Top 10 Tattoo Artists in Goa

If you have ever been to Goa, its hippie vibes will definitely get to you so if you are in town and if you feel a bit crazy you don’t have to head to the first shop that you see to get yourself inked. We have compiled the right list for you because finding a tattooist is not too tough, what is tough is finding the right person to get you etched. Thus, look out for someone worth your time and spending your money.

It is probably the most touristy place that you will come across in India with its amazing atmosphere and its beautiful ambiance. You will also find the most number of tourists from all over the world who come to this place. Thus, there are a huge number of tattoo parlors that you can find in Gia because of the flow of the people that come here. However, the tattoo must not be made just for the sake of it because many stops will use unsanitized methods.

A few tattoo artists take more dangerous means of getting inked which could be harmful later on. That being said, it is always advisable that you keep your research top-notch once you find a genuine tattoo parlor that will hold the grace of the art on your skin. Thus make sure that you come across a tattoo parlor that will provide a safe environment to all the customers.

Here is the list of top tattoo artists in Goa:

1. Vijay and Krish- Krish Tattoo Studio

Krish Tattoo Studio is a nice little tattoo studio located in Calangute and is run by two brothers, Krishand Vijay, who are loved for their enthusiasm to explore. Krish Tattoo Studio is a pretty Hygenic place that will definitely impress you as well as their reviews are super awesome too. In fact, they even explain in their own words how their place is the best option for getting a beautiful and hygienic tattoo, “Our studio is one-of-a-kind in fact that we hold our customer’s health and safety most important than anything else. We actually exceed what is required of us by the state health departments. This means the equipment for every tattoo that is done is completely one-time use only as well as we go through a really strict medical grade sanitation procedure. Therefore ensuring that just the highest quality products are used in your skin.”

Not just that, the two brothers would be more than happy to provide their profound insight into your design and will help you get the best that you can imagine. You can either select from their portfolio of tattoos or get inspired from some Instagram or Pinterest pics. Krish and Vijay started by working in different tattoo studios in Goa and then with sheer knowledge and great experience in this industry, they decided o open their own studio. They have worked with some of the most reputable artists in Goa.

They are pretty enthusiastic about what they do and the two brothers explain, “It’s pretty noticeable that we are passionate about what we do. so come and permit us to embellish your mind, physical body, and also soul at Krish tattoo in goa.”

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2. Duncan Viegas- Inkfidel, Goa

Duncan’s training to be a great tattoo artist started in 2007, and just within a year, he was coming into his own art studio. Defining his style as ‘eclectic’, Duncan says that although he likes to work with various kinds of style, his most favorite is working with watercolor, illustrative, geometric patterns, dot work, and the new school. He specializes in creating custom designs too which are pretty amazing. He usually does freehand stuff for his customers which is base on their inputs. His work screams of a lot of variety and diversity and the intricate detailing are commendable especially when it comes to shading and dot work.

Duncan Viegas has won many awards in this industry throughout his lifetime and continues to do so. Inkfidel is thus one of Goa’s most sought-after tattoo salons established in Assagao. Having triumphed the Puma’s Pimp My Sole Contest as well as the PMA contest for Out of Step Books, Duncan is extraordinarily skilled at what he creates.

He is pretty popular for the flawless sketches that he likes to do by freehand. Few artists can cover up an old tattoo and Duncan definitely is one of the topmost artists when it comes to this field such that he makes it look even better. To give you an impression of how skilled he is, know that he can create right on the skin. So the subsequent time you’re overwhelmed by an impetus to get inked, head to Inkfidel because you’ll not regret your tattoo in any way.

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3. Manasi N.- Mandalism Tattoo Studio


Mandalism is one of the only tattoo studios which is run by a female tattoo artist. It is located in one of the hippy areas of Goa, Vagator. It is run by Mansi N which is a self-taught artist, now how cool is that? She spends her time in Goa between November and May and the rest of the year she is busy traveling and tattooing people on the way. She is best known for her mandala tattoos and hence the name of her studio.

Goa Tattoo Studios

Her mandala tattoos are based on sacred geometry as well as 3D effects. She is usually booked out for months together and so if you want you need to book in advance because there is no chance of getting a walk-in service. Seh is undoubtedly the best shop to go to when you decide to get the tattoo after a lot of thought. The basic charges for her tattoo are 7K an hour in which she will give you a free consultation and design specifically for you!

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4. Sandy- Sandy Tattoo Studio

For more than a decade since it has been in Goa, this tattoo studio has evolved more than just a brand and is now recognized for its different kinds of styles and approach towards its clients. The Sandy Tattoo Studio focuses on giving its clients the best tattoo experience that is possible.

At Sandy Tattoo Studio, they follow a Famous Chinese Proverb which gives like this– “A person who cannot smile should never open a Shop” and they hold this principle of being client-friendly and considering very close to their heart by having a positive atmosphere, which recognizes different notions and distinctive schools of thought. Sandy Tattoo Studio is famous for taking in your input and turning your dream into an aesthetic reality for you.

As far as their styles and their working style is concerned, Sandy comments, “We offer all styles of tattoo work and body piercing services in Goa using highest quality types of equipment. The majority of tattoos done in the studio are custom designed to meet the client’s specifications and along with it we provide a variety of flashcards and books in the studio to draw your inspiration for the designs.”

The Sandy Tattoo Studio carries all licenses and government approvals to produce a custom-built tattoo and piercing studio in Goa that secures the most distinguished measures of cleanliness and a professional method towards its client. Sandy comments, “We have continually surpassed environmental health code requirements, and are fully equipped with up-to-date modern sterilization equipment for all tattoo and piercing requirements.”

The tattooists at Sandy Tattoo Studio use only single-use and autoclaved needles for all designs and piercing enterprises. The studio adheres to the most stringent measures of protection and sanitary methods, making sure that the experience for their customers is both harmless and innocuous. The tattoo and piercing fee imposed is as per official rates and are at once the most ambitious pricing for the smooth kind of work and expert method on the proposal.

The Studio is owned and run by trained tattooist Sandy to produce a hygienic and welcoming tattoo studio with the best customer care and a very huge measure of work. Sandy comments, “We’ve evolved more as a brand recognized by style than as a tattoo studio, pointing to those that prefer unique design (custom tattoo).”

Sandy is at the steerage of events at the studio and he takes charge of all the policy matters associated with customer care and studio administration. Sandy is an extremely great tattoo artist and has a very distinguished knowledge in this field of Art. Because of these unsurpassable efforts and skills, his studio has become some of the most established spots for great design at an affordable price. At Sandy Tattoo Studio, he creates designs based on personal accounts of the individual clients so that the tattoos resonate with their client’s personality. Since then, Sandy specializes in freehand work, Celtic, tribal designs, new school designs, Japanese designs, portraits, cover-ups, and much more. “You think, we ink,” he says.

Now, Sandy Tattoo Studio has become one of the biggest tattoo studios in Goa providing other kinds of facilities like free internet access and parking space too. His studio is also endorsed with new modernized computer graphics, applications, and the most advanced tools to assist in tattoo and piercing needs. Sandy Tattoo Studio has a most extensive collection of old school new and very classic tattoo designs and body piercing jewels. They provide a guarantee that all their tattoo service and piercing which they present with the type of hygiene quality service for tattoo and body piercing at manageable rates. “So please come to see us for your tattoo design and piercing unique people deserve tattoo,” says Sandy.

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5. Ganesh- Ganesh Tattoo Studio

Ganesh Tattoo Studio is pretty distinctive because it is operated by just a single person, and you guessed the name right- Ganesh. One of the reasons for his popularity is that he is pretty affordable and offers quality designs with intricate work and large tattoos. You don’t have to worry about it being a hole in your pocket when you are at Ganesh Tattoo Studio.

His rates start with INR 500 for a basic black tattoo design per square inch which the colored variant for the same begins with INR 700 per square inch. Ganesh is a pretty efficient and skilled artist and super professional with his work.

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6. Sebastian D’Souza- Inksanity Tattoo Studio

If you are smitten by a beautiful watercolor effect and want to get it as immediately as you see such designs, then Inksanity Tattoo Studio is the perfect place for you. When you are in Goa and fancy something watercolor-ish, straightaway head to Inksanity Tattoo Studio in Anjuman and get yourself etched with one of his ethereal designs. Sebastian makes one of the most beautiful and aesthetic designs in which colors. He even does beautiful portrait tattoos that look hyper-realistic.

His style is pretty complex and he works keeping the intricacy in mind. He has a whole portion that you can check on Facebook and his Instagram handles and you will get to see the immense variants that he can create. He had a passion for art since he was little and he explains his journey in his own words saying,

I had a passion for drawing & paintings since childhood. I was popular at school and high school for my artworks. At the early age of 17, I started with Tattooing. I was naïve to the idea of tattoos until my friend got his first tattoo. I was totally fascinated, as I saw it the first time. I considered it as a career option and tattooing was what I primarily wanted to do with my art skills.  Soon I started my own studio and founded Inksanity in the year 2010. Excelling in many styles like Black & Grey, Color, Geometric, etc. today I am one of the well-reputed, awarded tattoo artists in Mumbai.

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7. Sachin Aaron and Vishal Aaron- Ink Baba Tattoo Studio

Ink Baba Tattoo Studio Ink Baba Tattoo Studio is established and managed by the famous tattoo creators in Goa – Sachin and Vishal Aaron. With a natural flair for aesthetics and superior inking skills, they contribute an unusual tattoo design every time you walk into this tattoo studio. This studio is located in the luxurious and lush backgrounds of the Arambola area and is run by Sachin who is an award-winning tattoo artist. He has at least 10 years of experience in this industry and he hosts various events relate to inking throughout the world. He and his team of tattoo artists create an amazing and unique design from the thoughts of their customers. They are unique because they never copy a design from anywhere and will no accept any orders if you do they say. Instead, they would like to sit down and consult on some original ideas that will get you a customized tattoo for you

They are known for Realism, portraits, and tribal designs for which they use amazing organic ink which is liked by many since it is not too hard on the skin. Such tattoos are also guaranteed to heal faster. They also provide you a special aftercare routine after you are done with getting inked which will give you the best tips so that your tattoo heals faster and better.

With Ink Baba Tattoo Studio, you can be assured of safety and cleanliness because the tattoo artists here are well accredited and internationally recognized. The people at Inkbaba Tattoo Studio thinks that tattooing has been one of the most popular ways to give a face-lift to your character and is now the freshest trend in India. Providing the requirements, this expert tattoo artist in Goa gives you the best inking adventure you will treasure always. Their style of design is well explained by Sachin Aaron who says, “We provide a fun and relaxing environment for our clients. Featuring all our hand-picked international and local artists who are specializing in a custom design in Japanese, old and new School, neo-traditionalist, portrait, realism, and creative tattooing as well as in body piercing, in the state of the art studio with the highest standards in hygiene, safety & tattoo care.”

They really do believe that everyone has a unique experience and their tattoo must have unique requirements too. In the words of Sachin, “At Ink Baba, we understand that every person is unique, and that’s why our expert tattoo makers in Goa strive to give you your dream tattoo. We keep safety and hygiene as the highest priority. We take pride in keeping the best products and equipment in the studio to deliver our clients the best of services.” When it comes to the safety of the clients, Sachin is pretty sure.

So no matter if it is your first tattoo or probably your 10th design, you can feel the highest level of dedication and comfort at their studio. “We ink pristine pieces of tattoo designs that vividly illustrate the story you want to portray. We even strive to go the extra mile to ensure that whoever chooses us leaves with something they can cherish years after,” he continues.

Their work ethics are also pretty commendable which results in an exclusive artwork on each person’s skin. Here’s what the comment reads like, “Our team of expert tattoo artists in Goa are specialized in various styles of tattooing, right from the traditional ones to the free-flowing scripts. We always endeavored to cross beyond the barriers to providing every client with an exclusive piece of artwork. Our tattoo makers believe in working along with the clients and designing new ideas to create magic.”

They also have their own choices that you can select from, “Well understand the versatility of choices people can have, and that’s why we offer a wide range of tattoo designs. So, choose the right type of tattoo that suits your needs.” The kind of tattoos that they would ink are given below –

  • Full Sleeve Tattoos
  • Colour Tattoos
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Realism Tattoos
  • Geometric Tattoos
  • Font Tattoos
  • Feminine Tattoos
  • Cover Up Tattoos
Be assured of your protection and safety as the tattoo artist comments, “Being a credible team of expert tattoo artists in Goa, we pay special attention to your safety and hygiene.”  The kind of safety measures that they use for their tattoo making process includes –
  • Disposable needles and razors
  • Medicated spirit for disinfection
  • Fresh gloves, ink caps, etc.
  • Medicated ointment applied after tattooing
  • Sterilized bandage

So, if you have a fabulous tattoo idea and want an experienced tattoo artist to ink that idea, visit their tattoo parlor in Goa. They will guarantee that you get the best tattooing event you can feel delighted with later. At Ink Baba Tattoo Studio, provide the best customer care which ones with years of experience.

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8. Bharat Dharoliya- Tarazawa Tattoo Studio/ Palolem Tattoo Studio

Tarazwa Tattoo Studio or Palolem Tattoo Studio is a pretty popular tattoo studio in Goa which is run by Bharat Dharoliya who is a great tattoo artist inking for more than 2 decades. He owns a very reputable tattoo studio and so if you are staying near Palolem, it is the best place to go. Bharat is recognized for his Shiva, Ganesh, and butterfly designs as well as portraitures. He works both with color and black and grey designs and will apply a bit of his own touch of creativity to the customer’s opinions.

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9. Arjun Ughrejiya- Sai Tattoo Studio

Goa Tattoo Studios

Run by Arjun Ughrejiya, an expert tattooist who has been inking designs on people for over 9 years now, Sai Tattoo Studio is again among the famous tattoo workshops in South Goa. Established in Canacona, this atelier is great for petite, complex designs. In what is a really unprecedented style, his ideas have an archetypical sense of Indian floral designs, much like henna patterns. It is only here he’ll come up with an aesthetic design and style for it.

  • Shop Name: Sai Tattoo Studio
  • Address: Next to Royal Touch 117/10 Ourem Rd, Mohanbagh, Palolem, Canacona, Goa 403702
  • Contact090494 96578
  • FacebookSai Tattoo Studio 
  • Timings: Mon-Sun 9:30 am – 10:30 pm

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10. Mr. Vatsal Desai and Akash- Goa Tattoo Art

They are a selective team of highly skilled tattoo artists and they love what they do and do what they love. They make sure that their clients are pretty satisfied with the result too. At Goa Tattoo Art, each artist has his own portfolio on social media and excels at a particular kind of style so that people can take a look at what they need and decide accordingly. The expert says, “See whose individual style is right for you, they are full of photos of custom designs drawn up and tattooed by us. If you would like a one-off tattoo designed for yourself, come down to the shop to talk about what you would like. We love doing custom tattoos and we do not charge for drawing up designs.” There are portfolios full of customized drawings and inks. You can even go and have a one on one chat with the artists and come up with your unique design. There are absolutely no charges for consultation.

In the words of Vatsal, “Our ethos is simple, your idea with our input, creates your perfect design.” For Vatsal, it is definitely more than just talent that is needed for a great tattoo design, and it is a genuine passion for the work and the sense of responsibility that come along with it.

With the brainchild of design extraordinaire and business expert being Vatsal Desai & Akash aka (Tattsgun), Goa Tattoo Art stands high among Goa’s cream and subterrene and has been remarkably hectic for the last few years. All professionals at Goa Tattoo Art are qualified experts with many years of expertise in the art of inking and can catch an idea right down to the last feature. Established in Baga Beach, Goa, Goa Tattoo Art is one of Goa’s best tattoo salons.

The aim is to create unique custom designs and welcome any one who appreciates tattoos like we do, whether its your first one or adding to your collection. Our team has two resident artists available for a free consultation, from there we can help you determine the best style, placement and artist for your tattoo. At Goa Tattoo Art we have experts who have deep knowledge of qualitative tattoos, hygiene & customization of tattoos as per client’s requirements. Our experts focuses on international hygienic standards and environment of studio. Equipment used in our studio is neat and clean and every time we use new needles. Here at Goa Tattoo Art Studio we strongly believe that honesty is best policy, and we strictly follow the same. In fact a tattoo artist must be honest. Only a honest artist is an artist – is our slogan. Our experts also mind advice of doctors so there is no fear on any disease. Design tattoos as per body part because tattoo gives different meaning and look on different body part. we provide you complete Tattoo Design assist for both permanent & temporary tattoos.

At a time when tattoos were a representation known to identify the tribe or mark, Vatsal discovered his enthusiasm. A self-taught designer, Vatsal was finishing his Engineering and while he was just halfway through, Vatsal found his passion in the inking industry. Vatsal’s mother taught him how to draw when he was a kid, and after so much hard work and receiving from some globally acclaimed Seminars, he was able to finally reach a step closer to his dreams. Then he contrived to open a studio in Surat, Gujarat. Vatsal is recognized for geometric/ blackwork, linework, mandala tattoo, and is also an award-winning professional. He has won awards in blackwork tattoo and the best tattoo of the day in the tattoo convention of 2017-2018. With this, Vatsal has amazing more than 2 decades of experience

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