Mia Blow’s 47 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Mia Blow is a well-known name on the list of top adult entertainers. Mia began her career as an adult female star in the year 2017. Since then, her followers have been increasing every minute. But, a big reason for her popularity is her body tattoos. Mia has got a huge number of inks done on her body, covering her arms and legs. Let us explore her tattoos and see what meanings do they hold.

Mia Blow

1. Portrait on Thigh

Mai portrait on thigh

2. Pineapple Skull Tattoo

Mai skull and rose tattoo

Tattoo: On her right leg, Mia has got the Tattoo of a pineapple skull.

Meaning: Skull-Pineapple tattoos are a common choice if the tattoo wearer wishes to pay tribute to a loved one who is no more. Some people also get pineapple skulls to reflect themselves as a rebel who wishes to live her life, abiding by the self-made rules of living her own life.

Skull is the symbol of bad, evil, and death. Some people also consider the skull as the symbol of overcoming the difficult stages of life with confidence and courage. In contrast, the pineapple, on the other hand, represents familiarity and is also believed to be a best friend or a couple of Tattoo.

3. Angel with Wings Tattoo

Mia angel tattoo

Tattoo: Covering beautifully is the Tattoo of an angel with its wings spread over her left shoulder.

Meaning:  Angel tattoos are the source of guidance and guardianship. Angels are the most precious beings and are believed to be the harbingers of good luck and fortune. They also symbolize innocence, hope, love, and goodness.

4. Tattoo on Right Arm

Mia arm tattoo

5. Back Tattoo

Mia back ink illustration Mia back tattoo

Tattoo: Mia’s back is a magnificent art piece that shows us a female pirate skull surrounded by roses on the sides. On the bottom, we can see guns and roses.

Meaning: The pirate skull reflects the idea of the tattoo wearer towards living her life. The idea that focuses upon living a free-willed life, being a rebel, and literally on edge. The roses, along with the skull, usually represent the cold skull which is the reflection of the balance between two opposite forces, i.e., evil and good, and thus, the cycle of life and death.

Guns and roses on the bottom are a perfect combination which tells us that the tattoo wearer is a strong and powerful beauty who possesses all the spirits to kill her enemies but with beauty.

So? We love this perfect Tattoo on Mia’s body that regards her as a Destructive Beauty!

7. Three Black Bands Tattoo

Mia bands tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding her mid-left thigh is the Tattoo of three black bands inked horizontally on the left thigh.

Meaning: Three black bands inked in bold on Mia’s body symbolize the uniformity that is found in this universe. The meaning behind three maybe three important things, three important events, or three important persons of Mia’s life. Three bold, thick, black lines wrap around the arm or leg or any other body part. Some people get black bands to pay tribute to a lost loved one or to reflect the strong side of their personality.

8. Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo

Mia barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: On Mia’s left bicep, there is a barbed wire tattoo.

Meaning: The barbed wire is the reflection of the ‘ENDLESS’ aspect of life. Mia’s choice for this Tattoo tells us about her vibe, which is actually badass!! It can also mean that the person has Italian roots or might have some time in prison at some point in their lives.

Some people also get the barbed wire to reflect the past times of their life, which were complex and full of struggles.

9. Bow with words Tattoo 

Mia bow tattoo

Tattoo: Mia has got a big bow inked on her extreme lower back, placed on her hip-bone area with the words, ‘Viva La Vida.’ The Tattoo stands for Long Live Life.

10. Butterfly Tattoo

Mia butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: Across her left ankle, Mia has got the Tattoo of a butterfly designed with some flowers.

Meaning: Butterfly is the beautiful creation and the reflection of natural beauty. It stands for beauty, fresh beginnings, freedom, and transformation in life. It is also symbolic of feminine beauty, romantic love, and commitment.

11. Cross Tattoo

Mia cross tattoo

Tattoo: Mia has got a tiny cross inked on her left hand’s ring finger.

Meaning: Cross tattoo represents that Mia is a Roman Catholic and beliefs in Christianity and its practice. It is a holy symbol of Christians and is symbolic of the unconditional love and the sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity. Thus, Mia’s devotion to Jesus Christ and his blessings.

12. Leg Tattoo

Mia design on left knee tattoo

13. Diamond Tattoo

Mia diamond tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, Mia has a diamond tattoo.

Meaning: Diamond is the sole reflector of strength, power, inner beauty, and invincibility. People get a diamond to reflect themselves and their nature of being beautiful inside out. Thus, reflecting “true beauty is found on the inside.”

14. Symbols on Left Hand Fingers

Mia finger tattoos

Tattoo: Across her left-hand fingers’, Mia has got a tiny dollar symbol inked along with a tiny cross.

Meaning: Dollar sign tattoo also indicates that the wearer is committed to happiness and knows that money can not buy everything. This is a very ironic attitude towards money. Usually, collecting wealth and money is also associated with things such as status and power.

15. Rose with a dagger Tattoo

Mia flowers and dagger tattoo

Tattoo: On Mia’s left front leg, there is a magnificent tattoo of a dagger piercing through a rose.

Meaning: Rose and dagger are another great combination in the world of tattoos and body art. Rose is the universal symbol of love, romance, and unconditional love. The dagger represents the dark side, betrayal, and heartbreak on the flipside. A dagger inked piercing through a rose symbolizes the pain the person might have experienced due to the painful heartbreak.

16. Flowers on Left Leg

Mia foot tattoo

Tattoo: Flowers, the token of friendship, love, guidance, hope, freshness, and enlightenment, are inked o the left leg of Mia.

17. FUCK/LOVE YOU Tattoo


Tattoo: FUCK/LOVE YOU is tattooed on the back side of Mia’s right thigh.

18. Skull shaped like a Joker

Mia joker tattoo

Tattoo: Skull is the symbol of death, evil, and mortality. We see a Halloween skull on Mia’s left inner leg. The Halloween skull is the best way to represent a “laughing in the face of death and danger” attitude of the tattoo wearer.

19. Skull King and Queen Tattoos

Mia king and queen of hearts tattoo

Tattoo: On her left thigh, Mia has got a pair of skull king and queen tattooed.

Meaning: The crowned king symbolizes power and authority; however, when shaped in the form of a skull, it continuously reminds the tattoo wearer that she needs to be careful while exercising her power and be cautious of being power-hungry.

20. Left Leg Tattoos

Mia leg tattoos

21. Love & Hate Tattoo 

Mia Love Hate Tattoo

Tattoo: Under her left boob, Mia has got the Tattoo of the words, ‘Love & Hate’

22. ‘love yourself’ Tattoo

Mia love yourself tattoo

Tattoo: As a continuous reminder to love herself, Mia has got the Tattoo of the words ‘love yourself‘ inked on the inner side of her left forearm.

23. ‘With Love’ Tattoo

Mia My Love tattoo

Tattoo: On her left inner bicep, there is another writing tattoo that says, ‘with love‘.

24. Chetah Print Tattoo

Mia patterns on arm

Tattoo: On her left forearm, Mia has got elaborate tattoo designs of the cheetah animal skin.

Meaning: Cheetah skin print on the persons’ body or on female dresses is the way to signify confidence, powerful nature, sexuality, and independent nature of the tattoo wearer, i.e., Mia.

25. Portrait on Right Arm

Mia portrait on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, Mia has got the Tattoo of her own portrait inked. It is the perfect representation of her beautiful face.

26. Portrait of a girl with Cheetah on Head

Mia portrait on thigh tattoo Mia portrait with tiger head tattoo

Tattoo: On her left inner upper leg, there is a tattoo of the face of a woman, a tiger face, and a rose.

27. Right Arm Tattoo 

Mia right arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, there are angel wings along with some lines. Angels are the symbol of guidance, hope, and protection against the evils that might hit you.

28. Portrait on Right Thigh

Mia right thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right thigh, there is a tattoo of a lady with a headdress.

Meaning: The female tattoos with headdresses are an important significance of the feminine power, honor, respect, heritage, and leadership.

29. ‘Drama Queen’ Tattoo

Mia rose on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her left wrist, Mia has got the Tattoo of the words, ‘Drama Queen.’

30. Rose on Arm

Mia rose on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big rose inked on Mia’s left bicep.

Meaning: A rose tattoo stands for the love, the love between couples, and even for family. It represents the beauty of emotions that binds two people together, and no other thing n this world can replicate its beauty. Some people also get a rose Tattoo to symbolize love for the loved one who is no more alive.

31. Rose with Angel Tattoo

Mia rose on chest tattoo

The wings represent your guardian angel. You can also get angel wings in the memory of a lost loved one.

32. Shaded rose on the left leg

Mia rose on leg tattoo

33. Rose on Right Leg Tattoo

Mia roses and feather on thigh tattoo

34. Writing on shoulder

Mia shoulder banner tattoo

35. Skull with Rose Tattoo

Mia skull and rose on thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Towards her left upper thigh, quite close to her waistline, is the Tattoo of a skull with a rose in mouth.

Meaning: The skull is symbolic of death, evil, and mortality, whereas the rose symbolizes beauty, love, and friendship. The skull and rose are the means to reflect two opposite forces of this universe i.e., the good and the bad. It is more like instilling joyfulness into the cold skull, which no more than the symbol of death

36. Skull on Hand

Mia skull on hand tattoo

Tattoo: On her left hand, Mia has got another skull inked which also carries her name, MIA, inked right above the skull.

Meaning: The human skull tattoo is the universal symbol of the inevitable aspect, i.e., death.

Mia has got multiple skulls inked all over her body. This is nothing but a reflection of the fact that she is a daring, bold, and chill-out personality ready to accept her death/fate as when it has to come. In all, she is not afraid of death and thus, believes in living her life to the fullest.

37. Rose on Knee Tattoo

Mia skull on knee tattoo

Mia skull on right knee tattoo

38. Skull with headdress Tattoo

Mia skull on left upper thigh tattoo

39. Skull on Left Leg

Mia skull on leg tattoo

40. ‘Smile Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

Mia smile now cry later masks tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her left thigh is another interesting tattoo of the masks; smile now, cry later.

Meaning: The masks of ‘smile now, cry later‘ represent the hardships of one’s life. It is the simple representation of the fact that the person should live their life freely without worrying about the consequences.

41. Snakes and Flowers Tattoo

Mia snake and rose tattoo

Tattoo: Going from her shoulder to her lower back, Mia has got a huge tattoo piece that depicts snakes and roses.

Meaning: The rose is the symbol of love, purity, beauty, and friendship, whereas the snake wrapped around the rose is the representation of the blinding passion for money. It is more like corrupting the perfection of the beauty of the rose, and thus, the eternity with its evil nature.

42. ‘Talk Dirty To Me.’

Mia talk dirty to me tattoo

Tattoo: On her left buttocks, Mia has got the words, ‘Talk dirty to me’ inked.

43. Thigh Tattoo

Mia thigh portrait tattoo Mia thigh tattoo

44. Tattoos on Left Inner Thigh

Mia thigh tattoos

45. Writing on Shoulder

Mia writing on chest tattoo

46. Writing on Back Tattoo

Mia writing on shoulder

47. Writing on Leg

Mia writing on thigh tattoo

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