Olivia Wilde’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Olivia Jane Cockburn professionally known as Olivia Wilde is an American-Irish Performer, Producer, Director, and Activist. She is famous for her role in the medical drama television series “House” as Remy “Thirteen” Hadley. she directed her first film in 2019 “The Teen Comedy”. Olivia has about 2 known tattoos, let us know about their meanings below.

Olivia Wilde

1. ‘Writing’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Olivia Wilde has a tattoo on her left forearm that reads “all love, A” in a typewriter font.

In an interview, she said: “It’s in honor of my late uncle Alexander Cockburn. He was a dear dear friend. The tattoo is the last phrase he wrote to me. All love, A. It reminds me to love everyone, just as he did.”

2. ‘Galaxy Constellation’ Tattoo

Olivia Wilde's constellation tattoo

Tattoo: Olivia Wilde has a galaxy constellation, Star Crescent tattoo on her right forearm in black ink which covers the major portion of her arm. It was inked by celebrity tattoo artist, Doctor Woo, in LA.

Meaning: The ink is a tribute to her son, Otis’ birthday.

3. Names of her Kids on Arm

Olivia Wilde's name tattoos

In a meaningful tribute to her children, Otis and Daisy, whom she shares with Jason Sudeikis, Wilde got their names tattooed on her outer forearms. The latest ink holds a special significance for the actress. Dr. Woo, who created a delicate design with fine lines, shared the artwork on his Instagram page. The cursive script is in lowercase, with Otis written on her right arm and Daisy on her left, both located just above her wrists.

4. Dragon on her Butt

Olivia Wilde's butt tattoo

On her 39th birthday, Wilde posted a nostalgic picture of her younger self, flaunting a previously unrevealed tattoo on her buttock. The tattoo was reportedly the first one she had ever gotten, a fact that she shared during an interview on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” where she invited others to join her “bad-tattoo club.” Wilde also revealed that her first tattoo was a dragon, which she got at the age of 13 while she was in New York City.

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