Bella Bellz 19 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Bella Bellz is a famous American actress who works as an entertainer in the Adult Industry. She was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She claims that she had an attraction for the porns before actually stepping into this world, officially. She was a cheerleader during high school. Bella loves to travel and cook in her free time. Talking about her body, she has got some amazing designs inked all over her. Let us explore them.

Bella Bellz

Bella Bellz tattoos

1. Bella Back Design

Bella back design Bella back ink Bella back tattoo

2. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Bella dragon on back

Tattoo: There is a powerful and colorful Japanese dargon tattooed on Bella’s upper back.

Meaning: The Japanese dragon is the ultimate symbol of power, strength, wisdom, and acts a force of God. It is also believed to carry the ability to turn elements around you for your benefit and do you a favor for the sake of humanity and bring positivity surrounding you.

3. Demon Eyes on Lower Back

Bella eyes tattoo

Tattoo: A pair of demon eyes are inked on Bella’s lower back.

Meaning: Demon/devil eyes are a spruce of protection for the tattoo wearer. People get this tattoo to ward off the evil and evil spirits and keep themselves guarded.

4. Flowers on Face Tattoo

Bella flowers on face

Tattoo: there are some tiny flowers inked in red on Bella’s right side of face.

Meaning: Flower tattoos are the purest means of bringing positivity, happiness, freshness, hope, and closeness.

5. Forehead Tattoo-Dream Catcher

Bella forehead tattoo

Tattoo: The circular design on the top of Bella’s right ear is the ring of the dream catcher design.

Meaning: The circle of dream catcher represents the circle of life. They stand for positivity and safeness. The idea behind the tattoo is to bring pleasing dreams to the tattoo wearer and keep away the bad elements and negativity surrounding you; catch all the wrong and evil.

5. ‘LOVE/FUCK’ Tattoo

Bella FUCK LOVE Tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, there is a written script that includes two words, overlapping each other. They are LOVE and FUCK.

6. Tattoo design on Hand

Bella hand tattoo

Tree with Roots

Bella has got tree with roots inked on multiple body parts.

Atree represents longevity, perseverance, a family bond, affinity, and soundness.

Many people get trees with roots inked on their bodies to represent their deep roots with their past and their family connections. The roots itself are the way to show the strongest bonds and connection thus, symbolsing stability, endurance, and strength.

7. Tree Design on Left Arm

Bella left arm tattoo

8. Tree Design on Right Leg

Bella leg designs Bella leg tattoos

9. Misunderstood Tattoo

Bella misunderstood tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of her neck, Bella has got the tattoo of the word, ‘Misunderstood‘.

10. Butterfly on Neck

Bella neck tattoo

Tattoo: towards the right side of her neck, Bella has got the tattoo of a multi-colred butterfly.

The butterfly is the depiction of transition in life and stands to reflect the fresh beginnings and new phases of life. They also symbolize faithfulness, attractiveness, and transformation.

11. Peacock Feather Tattoo

Bella peacock feather tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of her neck is the tattoo of the peack cock feather.

Meaning: A peacock feather is associated with beauty, richness, and grandeur. It’s the ideal design for a female tattoo lover who wishes to keep herself reminded of the fact about the significance of self-acceptance and devotion. To some other people, the feather can also represent safeness and the expulsion of bad spirits.

12. Right Thigh-Tree Roots Tattoo

Bella right thigh tattoo

13. Buttocks Design

Bella tattoo on buttocks

14. Cleavage Tattoo

Bella tattoo on cleavage

15. Tattoo on Right Arm

Bella tattoo on right arm

16. ‘TrustNoOne’ Tattoo

Bella TrustNoOne tattoo

Bella trustnoone

Tattoo: On the side of her left buttocks, Bella has got the tattoo of the word, ‘TrustNoOne’

18. Arm tattoo Design

Bella right arm tattoo

19. Shoulder Tattoo

Bella shoulder tattoo

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