SosMula (Rapper) 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings

SosMula is a member of the famous American Hip Hop duo from New York City named CityMorgue. Its other member is Junius ‘ZillaKami’ Rogers from Bay Shore. SosMula has multiple inks covering his body from top to bottom. He lived at the intersection of hip-hop and ink culture, as his mother owned a tattoo shop, and thus, from there grew his love for tattoos and art. He began rapping when he was in tenth grade followed by which he evolved his name into Sos Money because of his strong yearning for money.  Sos was the nickname given to him by his friends however, Sos Money was now made in SosMula. Let us explore his body tattoos and their importance for him.

 “I’ve been rapping since I was a kid. I never really took it seriously,” the 24-year-old says. “I had the talent, I just didn’t know what to do with it.”


1. Barbed Wire Tattoo

Sosmula barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his forehead, SosMula has got the barbed wire tattoo done.

Meaning: Barbed wire is the symbol to represent that the respective person has spent time in jail. Also, more specifically it signifies the convicts who have been sentenced to life imprisonment. SosMula also got this tattoo to remind him of the time when he was imprisoned which turned out to be the best time for him as he became best friends with Zillakami.

2. Scar Tattoo

Sosmula cheek tattoo

Tattoo: On his right eye’s side, SosMula has got an eye scar tattoo done. The scar is inked in red.

3. Chest Tattoo

Sosmula chest tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, there are dark clouds inked along with multiple buildings underneath.

Meaning: The tattoos are SosMula’s dedication to his birth city, São Paulo. Dark clouds symbolize the transition from the early difficult times of life to the bright and better future.

4. ‘City of God’ Tattoo

Sosmula chest writing

Tattoo: ‘City of God’ is tattooed across his chest area.

Meaning: City of God is the name of one of the albums by SosMula.

5. Date on Forehead Tattoo

Sosmula date and head tattoo

SosMula date tattoo

Tattoo: On his forehead, SosMula has got few numbers inked that can be read as 58/58 and 12/12 as inked on the right and left side, respectively.

6. Dog Tattoo

Sosmula dog tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his head, SosMula has got a portrait of a pit bull dog inked.

7. Rose Tattoo

Sosmula flower tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of love and romance is inked on his right forearm.

8. Finger Tattoo

Sosmula finger tattoos

Tattoo: ‘FUKK’ tattooed across his right-hand knuckles.

9. Writing on Cheek 

Sosmula face writing

10. Face Tattoo

Sosmula face tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small knife, flower, and a cone inked on the right side of SosMula’s face.

Meaning: Dagger is the symbol of sacrifice, death, and liberation.

11. ‘X’s Tattoo

Sosmula eyelids tattoo

Tattoo: To back Xs are inked on SosMula’s eyes, one on each eyelid.

12. ‘ISSAC BOYZ’ Tattoo

Sosmula ISAAC BOYS Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘ISSAC BOYZ’ is tattooed on the outer side of SosMula’s hands.

My hands. It says “Issac Boyz,” and it’s a reference to my block. It’s just one of those young, dumb, hood tats-type of shit.

13. Jesus Christ Tattoo

Sosmula forehead tattoo

Tattoo: A tiny statue of Jesus Christ is tattooed on SosMula’s center of the eyebrows.

Meaning: Jesus Christ is the symbol of SosMula’s religious beliefs and faith in Christianity. Also, it is the symbol of love, faith, and hope.

14. Knee Tattoos

Sosmula knee tattoos

Tattoo: Across his left and right knee cap, SosMula has got the faces of Simpson characters inked.

15. Finger Tattoo

Sosmula left hand tattoo

16. Left Leg Tattoos

Sosmula left leg tattoos

Tattoo: On his left leg, SosMula has got the huge dedication towards Simpsons, a famous American Sitcom.

17. Portrait Tattoo

Sosmula portrait tattoo

18. Neck Tattoo

Sosmula neck tattoo

19. Writing on Eyebrow Tattoo

Sosmula writing on forehead

20. ‘Scar’ Tattoo

Sosmula scar tattoo

21. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Sosmula roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his face, SosMula has got roman numbers inked as ‘VII-VII MMX’ which stands for 07/07/2010.

22. Right Leg Tattoos

Sosmula right leg tattoo

23. Right Hand Tattoo

Sosmula right hand tattoo

Tattoo: Small buildings inked on the top of his right hand.

24. Right Arm Tattoos

Sosmula right arm tattoo

Tattoo: The universe along with the seven planets is inked on SosMula’s right forearm.

24. Bicep Tattoo

Sosmula bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep we can see a statue along with the bottom that consists of multiple fierce faces of dogs and hounds.

25. Finger Tattoos

SosMula finger tattoos

Tattoo: On his right hand’s knuckles there are four icons inked. There is an ancient mummy face, a red-colored dragon wolf, a skull with a crown, and another creepy skull on his pinky.

26. Samurai Tattoo

SosMula shoulder samurai tattoo

27. Rose Tattoo

Sosmula wrist tattoo

Tattoo: There is another rose that can be found on his body. It is inked on his right wrist.

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