Bella Hadid’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Winner of “Model of The Year Award 2016”, Isabella Khair Hadid is an American model. She has namely 2 tattoos inked on her body. Read further to know about her tattoos as these tattoos hold a special place in her heart.

Bella Hadid Tattoos

1. Rose Bud on Elbow

Bella Hadid Rosebud Tattoo

A tiny rosebud has been inked by Bella on the left side of her elbow. Since the tattoo is just a bud, therefore, it represents a new beginning or youthfulness.

2. Angel’s Wings on Ankle

Bella Hadid Angel Wings Tattoo

The model got the back of her right ankle inked with a pair of angel’s wings. She has not revealed the relevance of this tattoo but there are certain speculations regarding the tattoo. Since an angel’s wings are used to exemplify a loved one as an angel so she might have got it inked for her mother because she calls her mother an angel.

3. أحببك Tattoo

Bella Hadid-I Love You-Tattoo

Tattoo: أحببك tattoo on her left arm.

Meaning: This is an Arabic language tattoo that means ‘I Love You’ in English. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, on November 23, 2020. On the same day, he uploaded the picture of this tattoo on his Instagram handle, with the caption,

Some writings ✍🏼 for the always kind and lovely @bellahadid”

4. حبيبي Tattoo

my love-bella hadid-tattoo

Tattoo: حبيبي tattoo on her right arm.

Meaning: It’s an Arabic tattoo that was inked by Dr. Woo in November 2020. This tattoo means ‘my love’ in English.

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