Mykola Shaparenko’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Mykola Volodymyrovych Shaparenko, a Ukrainian professional football midfielder, is better known by his short name as, Mykola Shaparenko. He plays for FC Dynamo Kyiv in the Ukrainian Premier League. Mykola’s body is evident in the fact that he is indeed a tattoo lover. Let us see what his body inks are and what meanings do they hold for him.

Mykola Shaparenko

1. ‘BLESSED’ Tattoo

Mykola BLESSED Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘BLESSED’ inked on the front side of his right leg. Mykola is known to have got this inked to keep himself reminded of the difficult times he had to face during the days of his early career and childhood. He is a strong believer in God and his blessings and claims himself to be the ‘Blessed Child’ of God.

2. ‘Football’ Tattoo

Mykola football Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small football inked slightly towards the inner side of his left leg.

Meaning: Football tattoo shows his love for the game both professionally and otherwise.

3. ‘HOPE’ Tattoo

Mykola HOPE Tattoo

Tattoo: Next to his football tattoo, Mykola has got the tattoo of the word, ‘HOPE’.

4. Portrait on Left Arm 

Mykola left arm portrait Tattoo

Mykola left forearm Tattoo

Tattoo: On Mykola’s left forearm there is a portrait of some female figure inked. The tattoo showcases some royal heinous or a god-like female figure.

5. Quote on Arm

Mykola left arm writing Tattoo

Tattoo: Mykola’s left bicep is covered with some lines in Portuguese which says, ‘Eu não dou o que é meu enquanto estou vivo‘. The line when translated into English means, ‘I don’t give what’s mine while I’m alive‘. The tattoo indicates Mykola’s nature and personality.

6. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Mykola left bicep Jesus Christ Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big portrait of Jesus Christ tattooed on Mykola’s left bicep.

Meaning: This tattoo of Jesus Christ on Mykola’s body tells us about Mykola’s strong religious beliefs and also, faith in Christianity.

7. ‘Praying Angel’ Tattoo

Mykola left bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: A praying angel tattooed on the inner side of his left bicep.

Meaning: Praying angel is the symbol of representing the person’s urge to be closer to God. It is also the symbol of being humble and seeking God’s guidance and blessings in one’s life.

8. Writing on Arm 

Mykola pharase on forearm Tattoo

Tattoo: There is another Portuguese writing inked on Mykola’s left forearm that can be read as, ‘Um Deus para Toda vida‘ The lines when converted into English mean, ‘A God For life‘.

9. Leg Tattoo

Mykola right leg tattoo

11. ‘Roaring Tiger’ Tattoo

Mykola roaring Tiger Tattoo

Tattoo: On the middle of his left arm we can also see an animal inked, which is the face of the roaring tiger.

Meaning: Roaring Tiger tattoo is the way of showing one’s power, courageousness, and strength.

11. Rose Tattoo

Mykola Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose tattoo on Muykola’s left wrist.

Meaning: Rose is the symbol of love, affection, and romance.

12. Writing on left Leg

Mykola writing on left leg

Tattoo: A saying ‘pugnare enim vivere’ inked on the front of his left leg. The lines are inked in Latin however, when translated into English it means, ‘fight to live

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