Akshay Kumar’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Martial artist, Master Chef and A Super-Fit Bollywood Heartthrob. These are merely some of the adjectives we can relate Akshay Kumar with! This Super-fit Actor puts many of the younger actors to shame when it comes on fitness, style and fashion sense. Despite getting Inked thrice, Rarely has he flaunted them in public. Today Let us dive into this rarely talked about aspect of him- His tattoos

Akshay Kumar

1. Son’s Name On His Back

Akshay Kumar Aarav Aarav

Akshay has his son’s name “Aarav” inked in cursives on his back, which shows a strong father-son bond.

2. A Loving Husband

Akshay Kumar Tina

Akshay got his wife’s nickname “Tina” inked on his left shoulder.

3. Daughter’s Name On Right Shoulder

After being blessed with a girl child, their second, Akshay decided to get his daughter’s name “Nitara” inked on his right shoulder. Akshay hasn’t ever gone on to display this tattoo in public.

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