Rickie Fowler’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rick Yutaka Fowler is a well-known PGA Tour golfer from the United States. In 2007 and 2008, he was the world’s number one amateur golfer for 36 weeks. Fowler’s middle name, Yutaka, originates from his Japanese maternal grandparents. His maternal grandmother is a member of the Navajo tribe, and our idea of sharing specifically about his grandmother relies upon the fact that Rickie is too close to his grandparents. His body has some tattoos, which are believed to be very special for him. Let us explore each of them and find their relevance for him.

Rickie Fowler

1. Japanese Script on Left Bicep-Grandfather’s Name

Rickie bicep tattoo

Rickie grandpa post

Tattoo: On his left bicep, there are a few letters inked in Japanese Scripts. He also shared an Instagram post representing his forever love for his grandfather, mentioning @egore96 as his tattoo artist.

The letters in the Japanese script represent Rickie’s maternal grandfather’s name, Yutaka Tanaka. It has been said that Tanaka shared a very close bond with Rickie and was amazed to see Rickie’s gesture toward him.

“One of the most influential people in my life and the one who introduced me to the game, my grandpa … awesome to be able to have him here this week walking around and on my arm forever.”

2. ‘F’ Tattoo on Wrist

Rickie F Tattoo

Tattoo: Rickie has got the letter ‘F’ tattooed on his right wrist.

Meaning: The letter is his tribute to his family surname, ‘Fowler’; thus, ‘F’ as the initial.

3. ‘G’ Tattoo

Rickie G Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left forearm, we can see the letter G inked.

Meaning: This was Rickie’s first tattoo that was revealed for the first time during the 2015 Presidents Cup. He got the tattoo in support of the little girl who was battling lissencephaly. The letter ‘G’ represents Georgia Veach, the daughter of Seattle-based preacher Chad Veach and his wife Julia, whose condition inspired Fowler to get the tattoo. When she was four months old, Georgia was diagnosed with lissencephaly, a rare brain condition characterized by the absence of folds in the cerebral cortex.

“Fowler added the tattoo in support of Georgia Veach, the daughter of Seattle-based pastor Chad Veach and his wife Julia. Georgia was 4 months old when she was diagnosed with lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder characterized by the absence of folds in the cerebral cortex. It also is known as “smooth brain.”

4. Olympic Rings Tattoo

Rickie Olympic rings tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, we can see a bright tattoo of Olympic Rings.

Rickie got an Olympics Rings tattoo with US diver Sam Dorman to mark the significant occasion of his lifetime, i.e., the Rio Olympics, as he represented America in the Ryder Cup. It was the first Olympic golf tournament in more than a hundred years.

“I think any time we get to throw red, white, and blue on and represent our country, we relish the opportunity, whether it’s a Ryder Cup to a Presidents Cup,” said Fowler. “Which we get every couple of years since they rotate around. But this is a new experience. I think with the time I’ve been here and seeing what it means to some of the other athletes, getting to be here for, not just the United States, but all the other countries, this is a special opportunity for sure.”

6. Left Wrist Tattoo-Signature of his Late Coach

Rickie wrist tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left wrist, Rickie has a small writing tattoo known to represent someone’s signature.

Meaning: As per our research, the signature tattoo is the representation of Late Barry McDonnell’s signature. He was one important person who helped Rickie kick start his career by training him at the mere age of seven years. Rickie dedicated his stardom and success to his coach entirely.

“On the inside of my left wrist I have a tattoo of Barry McDonnell’s signature. Big B was my coach from childhood until he passed away in 2011.”

7. Roman Numbers Tattoo on Ring Finger

Rickie roman numbers tattoo

Tattoo: On his left hand’s ring finger, Rickie has got the tattoo of the roman number, ‘XV’ inked.

Meaning: ‘XV’ represents the number 15, which is the date on which Fowler got married to his fellow athlete Allison Stokke. They had been together since 2017, and the tattoo is his dedication of love and to mark the most memorable day of his, i.e., his wedding anniversary on October 5, 2019.

8. Cross Tattoo-Index Finger

Rickie cross tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny cross inked on his right hand’s index finger.

Meaning: Cross is the holy symbol of Christians and represents the tattoo wearer’s deep faith and religious belief in Jesus Christ and his blessings.

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