R-Truth’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ronnie Aaron Killings is another name that has gained recognition in the last two decades. He is a well-known American rapper and professional wrestler. He is presently contracted to WWE and performs under the ring name R-Truth on the Raw brand. With such a successful figure, it will be difficult to believe that in his early 20s, Killings sold cocaine on the streets to supplement his income. In an interview, Killings had revealed that he had a passion for hip hop and breakdancing since he was a child. This article is our dedication to his body tattoos and reveals the meanings behind each special ink that can currently be seen on his body.

R Truth

1. Cross on Back

R Truth back tattoo

Tattoo: On his back, there is a huge cross tattooed. Above the cross, we can also see some numbers like 12, 22, and 10, moving from the left towards the right.

Meaning: The Cross is the Holy symbol of Christians. It acts as the token of your dedication to your religion and thus, describes your religious beliefs and faith. Also, the cross is a very emotional and dedicated way to pay tribute to Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that he made for the sake of humanity. You must already know that Jesus was crucified on the Holy Cross.

Additionally, it might also represent Jesus’ unconditional love.

2. Cross on Right Arm

R Truth cross ink

Tattoo: The Holy Cross on his right shoulder depicts that R Truth is a devotional person and a Roman Catholic.

3. Left Arm Tattoos

R Truth cross on arm tattoo

4. Logo on Right Pec-His own name’s initial, ‘R.’

R Truth initial tattoo

5. Tribal Chest Tattoo

R Truth left pec tattoo

Tattoo: Across his left shoulder, there is a tribal design inked.

Tribal designs are the best way to reflect your rich culture, heritage, and your strong warrior spirit. Many people also get tribal inks to mark the achievements of their lives.

6. Stars on Biceps

R Truth stars on arm

Tattoo: We can see some light shaded stars on R Truth’s right upper arm.

Meaning: Stars are believed to be the emblem of direction, guidance, and reflection and act as the shining tokens of directing you towards your life goals.

7. ‘Surname-TRUTH’ Tattoo

R Truth surname tattoo

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