Marcelo Brozović’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marcelo Brozović a Croatian professional is a footballer who plays as a midfielder for Italian club Inter Milan. He began his professional play on 24 July 2010. Marcelo has represented his country in FIFA World Cup in 2014 and 2018 and also in UEFA Euro in the year 2016. Just like many other football players, Marcelo is also known to be a big tattoo lover which is evident from his body inks too. Let us see what tattoos he has and the interesting stories behind them.
Marcelo Brozovic

1. ‘Epic Brozo’ symbol Tattoo

Marcelo emoji Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left hand, Marcelo has an epic Brozo emoji/symbol inked.

Meaning: The so-called Epic brozo symbol is actually the winking smiley which Marcelo got inked on his left hand to celebrate his goal victory. Not only this, but he also opened a bar named Epic Brozo Caffe Bar in his hometown, Croatian. The same smiley has been used as the brand image for the bar.

2. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

Marcelo Praying Hands Tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcelo’s left bicep there is a tattoo of praying hands.

Meaning: Praying hands are mostly the symbol of showing the person’s religious beliefs and views i.e. Christianity. Marcelo is a staunch believer of Jesus Christ and this tattoo tells us about his faith in continuous prayers and God to seek God’s blessings.

3. ‘4 ACE of Cards’ Tattoo

Marcelo Ace of Cards Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcelo’s left inner forearm is inked with four ‘Ace of Cards’ overlapping each other.

Meaning: Ace of cards is considered to the highest of the lot. ‘Four Ace of cards’ is the symbol of showing courage, power, victory, and most importantly good luck.

4. ‘Stars’ Tattoo

Marcelo shaded stars Tattoo

Tattoo: His left arm is inked with few stars located at different places on his left arm.

Meaning Stars are another symbol of showing closeness with God and destiny-divine relationship that the person shares with God. Stars are considered to be the guiding lights apart from the belief that they signify the fight against darkness.

5. ‘Quote’ Tattoo

Marcelo writing on bicep tattoo

6. Banner with words

Marcelo quote on bicep

Tattoo: On his left shoulder we can see a banner carrying some words written inside that can be read as ‘Gospel is an

event for…”

7. ’11’ Tattoo

Marcelo 11 Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left middle arm there is number 11 inked.
Meaning: This tattoo signifies Marcelo’s team number i.e. 11 since he is the Midfielder for Croatia national football team.

8. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Marcelo All Seeing Eye Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his right forearm we can see a huge ‘Eye’ tattoo.
Meaning: Eye tattoo can simply be used as the symbol of your vision and belief in life. It totally depends upon the wearer as to what he wants to signify through his tattoo. It can mean his clear thinking, vision, smartness, and the forward-looking towards life. Apart from this, a person can also consider this tattoo as the ‘all-seeing eye’ which symbolizes that the person holds great faith in God and thus, wishes to live his life under God’s direction and guidance.

9. ‘Flying Birds’ Tattoo

Marcelo flying bird ink

Marcelo Flying Birds Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right arm there are two tiny black birds inked.

Meaning: Blackbirds are the symbol of high intelligence, power, intellectual vision, and closeness to God.

10. Clock Tattoo

Marcelo clock Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right inner forearm there is a masterpiece inked. It shows us a clock stopped at 2:15. Above the clock, we can see a banner that carries the date “10-04-2017”. Below the clock, we can see a baby hand inked.

Meaning: This tattoo denotes his love for his daughter, Aurora Benzoivic who was born on 10th April 2017. The clock’s time shows the time when she came into this world. Aurora was born after one year of Macrelo’s marriage to Silvija Lihtar in 2016.

11. Son’s Name Tattoo

Marcelo Rafael Tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right wrist, Marcelo has got his son (Rafael Bronzovic’s) first name inked. Rafael is his second child with his wife, Silvija Lihtar with whom he tied the knot in 2016. Rafael was born to the couple in October 2019.

12. ‘Football with Crown’ Tattoo

Marcelo Football Tattoo

Tattoo: This is one of his favorite tattoos. The football with a crown is inked on his left forearm.

Meaning: Football denotes Marcelo’s professional career and his love for the game i.e. Football. However, the crown on the top of football tattoo is meant to honor his own victories that he has gained till date and also, the ones he wishes to acquire in the future. in the game, professionally.

13. ‘Always Believe’ Tattoo

Marcelo hand writing Tattoo

Tattoo: The words, ‘Always Believe’ are inked on his left hand.

Meaning: As we already know that Marcelo is a religious person and believes strongly in God and his blessings. Thus, this is another tattoo that proves his strong devotion towards God.

14. Alphabets on Fingers

Marcelo letters on left Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: His left-hand fingers are inked with the alphabets that can be read as, ‘A, S, R, I’.

Meaning: The alphabets denote the initial letters of the first names of his family members. Beginning from his pinky finger the first is the letter, ‘A’ for his daughter ‘Aurora’, then the letter ‘S’ for his mother ‘Sanja Bronzovic’ and wife ‘Silvija Lihtar’, ‘R’ for his son, ‘Rafael’, and on his thumb, we can see the letter ‘I’ for his father, ‘Ivan Bronzovic’.

15. Daughter’s Name Tattoo

Marcelo writing on left wrist

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left wrist we can see the tattoo in red which can be read as, ‘Aurora’.

Meaning: Aurora is the name of his first child, his daughter, who was born to Marcel and his wife Silvija in the year 2017.

16. ‘Rolling Dice’ Tattoo

Marcelo Rolling Dice Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand there’s a pair of rolling dice inked.

Meaning: Rolling dice are the symbol of luck and chance in life.

17. ‘Rose’ Tattoos


Tattoo: On his left forearm there are two roses inked.

Meaning: Rose as we know is the symbol of love, romance, and affection.

18. Writing on the right arm

Marcelo Writing Tattoo

19. ‘Snaga’ Tattoo

Marcelo Banner on left arm

20. ‘Father-Son Duo’ Tattoo

Marcelo right hand Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right arm there is an adorable tattoo which shows us the shadow of a father and a son, walking hand in hand on the road. There is a beautiful shadowed scenery of nature shown behind them.

Meaning: This tattoo is Marcelo’s tribute to his relationship with his son, Rafael Branzovic. He was born in October 2019. Marcelo’s major body tattoos are his dedication to his love for his family and, this is another one of them.

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