PewDiePie’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The king of the Youtube, Felix Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, Pewds, Poods or Pewdie, has as much as followers as more than the population of some countries. His content is mostly comedy, vlog Let’s Play and Satire. His channel has approximately 97 million subscribers till date and is the most subscribed user on youtube since 2013. If you are the subscriber of his channel, you must have seen his recent videos of his beautiful tattoos. Let’s check the meanings behind his tattoos.PewDie Pie

1. Swedish Church with Open Roof on Upper Right Arm

PewDie Pie- swedish church tattoo

Tattoo: Swedish Church with a man peaking out of the open roof

Meaning: Pewdie has inked his right upper arm with a Swedish church which has an open roof from where a man is peaking out. PewDiePie got this tattoo inked on Christmas, 2016 in his home territory, Stockholm. He got this tattoo inked along with his parents. It is inked by the tattoo artist, Will Pacheco. He wrote, “Got this new tattoo while in Sweden!” on his Instagram Account.

2. “Skeleton on Cat” on his Upper Right Arm

Gary Baseman artwork-PewDie Pie work

Tattoo: Cat and a Skeleton

Meaning: PewDiePie has inked his inner side of left forearm with a skeleton sitting on a cat. This tattoo is inspired by the artwork of the famous artist, Gary Baseman. Gary painted this in the memory of his old black cat, Stubby who was hit by a car and he put this portrait in one of his exhibition. Gary wrote, “Tattoo Time with PewDiePie, Seems Pewdie has my painting DAMN YOU ALL on his arm” on his Instagram account.

3. “Girl” on his Right Forearm

PewDie Pie girl tattoo

kaws artwork PewDie Pie tattoo

Tattoo: Girl- Artwork by Kaws

Meaning: PewdiePie has his right forearm inked with the shy girl. This piece is inspired by another famous artist, Kaws. He got this tattoo inked with his previous tattoo of a cat and a skeleton on August 2015.

4. “Slippy” on his Left Forearm

PewDie Pie slippy tattoo

Tattoo: A frog playing the Trumpet

Meaning:  PewDiePie has a tattoo of a frog playing the trumpet inked on his left forearm. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Haskey On February 2018, while he was in Osaka Japan. PewDiePie had a pet frog, which he named Slippy. While it’s not the most exotic pet in the world, it’s also not one many would think to get. PewDie wrote, “A tribute to an ol pal ” on his Instagram post.

5. Heart Shaped Face with an Eye and Three Drops on his Left Forearm

PewDie Pie heart shaped and an eye tattoo

Tattoo: Heart shaped tattoo with an eye and three drops

Meaning: PewDiePie has inked got his left forearm inked with the heart-shaped face and an eye with three drops. It looks like a traditional design inked in the shape of the face in a heart in the Black ink. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Luciano, in June 2016, in London. In one of his vlogs on his youtube channel, he said that he found the tattoo artist on Instagram and he is very cool. He posted the image on his Instagram with the caption, “Thanks Luciano for these new tattoos. Really love them!!”

6. Naked Women Kissing Skeleton on his Left Shoulder.

PewDie Pie skeleton and women tattoo

PewDie Pie- naked women kissing skeleton tattoo


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