Dove Cameron’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Waltz Disney channel star who later became an American singer and actress, Dove Cameron is well known for her role that she portrayed in Liv And Maddie, Descendants and now Descendant2 telecasted on Disney channel. The doll-faced star has inscribed 2 known tattoos on her body. Find her tattoos as described below.Dove Cameron Tattoos

1. Li’l Sun on The Side of Finger

Dove Cameron Sun Tattoo

Dove has got herself inked with a cute little sun tattoo on the side of her right hand’s ring finger. Sun is symbolic of strength, life, and the new beginning, but she has not disclosed the meaning of this tattoo.

2. X on The Knuckle 

Dove Cameron X Tattoo

She has got a matching tattoo on the knuckle of her left hand’s little finger. She and her friend Kiersey Clemon got their knuckle inked with an X and O representing hugs and kisses on their trip to Las Vegas. This tattoo is known to be her first tattoo. She even took a snap of her new tattoo and shared it on her Instagram with a caption, “What happens in Vegas stays on your body for the rest of your life.” Now, this is how girls get along with each other!

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