naked Kitty is tattooed on Kitty’s left bicep.

24. Tattoo on Right Arm

Kitty left wrist tattoo

25. Viva La Vida Tattoo

Kitty neck writing tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the upper side of her chest, Kitty has got the words, ‘Viva la Vida’ inked. This is a popular Spanish phrase that stands for ‘Long Live Life‘ when translated into english.

26. Tiger Print Tattoo

Kitty paw prints tattoo

27. Portrait on Arm

Kitty portrait on arm tattoo

28. Portrait on Chest

Kitty portrait on boobs tatoo

29. Portrait on Thigh

Kitty portrait tattoo

30. Skull with leaves on Arm

Kitty right arm tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her right arm is the skull tattoo which is surrounded by flowers, leaves, and flying birds in multiple directions. The skull with leaves is symbolic of the fact that the tattoo wearer is solely an independent person who lives her life based upon her own rules and follows her own path.

31. Red Rose Tattoo

Kitty rose on shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: This red rose sits on the head of the skull that is inked on Kitty’s right arm. Skull is the symbol of death whereas the rose, is the symbol of love, unconditional romance and faith. This is the most unique combination which is actually like by tattoo lovers like Kitty, who believe in getting meanfinful pieces done on their body.

32. Skull and Roses Tattoo

Kitty skull and flowers on neck tattoo

Tattoo: Across her neck, Kitty has got another skull tattooed along with the roses on all sides.

Meaning: Skull with roses represents the two opposite forces of this universe i.e. the evil vs bad and good vs bad and thus, the struggle between beautiful and the hard times of our lives.

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