Tyler Conklin’s 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tyler Conklin is an American football tight end for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). Tyler is known to have earned a Basketball scholarship to Northwood University. Tyler used to play Basketball during his school days apart from his love i.e. Football. He was a wide receiver in Football and combo guard in basketball. Tyler is no less when we talk about football players getting their favorite tattoos done on their bodies. Tyler has multiple body tattoos that adorn his arms and legs. Let us explore his inks and their meanings.


1. ‘Fierce Lion Face’ Tattoo

Tribal Lion Face-
Tyler lion Tattoo-
Tattoo: On Tyler’s left bicep we can see a fierce-looking lion’s face tattooed.
Meaning: The lion is the symbol of strength, power, dominance, confidence, and independence. A Fierce looking lion is Tyler’s way of reflecting his own fierce personality when he is on the battlefield.

2. ‘The Only Family’ Tattoo

Tyler Family Only Tattoo-
Tattoo: Just near his right wrist there is a short line tattooed which can be read as, ‘The only Family’.
Meaning: Tyler shares a very close bond with his family which includes his parents, ‘Terry, his father, and Diana, his mother. This tattoo is his source of respect and gratitude to his loving and supportive family.

3. ‘1995’ Tattoo

Tyler 1995 Tattoo-
Tattoo: On Tyler’s right and left pec we can see the numbers tattooed as 19 and 95, respectively. Altogether they represent his birthyear i.e. 1995.

4. Alphabets Tattoo

Tyler alphabets on left arm Tattoo- Tyler alphabets tattoo-
Tattoo: On his left bicep there are two bold and cursive alphabets inked i.e. ‘E’ and ‘C’.

5. ‘Crown with angel wings’ Tattoo

Tyler angel wings tattoo-
Tattoo: Tyler’s chest is covered with a huge tattoo of a crown with angel wings.
Meaning: Crown with angel wings is the symbol of good luck by many. However, it represents the person’s eagerness to seek power. Angel wings are the way of representing a deep connection with God and dependence upon the guardian angel. This tattoo piece also shows the religious aspect of Tyler i.e. Christianity.

6. Clock Tattoo

Tyler clock Tattoo-
Tattoo: On Tyler’s right forearm there is a tribal looking clock tattooed.

7. Devil Tattoo

Tyler devil Tattoo-
Tattoo: On his left wrist there is a face of devil inked.
Meaning: Devil is the most common symbol of showing the evil side of this world i.e. death, evil, hatred, and destruction.

8. Dragon Tattoo

Tyler dragon Tattoo-
Tattoo: On the inner side of the right forearm there is a Japanese dragon tattoo.
Meaning: Japanese sea dragon is the symbol of good luck, prosperity, and the protector of mankind. Japanese dragon is differentiated from other dragons in the terms that the Japnese dragon are shown as the serpent-like creatures without wings

9. ‘Football in hands’ Tattoo

Tyler hands holding ball Tattoo-
Tattoo: Tyler’s left inner bicep carries a huge tattoo of a football being held in hands.
Meaning: Football in hands reflects Tyler’s love and respect for his game i.e. Football.

10. ‘Diana Tori Trevor’ Tattoo

Tyler left arm writing Tattoo-
Tattoo: In the middle of his left arm there are few names wrapped around his bicep as ‘Diana Tori Trevor’.
Meaning: This is another of Tyler’s family tattoo that shows his love and relationship with his father, mother, and brother. The tattoo includes the names of his mother i.e. Diana, father i.e. Tori, and brother i.e. ‘Trevor.

11. ‘Time waits for No one’ Tattoo

Tyler left bicep Tattoo-
Tattoo: On the mid of his left upper arm there are few coins tattooed, along with a stopwatch. There are words tattooed above the clock that says, ‘Time Waits For No Men’.
Meaning: The quote ‘Time waits for no men’ means that time is transitory in nature and whosoever you are whether poor or rich (as signified by dollar coins), time continues to flow with its speed and activities like deaths, birth, morning, and evenings can never be controlled or stopped by anyone as per his will.

12. ‘Legends Never Die’ Tattoo

Tyler left forearm Tattoo-
Tattoo: Tyler has got an amazing phrase inked on his left outer forearm that can be read as ‘Legends Never Die’
Meaning: The tattoo has been inspired by the quote by Babe Ruth: “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. There is a song by the name ‘Legends Never Die’ reflecting the fact that our actions and good deeds live forever even if we die.

13. ‘Crucifixion of Jesus’ Tattoo

Tyler left forearm
Tattoo: On Tyler’s inner left forearm there’s a masterpiece showing the Jesus’ crucifixion. On the bottom, there is a heap of skulls tattooed.
Meaning: This tattoo represents Tyler’s faith and belief in Jesus and his blessings. The tattoo is used as the symbol to pay respect to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save humanity and mankind.
Skulls inked are the symbol of evil and death.

14. Left Leg Tattoos

Tyler Wolf ink Tyler wolf Tattoo

Tyler leg Tattoos-
Tyler tiger face-

Tyler wolf face Tattoo-

Tattoo: Tyler’s left leg has been inked with the multiple wolves along with the jungle background. There are four wolves inked, one on his calf muscle, a town on the front of left leg, and one on his left thigh.
Meaning: Wolf tattoo represents strength, courage, and loyalty. However, a wolf-themed tattoo can be used by a native American to honor the culture and heritage of North America.

15. ‘My Brother’s Keeper Tattoo

Tyler my brothers keeper Tattoo-

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep there is a tattoo that contains the words, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’.

Meaning: Tyler shares a very close bond with his brother, Trevor Conklin. This is not his first tattoo dedication towards his brother, he also has got his name inked on his left middle arm.

16. Lady’s Portrait Tattoo

Tyler portrait of lady Tattoo-
Tatoo: On Tyler’s right shoulder there is a portrait of a lady inked. The portrait is speculated to be his mother, Diana’s portrait.

17. Lines Tattooed on Right Arm

Tyler quote on right bicep Tattoo-
Tattoo: On the center of his bicep there are lines inked which say, ‘A heart of gold, stopped breathing, two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove- He only takes the best.  The lines have been dedicated to someone who was close to his heart but, is no more.

18. Roses on Right Bicep

Tyler red rose Tattoo-
Tyler red rose-
Tattoo: On either side of the heaven stairs there is a red rose inked.
Meaning: Red rose is a symbol of love and romance. They are also used to mourn the death and are usually used in funeral flowers.

19. Stairs to Heaven Tattoo

Tyler right bicep Tattoo-
Tyler stairs to heaven Tattoo-

20. Knights Templar Tattoo

Tyler right forearm Tattoo-
Tattoo: Tyler has got the tattoo of Knight Templar inked on his right forearm.
Meaning: Knights templar was a large organization of the medieval era and represented Christians.  It was involved in carrying the military operations and protecting the European travelers side by side. However, as per the modern times Knight Templer is portrayed as a villain and as the representative of the evil secret society.

21. Roses on Chest Tattoo

Tyler roses on chest=
Tattoo: There is a pair of roses inked on his chest, one on each pec. Also, on his cleavage, there are a pair of eyes tattooed.

22. Skulls Tattoo

Tyler skull Tattoos-
Tattoo: There is a tattoo on Tyler’s left forearm which shows us three or four skulls inked vertically.
Meaning: Skull is the symbol of death and evil. However, it may also be used to reflect the person’s strength to overcome difficulties in his life.

23. Flying Dove and Moon Tattoo

Tyler sparrow and half moon Tattoo-
Tattoo: Dove, the symbol of love, victory, and new beginnings is inked on Tyler’s right bicep. Also, there is a moon inked. Moon is the symbol of creativity and fresh beginnings. The flying dove is a common piece attached at the bottom of the staircase to heaven.

24. ‘Never Failure Always a lesson’ Tattoo

Tyler writing on chest-
Tattoo: Across Tyler’s chest we can see small writing that says, ‘Never Failure Always a Lesson’.
Meaning: The tattoo is the source of motivation for Tyler. The quote means that the person should keep on working hard and take each failure as a lesson for his future endeavors.

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