Nick Offerman’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nick Offerman is an American actor, writer, comedian and woodworker famous for his role of Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks And Recreation. The actor received the Television Critics Association Award for individual achievement in comedy. The actor sports 2 manly tattoos which add to his macho personality. Let us take a look at his tattoos.

Nick Offerman

1. Crest On Right Arm

Nick Offerman Right Arm

Nick has some sort of crest on his right bicep, the meaning of which is unknown. The tattoo is a simple design with curls in it. The tattoo compliments his lifestyle according to his occupation of woodworker.

2. Cross-design Band On Left Arm

Nick Offerman Left Arm Nick Offerman Left pic

The actor has a cross-design armband inked on his left bicep. The tattoo tells about his spirituality as a god fearing man.

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