30 Fascinating Knife Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

If you are thinking to get a tattoo carved on your favorite body part, you may think about something very traditional and antique-like knife tattoo. As you know a knife is a symbol of valor and power, knife tattoos can really enhance your finest body parts and deliver the essence of bravery and strength. Knife tattoos can be fiery as well as fascinating which can transport you to the world of knights and emperors symbolizing heroic characteristics.

Oh! are you worried that you might look scary? So, you must not think like that because these tattoos have the potential to make you look fierce added with the tincture of charm and beauty. These fiery tattoos can act like exotic grandeur. Knife tattoos can revive the ancient world of power and glory ruled by kings and monarchs as a knife is a potent symbol of powerfulness. These tattoos can become a trendsetter in the world of body arts and aesthetics. Knife tattoos can be a marker of evergreen and timeless weapons of worth. It can be very eye-catchy and attractive for people.

Meaning of Knife Tattoo Designs

A knife tattoo is an appealing form of body art that can act as a representation of individuality because our present era perfectly follows the life of uniqueness. For that purpose, knife tattoos are something that not only draws attention to the breaking of norms and barriers of life but also is a reflection of bravery, sacrifice, power, and leadership. It also possesses the feature of expressing the dual nature of the mind that is both helpful and potentially cruel. A knife tattoo reveals the blended attribute of both feminine and masculine power. These sharp and edgy tattoos can depict the value of honor, firmness, pride, rage, and passion. A knife tattoo reflects the dual nature of the human soul that is love and war, protection and destruction, faith and mistrust.

Ideas For Knife Tattoo Designs

Getting a mark on your body seems a very personal act of expressing your feelings and desires in a unique manner. You can prefer different designs of knife tattoos as per your hidden qualities and personal traits. A knife tattoo can represent a variety of ideas including betrayal, loneliness, accuracy in action, pain, success, liberation, power, and stamina. Like a sharp blade, a knife tattoo can convey courage and strength.  A knife tattoo’s idea is also influenced by the other tattoos it is coupled with. For example, you can go for a floral and aesthetic knife tattoo or a smoky and fierce knife tattoo depending on your choice.

Where Should You Get Knife Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Knife Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Stunning Tattoo Design on Back Neck

Knife Tattoo

This knife tattoo seems to be penetrating energy in your body. Getting this simple yet stunning knife tattoo on your back neck can be a symbol of liberation and freedom. Girls might appear casual and stylish having this tattoo on their back neck after neatly tying their hair.

  • Smoky Knife Tattoo Design on Forearm

Knife Tattoo

A knife tattoo on your forearm acts as a symbol of energy and power. This smoky knife tattoo might also be a depiction of good characteristics you possess as well as any hardship you may face in life.

  • Fiery Snake Knife Tattoo Design on Spine

Knife Tattoo

This fiery snake knife tattoo on your spine appears to be the most painful body art you can have on your body. A snake knife tattoo on the spine is really fascinating because it reveals your daring nature and courage. It is like conquering the impossible and overcoming your fear.

  • Floral Knife Tattoo Design on Collar’s bone

Knife Tattoo

Having a floral knife tattoo on the collar bone could become a trend setter and very fashionable for girls. This tattoo can really enhance your beauty and elegance.

  • Classy Knife Tattoo Design on Side neck

Knife Tattoo

A classy knife tattoo on your side or neck can transport you to the ancient Indian world of kings and queens symbolizing antiquity associated with power and glory.

  • Mysterious Knife Tattoo Design on Waistline

Knife Tattoo

This mysterious and gorgeous knife tattoo on the waistline can be very attractive. It can also intensify the feminine beauty associated with a belly button. A waistline knife tattoo will definitely catch the attention of your partner and reveal your passionate love and attachment.

  • Feather Knife Tattoo Design on Hip

Knife Tattoo

This feather knife tattoo on the hip is spectacular and a bit appealing. It is a unisex design that symbolizes the ability to take flight from ignorance to knowledge and courage. It is a symbol of independence and strength.

  • Scintillating Knife Tattoo Design on Finger

Knife Tattoo

This scintillating and subtle knife tattoo on any finger can express your agility and dedication to work. Knife tatt00 on the finger depicts uniformity and symmetry in life. I am sure you will definitely try this finger knife tattoo because it is really fascinating to see.

  • Edgy Knife Tattoo Design on Leg

Knife Tattoo

You may try this edgy and sharp knife tattoo design on your lower limb or leg to express strength and power. It also shows the hard temper and masculinity. This tattoo appears to be very energetic and has the ability to show a willingness to use physical force in any circumstances for protection and survival.

  • Ravishing Knife Tattoo Design on Back

Knife Tattoo

This ravishing knife tattoo represents so many things including hidden beauty and mystery. It perfectly shows that you are symbolically putting something behind you. It can also act as a treasure.  

  • Butterfly Knife Tattoo Design on Hand

Knife Tattoo 

 Making a butterfly knife tattoo on your hand might act as an epitome of transformation and freedom.

  • Simple Knife Tattoo Design on Dorsal side

Knife Tattoo 

 You may also try this simple knife tattoo design on the dorsal side of your hand reflecting vigor added with calmness.

  • Chef Knife Tattoo Design on Hand

knife tattoo 

 This chef knife tattoo design on your hand can be a good choice for the depiction of your professional skills.

  • Vigorous Knife Tattoo Design on Legs

Knife Tattoo 

 If you are eager to show your wild side, you can go for this cobra knife tattoo on both legs.

  • Terrific Knife Tattoo Design on Head

Knife Tattoo 

 Wow! This looks super cool. You may try this terrific knife tattoo on your shaved head. It can show your intelligence and sharpness in thinking.

  • Tiny Knife Tattoo Design on the Ankle bone

Knife Tattoo 

 This tiny knife tattoo on your ankle bone is one of a kind that mirrors the dark side of a personality.

  • Grand Knife Tattoo Design on Back neck

Knife Tattoo 

 Isn’t it gorgeous? This knife tattoo on the back neck reveals grandeur and glory.

  • Rosy Knife Tattoo Design on Hand

Knife Tattoo 

 If you like floral body art, you may try this rosy knife tattoo on the hand delivering a very stylish look.

  • Fashionable Knife Tattoo Design on Leg

Knife Tattoo 

Girls may try this fashionable knife tattoo on their legs to look hot and sexy.

  • Fine Knife Tattoo Design on Finger

Knife Tattoo 

 Give a try to this refined knife tattoo on your forefinger. It looks cool.

  • Designer Knife Tattoo Design on Back arm

Knife Tattoo 

 Why not go for this designer knife tattoo on your back arm to make you look beautiful? It seems to be protecting from backstabbing.

  • Crisp Knife Tattoo Design on Thigh

Knife Tattoo 

 This knife tattoo is really giving fine look. It is so crisp and sharp.

  • Enchanting  Knife Tattoo Design on Bikini line

Knife Tattoo

 If you want to look enchanting and sexy, then you must try this Knife tattoo on your bikini line.

  • Killer Knife Tattoo Design on Forearm

Knife Tattoo 

 Just see this! Blood dripping from the knife carved on your forearm. If you want to appear as daring and passionate, go for this killer knife tattoo.

  • A pair of Wild Knife Tattoo Design on the Chest

Knife Tattoo 

 If you want to make your look bold and manly, see this pair of lion tattoos on your chest that can enhance your bold personality.

  • Spectacular Knife Tattoo Design on Chest

Knife Tattoo 

 This piercing knife tattoo gives a very clear image of a broken heart and betrayal. I guess this is relatable to each one of us. Laugh out loud.

  • Unique Knife Tattoo Design on Mid chest

Knife Tattoo

 One should also try this unique floral blend of Knife tattoo on their chest.

  • Retro Knife Tattoo Design on Leg

Knife Tattoo 

 This is a retro knife tattoo that girls must try on their legs.

  • Vociferous Knife Tattoo Design on Hand

Knife Tattoo 

This image is so loud as it is a vociferous knife tattoo. 

  • Antique Knife Tattoo Design on Hand

Knife Tattoo

 This antique knife tattoo gives the vibe of ancient glory.

These were a few amazing ideas for a variety of knife tattoos that you must give a try. If you are looking for a revival of traditional beauty and glory, then knife tattoos are a wise choice. As a result of our rich Indian history, knife tattoos are considered the most popular and fascinating style of tattoo that has a distinct value for each individual. Are you still thinking? ha hahahaha! If you are a fan of body art and aesthetics, you must go to your nearby tattoo artist and explore these beautiful knife tattoos.

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