Heather Rae Young’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Heather Rae Young is an American actress and model who had got more than 20 tattoos on her body. But, according to the media reports, she got more than 14 tattoos removed by laser treatment by 2014. Now, only a few tattoos are left on her body. Let’s scroll further to know more details regarding her tattoos along with their meanings.Heather Rae Young-Tattoos

1. ‘Tiny Elephant’ Tattoo

Heather Rae Young-Tiny Elephant Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Tiny Elephant’ tattoo near his left wrist.

Meaning: Elephant tattoos are the symbols of strength, power, courage, loyalty, good luck, and good times.

2. Beam Note Tattoo

Heather Rae Young-Beam Note-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Beam Note’ tattoo near her left wrist.

Meaning: Beam note is a musical note and the tattoo of musical notes symbolizes the wearer’s love for music.

3. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Heather Rae Young-Zodiac Sign-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Zodiac Sign’ tattoo near her left wrist.

Meaning: Since Heather is a Virgo as she was born on September 16, 1987, so she got the tattoo of her zodiac sign ‘Virgo’ inked on her arm.

4. Dog Paw Tattoo

Dog Paw-Tattoo-Left Wrist-Heather Rae young

Tattoo: ‘Dog Paw’ tattoo on her left wrist.

Meaning: Dog Paw tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s love for his/her pet. Generally, such tattoos are the symbols of protection, memory, movement, connection, strength, and connection with nature.

5. ‘269’ tattoo on her left wrist

heather rae young-269-tattoo

6. ‘live free’ Tattoo

heather rae young-live free-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘live free’ tattoo on her left wrist.

Meaning: This is the matching tattoo which Heather got inked with her friend, Amy Leigh Andrews, in September 2015. On September 3, 2015, she uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram handle, with the caption,

Memories with my partner in crime my love @amyleighandrews #livefree 👯 girls trip we will never forget!!!”

Amy got this tattoo inked on her left foot while Heather got this tattoo inked on her left wrist.


Amy Leigh Andrews (left) and Heather Rae Young (right) got their matching tattoos inked in September 2015

7. Tattoo on her left wrist

Heather Rae Young-Left Wrist-Tattoo

8. Tattoo on her right hip area

Heather Rae-Hip-Tattoo

9. Tattoo on her left torso

left torso-heather rae young

10. ‘Yes Sir, Mr. EI Moussa’ Tattoo

Heather rae Young-yes sir Mr EI Moussa-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Yes Sir, Mr. EI Moussa’ tattoo on her back.

Meaning: In February 2021, Heather got this tattoo inked as a Valentines’ gift for her fiance, Tarek EI Moussa. She updated her fans regarding this tattoo by uploading the picture on her Instagram handle. In an interview, she said,

I did it as something special for my fiancé, my future husband. I will be Mrs. El Moussa, so this is my name. And it’s a special thing that we do around the house: Daddy is the boss, I’m the queen of the house. We do it with the kids … It’s something cute we do around the house.”

Later on, she deleted the post from her profile after receiving the internet backlash. In an interview with US Weekly, she said,

It was completely taken out of context, and the whole meaning of it was blown way out of proportion. And so, obviously, you saw, I took it down. We woke up the next morning, and it was, like, so much negativity surrounded by something that was meant for my fiancé and meant with so much love. We took it down, which then stirred up more controversy, But, you know, I don’t like negativity. I don’t like negativity on my page. I don’t like to read negativity. It really upsets me. And so, I’d rather just take it down and move on from that.”

11. Deleted Tattoos

By 2014, Heather got most of her tattoos removed from her body by laser treatment. On May 3, 2014, she tweeted,

#14 tattoo removal today. Eye on the prize should only be about 4-5 more. Think before u get big color tattoos.”

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