Ronnie Radke’s 42 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ronald Joseph Radke is a renowned American singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Ronnie is another famous name that comes to our mind when we talk about heavily tattooed musicians. Ronald is better known by his stage name, Ronnie Radke. Ronnie gained a huge name as a vocalist and the co-founder of the post-hardcore band Escape the Fate in his early twenties. His career came to a standstill when he was imprisoned for probation violations.  However, he took a sharp ruse by joining another band, Falling in Reverse. A not-so-known reality fact lies in one of the revelations made by Ronnie when he said that the main reason for his lack of respect for women initially was because of the absence of his mother from his childhood days. But, this never stopped him from growing and achieving heights of success. This article will help you with a list of Ronnie’s body tattoos, along with their meanings.

Ronnie Radke

1. Screaming Woman Tattoo

Ronnie bicep ink

Tattoo: On his right bicep, Ronnie has got some strange, rather eerie tattoos, and one of them is a screaming woman.

2. Alien and UFOs Tattoo

Ronnie bicep tattoo inscription

Tattoo: There is a robot inked on his right bicep and is surrounded by UFOs on its top.

3. Robot/Alien Tattoo

Ronnie bicep tattoo

4. Nautical Star Tattoo

Ronnie five pointed star tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder, there is a nautical star tattooed in red and black shades.

Meaning: A nautical star is the symbol of guidance, direction, and protection. They have been used for a long period to guide the soldiers when they set sail. It represents the source of guidance as to how it shall guide you through your fate and help you achieve your goals.

5. CrossBones XXX Tattoo

Ronnie forearm banner tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, there is a banner is crossbones and ‘XXX.’

Meaning: CrossBones with XXX is the symbol of danger, toxicity, and death. The places/items that are tagged with XXX or crossbones are meant to signify that the element is dangerous and must not be touched or tampered with.

6. Heart Grenade Tattoo

Ronnie grenade with love banner tattoo

Tattoo: On Ronnie’s left forearm, there is a green-colored grenade inked with a white-colored banner that wraps around it and says, ‘LOVE.’

7. Gun and Roses Tattoo

Ronnie gun and rose

Tattoo: Inside his inner left bicep, there is a gun and a pink color rose tattooed.

Meaning: Guns symbolize the means to put an end to the wrong and disrupt something that you don’t want. It represents the fighting spirit of the tattoo wearer. Rose, on the other hand, is the symbol of love, romance, and friendship. Together they are used a combination tattoo to reflect destructive beauty. the tattoo design has probably emerged from the combination and merging of two popular bands into Guns N Roses.

8. Hand Portrait

Ronnie hand tattoo

Ronnie left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his left hand, Ronnie has got the portrait of a weird-looking female who looks scarier. Ronnie claimed to have got this tattoo for his ex-girlfriend along with the words, ‘Let go of Emily!!’

9. Knife Tattoo

Ronnie knife tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small knife tattooed on the right side of his face, towards his ear.

Meaning: A knife tattoo is used to represent sacrifice, death, perseverance, liberation, and freedom. As per Christian beliefs, the knife can also symbolize martyrdom.

10. Frog on Horse Tattoo

Ronnie leg tattoo

Tattoo: On his leg, Ronnie has got a very strange tattoo that shows a horse and a frog sitting on it holding a banner that says, ‘HOY BUTTERNUTS.’

He revealed that the tattoo is in the memory of his horse, who had died from eating trash.

it’s a frog riding a horse, saying “Ahoy, Butternuts!”

11. Mic Tattoo

Ronnie mike tattoo

Tattoo: On Ronnie’s right forearm, we can see a mic tattoo.

Meaning: Mic tattoo is the most common way to showcase your love for music and musical instruments. The person like Ronnie, who are avid music lovers often chooses to get classical microphones inked.

“This seems to be a cheese grater but it is a microphone. There used to be totally different tattoos on my bot arms, and this one, I got at seventeen and a half, really don’t remember. But I got them changed since they were all faded.”

12. Musical Notes Tattoo

Ronnie musical notes tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, there are some musical notes tattooed.

Meaning: There are several ways to symbolize music and the love for the same. Ronnie’s idea for his dedication towards music shows his strong attraction towards the music, its creation, and its production. We already know how talented Ronnie is in his field.

13. Neck Tattoo

Ronnie neck design

14. 70z Tattoo

Ronnie neck number tattoo

15. Spider Web and Rose Tattoo

Ronnie neck tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of his neck, there is a spider, spider web, and a rose tattooed.

Meaning: Spider tattoo represents fear, death, and the struggle of the tattoo wearer; however, it is the prominent symbol of fertility too. A spiderweb, on the other hand, is the symbol of the time spent by the person in prison in his past. It can also reflect the struggles that he must have faced in his past, and they could overcome them with many efforts. Rose is the token of love, hope, strength, and friendship.

16. Octopus Tattoo

Ronnie octopus tattoo

Tattoo: Ronnie has got another strange character tattooed on his body, which is actually an octopus but with eight arms rather than six!

Meaning: An octopus tattoo can represent magical knowledge, a multitasking nature, and the creative and intellectual thinking of the person. Ronnie and his tattoos are the perfect representation of his actually being. The main symbol of the octopus is the ability of the person to overcome the fears of his life.

“This is an octopus which I got, I really don’t know why I got it but, it had six tentacles which I got turned into eight.”

17. Chest Piece

Ronnie owl tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Ronnie has got a magnificent tattoo of an owl. The owl seems to be holding the head of a woman.

Meaning: The owl tattoo has a rich symbolic value. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and transition.

Owl and skull tattoo is the means to pay tribute to a loved one who is no more alive.

18. Portrait on Stomach

Ronnie portrait tattoo

Tattoo: The face under the word on his chest represents the face of Ronnie himself. The real meaning behind getting his own portrait tattoo is not yet revealed by him but, there is a great significance of this tattoo as it has been designed in a purely personalized way. Towards the right side of his portrait, there is a sugar skull inked. The sugar skull is the way to celebrate life rather than mourning the death of an individual. Thus, an important means to remove all the negative aspects that relate to death.

19. ‘RR’ Tattoo

Ronnie R Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his eye, there are overlapping two R’s inked. The initials actually represent Ronnie’s full names’ initials, RR for Ronnie Radke.

20. Diamond Tattoo

Ronnie red diamond tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, there is a red-colored diamond inked.

Meaning: Diamond word stands for something that is unbreakable and firm. Diamond is the symbol of the wealth and financial status of the person and the value of the inner beauty of the person. It shows the importance of inner strength, nature, and personality of the person, which is nothing when compared with materialistic possessions.

21. Rose Tattoo

Ronnie right hand rose tattoo

  On his right hand, there is an enormous red, yellow, and black colored rose inked.

The Red rose symbolizes love, hope, romance, affection, and friendship.

22. Dog Tattoo

Ronnie right hand wrist wolf tattoo

Tattoo: There is a fierce-looking rather growling black-colored dog inked on the inner side of Ronnie’s right forearm.

23. ‘No Home But The Road’ Tattoo

Ronnie right hand writing

Tattoo: On his right hand, surrounding his red, yellow rose, there is a short phrase tattooed that read as ‘NO HOME But the Road

24. Rose on Chest

Ronnie rose tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding his owl tattoo on his chest, there are multiple roses inked in shades of red, peach, and pink.

The red rose represents young love, affection, and blossoming romance between the loving couple. A Pink rose is the symbol of sweetness, pure nature, and gentleness whereas, a peach rose represents sincerity and gratitude.

25. Chest Tattoos

Ronnie roses on chest tattoo

Tattoo: His chest is completed covered with his own portrait, which is headed by an owl with open wings. Surrounding his portrait and the owl are the red roses. Owl is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and spiritual guidance. The owl sitting above Ronnie’s head symbolizes that he regards the owl as his guiding force, who is also regarded as the symbol of good luck, wisdom, intelligence, and the guardian of darkest nights. Rose, on the other hand, is symbolic of positivity and love.

26. ‘Royalty’ Tattoo

Ronnie Royalty tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his portrait tattoo, there is a word inked that says, ‘Royalty.’

27. Fierce Looking Shark Tattoo

Ronnie shark on forehead

Tattoo: Above his right ear, covering a major portion of his head, is the tattoo of a fierce-looking shark.

Meaning: Traditional shark tattoos have always been used for protection, guidance, direction, and courage. They are used as the means of protection and barrier against the evil and dangers of life.

28. ‘SISU’ Tattoo

Ronnie SISU Tattoo

29. Stomach Tattoos

Ronnie skull face tattoo

Tattoo: A skull, hammer, and some tiny tools are tattooed on the right side of Ronnie’s body. The skull is not only the symbol of death and evil but also symbolic of the fact that Ronnie(tattoo wearer) is courageous enough to handle all the battles and difficulties that life may throw at him in the coming future.

30. Liberty Skull on Stomach

Ronnie skull on stomach

Across Ronnie’s stomach, there is a huge tattoo of the red-eyed liberty skull. The Statue of Liberty is symbolic of freedom and independence.

To represent their birth nation, people get a liberty skull tattoo if they are themselves lovers of freedom. Many people have the liberty skull tattoo as a symbol of their country, while others use it as a foundation for something more meaningful.

31. Skull on Arm

Ronnie skull tattoo

Tattoo: There is another skull inked which is placed on the inner side of his right arm.

Meaning: Generally, the human skull tattoo represents death; Ronnie has got multiple skull tattoos o his body, This is only a representation of the fact that death doesn’t scare him at all. He is ready to enjoy all the moments of life and has accepted that death is inevitable and shall come when it has to come.

  • Fearlessness of Death

When you wear a skull tattoo, you are most likely showing others and yourself that you are not afraid of death. When you wear the skull tattoo, it can serve as a constant reminder that you have no fear of death. You can wear it on your arm, leg, or wherever you choose.

  • Rebirth

The skull tattoo also symbolizes a new beginning: or a rebirth. It may also symbolize how a near-death experience has changed you and given you a sense of rebirth.

32. Cartoon Tattoo

Ronnie small figure tattoo

Halloween cartoon tattoo on his right upper arm.

33. Star on Bicep

Ronnie star tattoo

This is another nautical star that can be seen in shades of yellow and black on Ronnie’s arm.

The nautical star is most usually associated with good fortune while sailing on the high seas. It also represents protection, guidance, and direction. This is because, prior to the invention of compasses, sailors would glance up at the stars to determine the direction they should go. People like Ronnie often choose nautical stars to show that they have an adventurous side, particularly those who like to have their adventures at sea.

34. Tattoos on chest

Ronnie roses on chest tattooRonnie owl tattoo

39. Hand Tattoos

Ronnie GANG BANG Tattoo

On his fingers, Ronnie has got a tattoo of the words, ‘BANG BANG.’

40. Skull on Shoulder

Ronnie skull on shoulder

41. ‘Unbreakable’ Tattoo

Ronnie unbreakable tattoo

42. ‘1983’ Tattoo

Ronnie 1983 tattoo

Tattoo: On Ronnie’s left hand, Ronnie has got the tattoo of the year 1983. It depicts his birth year as he was born on 15 December 1983.


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