Lalisa Manobal’s 2 tattoos and their Meanings

Lalisa Manobal, popularly known by her stage name “Lisa”, is a rapper, singer, dancer, and a K-pop girl group named “Blackpink” member. She has gained attention for her unique fashion style, exceptional dancing skills, and musical talent. She has also been a part of various brand endorsements, modeling projects, and television programs. Tattoos have been a taboo subject for the Korean industry yet many of their popular entertainment members have been out to change this stigma, Lisa being one of them has few inks on her body that were visible during various events. Let’s examine the significance of Lisa’s interesting body art.Lalisa Manobal picture

1. Edelweiss Flower Tattoo

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Lalisa Manobal's Edelweiss Flower Tattoo

The edelweiss is Lisa’s favorite flower, that is seen in her tattoo. The pretty white blossom flower appears for ‘Devotion’. The tattoo was initially seen during an event by Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, the tattoo was visible through a close-up photo taken during the event which was later published.

2. Fairy on Left Arm

Lalisa Manoba's Fairy tattoo

Inside Lia’s left arm, there is a Fairy tattoo. Although fans initially presumed it was a big bug, but Lisa explained that it symbolizes a fairy.

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