Kalisto’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez is a well-known American professional wrestler who performs by the ring name Samuray Del Sol. Do you know why his name is Kalisto? It dates back to his finest reigning period in the ring, which was in WWE under the ring name Kalisto. Growing up, he was a big fan of G gymnastics, taekwondo, jujutsu, amateur wrestling, and American football.Covid-19, like many of us throughout the world, brought a terrifying experience when Kalisto came dangerously close to death. He had two heart attacks and a stomach ulcer, but he recovered stronger.
This post is on another unique part of Kalisto, namely his tattoos. Yes, he has got some interesting inks; let us see what special meanings they have for him.


1. ‘Praying Angel’ Tattoo-Left Shoulder

Kalisto angel tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of his left shoulder, Kalisto wears a beautiful ink piece that shows an angel kneeling down and folded hands in the form of a prayer.

Meaning: The praying angel tattoo reflects the wearer’s desire to connect with God and feel near to him. Prayer, according to religious belief and Biblical tradition, is how man connects with God. Thus, praying angels, who are revered as God’s messengers, represent enlightenment, guardianship, safety, and divine intervention.

2. Cross with angel wings Tattoo

Kalisto cross with angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the centre of his upper back, we can see another religious tattoo that includes a cross with angel wings.

The Cross is the holy symbol of Christians, and the tattoo of a cross with angel wings is a way to reflect that you are proud of being a Christian.

However, some people also get this piece tattooed to honour a person, a loved one, who is no more alive.

3. Right Shoulder Tattoo-Japanese Themed Swirl Design

Kalisto right arm tribal design tattoo

Tattoo: Kalisto’s right bicep is covered with a spiral Japanese themed design that surrounds some Japanese letters and flowers on end.

This tattoo represents spiritual progress and enlightenment. Spirals are found in every facet of the universe, from plants and minerals to animals and our own anatomy. Life, death, and everything in between above and beyond is all encompassed inside the spiral of time.
Life, innovation, birth and rebirth, development, and consciousness, are all represented by spiral shapes. It also represents intelligence and tenacity, making it an ideal sign for those who desire to progress forward in their life.

4. Japanese Flowers Tattoo

Kalisto right shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the spiral design on Kalisto’s right shoulder are multiple Japanese themed flowers.

The Japanese cherry blossom, or sakura, is Japan’s national flower and is often chosen as a tattoo among ink lovers as it symbolises optimism and rejuvenation.

5. Left Shoulder Tattoo

Kalisto shoulder tribal tattoo

6. Virgin Mary Tattoo

Kalisto virgin mary tattoo

Tattoo: Opposite to his angel tattoo on left shoulder, towards the right side of his upper back, there is a tattoo of portrait of Virgin Mary with her hands folded in prayer.

Meaning: The Virgin Mary is a symbol of Christian beliefs. Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, is considered as a motherly figure and a sign of unconditional love and hope in difficult times.
Virgin Mary’s tattoo is often chosen by people who are seeking divine assistance. The Virgin Mary, as a figure represents the type of mother we wish to have in our lives; gracious, sensitive, affectionate, and a facilitating lady.

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