Frederick Bousquet’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The French swimmer Frederick Bousquet has collected a number of tattoos over the years, allowing his torso to stand out amongst a literal sea of toned swimmer bodies. Along with his aquatic accomplishments, Bousquet has multiple tattoos to show off at the pool. When asked whether he has these astonishing tattoos to give him a competitive edge, he admitted that he has done this to intimidate the other swimmers.

Frederick Bousquet Tattoos4

1. Body Tattoos

Frederick Bousquet Tattoos

a) Child Tattoo

He’s also got a child tattooed on the right arm.

b) Dove Tattoo

There is a tattoo of a dove under one pec on his body. A dove is a popular symbol of Christian faith, representing renewal and spiritual cleansing.

2. Swirl Design

Frederick Bousquet Swirl Design

There is a series of swirls over the left of his shoulders.

3. Wings Tattoo

Frederick Bousquet Wings Tattoo

Bousquet has a pair of wings tattoed on his stomach. This is a powerful tattoo, symbolizing one’s faith in a higher power.

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