Nipsey Hussle’s 31 Tattoos & Their Meaning

Ermias Joseph Asghedom, professionally known as Nipsey Hussle, was an American Singer and Songwriter. He emerged from the West Coast Hip Hop scene in the mid-2000s and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019. He was shot dead in his hometown, Los Angeles on 31 March 2019. Now when we look back to his tattoo, it looks like his tattoos say something and relate to his untimely death!

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos

1. ‘Emani Dior’ Tattoo On Neck

Nipsey Hussle Neck Tattoo
Tattoo: Nipsey had “EMANI DIOR” inked on his neck. Emani Dior is the name of his daughter.

2. KING Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - King Me Tattoo
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A crown along with “King” and “Me” was inked on his neck which clearly reflects Nipsey considered himself no less than a King.

2. “HOODSTA” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - Hoodsta Tattoo

Tattoo: Below his left ear, Nipsey got a tattoo which says, “H60DSTA”, this is what neighborhood crips call each other. Slauson boys are a Rollin 60 clique. This tattoo is one of his first tattoos. He even released a song in 2013 with the title- “Hoodstar.”

3. “WORLD IS MINE” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos

Tattoo: On the right side of his neck, Nipsey got “WORLD IS MINE” inked along with Earth design.

4. Anchor Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle Anchor Tattoo

Nipsey had Anchor tattoo on his neck along with “Loose lips, sink ships” text.

5. “PROLIFIC” and “GOD WILL RISE” Near Right Eye

Nipsey Hussle - God Will Rise Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - Prolific Tattoo

6. “2 DA END” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - 2 Da End Tattoo

Just near his left ear, he got “2 DA END” (to the end) inked in vertical fonts.

7. ‘S’ Tattoo Near Left Eye

S Tattoo of Nipsey Hussle

Tattoo: Apart from an inscription just above the left eyebrow, there is an English letter, ‘S’ is written near his left eye.

8. “Hood Unit” On Hand

Nipsey Hussle - Hood Unit Tattoo

He had inked “Hood Unit” on the back of his hand along with many small designs, which includes a cross symbol as well.

9. “GOD GOT ME” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos

Nipsey Hussle - God Got Me Tattoo

10. Logo of Record Label

Nipsey Hussle - ALL Money In Logo

Nipsey inked his record label’s (All Money In) logo on his left forearm.

11. Faces of Children

Nipsey Hussle - Children Faces Tattoo

Nipsey had a son and a daughter, he had their faces inked on his chest.

12. SLAUSON BOY Tattoo on Back

Back Tattoo of Nipsey Hussle

‘Slauson Boy’ has been written on his back along with other inscriptions. Slauson Boy was his first mixtape.

13. “Slauson Boy” Tattoo on back of right hand

Nipsey Hussle Hand Tattoos

14. “Slauson” Tattoo on the left side of the waist

Nipsey Hussle - Slauson Tattoo

15. List of Names

Nipsey Hussle - List of Names Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - List of Names Tattoo

Nipsey had inked the list of the names of his close ones on the back. The first name on the list is of his brother, Blacc Sam.

16. Star Tattoo Design on right forearm

Nipsey Hussle - Star Tattoo

17. God Willing Tattoo with a Cross Symbol

Nipsey Hussle - God Willing Tattoo

18. “N” and “H” on Shoulders

Nipsey Hussle - N & H Tattoo

Nipsey got “N” and “H” inked on his left and right shoulders. NH means Neighborhood, Nipsey was a Westside Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crip.

19. Hold My Own Tattoo on Chest

Nipsey Hussle - Hold My Own Tattoo

20. Marathon Tattoo above the Chest

Nipsey Hussle - Marathon

This tattoo was dedicated towards his mixtape, “The Marathon”

21. “$” Tattoo at the center of Chest

Nipsey Hussle - $ Tattoo

22. “FREE AT LAST” Tattoo on hand

Nipsey Hussle - Free At Last Tattoo
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23. “ALL $ IN” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - ALL $ IN Tattoo

This tattoo also reflects his record label’s name, “All Money In.”

24. Tattoo on Middle Finger of Right Hand

Nipsey Hussle - 5 Star Tattoo

25. Chain Tattoo on Neck

Nipsey Hussle Chain Tattoo

26. Racing Flag Tattoo Above the Chest

Nipsey Hussle - Racing Flag Tattoo

27. “S”, “C” Tattoo

Nipsey S, C Tattoo

Nipsey had the letters “S” and “C” linked to each other in the tattoo. SC is a College school logo but it stands for SIXTY CRIP.

28. “TMC” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle TMC Tattoo

Nipsey’s clothing brand, “The Marathon Clothing” short form is TMC.

29. “Fly Crippin” Tattoo

Nipsey Hussle - Fly Crippin Tattoo

Nipsey dedicated this tattoo to his song, “Fly Crippin.”

30. Tattoo on Stomach

Nipsey Hussle Stomach Tattoo

He had a big tattoo on his stomach written in big English design fonts.

31. “All Money In” Logo

Nipsey Hussle Chest Tattoos

Nipsey again got his record label’s logo inked in the background of his existing tattoos on the stomach.

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