Kid Cudi’ 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi is famous by his stage name, Kid Cudi. He is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and singer by profession. He began rapping in the year 2003. Surprisingly, his plan to join the Navy during his young days did not go as planned because of his juvenile police record. However, his name in the rapping industry is quite known owing to his outstanding talent. He has been given due recognition as an influence on hip hop and alternative acts. Just like other rap stars, Kid Cudi has a tattooed body. He has got some interesting inks. Let us explore them.

Kid Cudi

1. Right Arm Tattoos

Kid Cudi right arm tattoo

Tattoo: Covering his right forearm are multiple tattoos which include open pair of hands, with a cross in between them, few dollar bills, a spooky-looking face on his inner arm, and a sacred heart on his wrist.

Meaning: Sacred Heart is the most common and the most revered symbol among the Roman Catholics when it comes to the choice of spiritual tattoos. Sacred Heart represents the pure divine love symbolic of the unconditional love of Jesus Christ which he showed by sacrificing his life for the sake of humanity.

2. Right Hand Tattoo

Kid Cudi right hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, Kid has got the tattoo of the word, ‘PINK’. It is inked in pink color itself.

Meaning: Kid’s right-hand tattoo is a tribute to the famous rock band, Pink Floyd. He got this tattoo in the year 2012. Pink Floyd is one of the oldest well-known rock bands. It was formed in 1964 and gained the limelight due to its focus upon psychedelic space-rock and blues-based progressive rock.

3. Stomach Tattoo

Kid Cudi stomach tattoo

4. Wrist Tattoos

Kid Cudi wrist tattoos

Tattoo: On his Wrist, Kid Cudi has got red slash marks inked, one on each of his inner wrists.

Meaning: Kid Cudi explained that these tattoos are the source of his motivation and mark his transition from the ‘old he’ to the ‘new he’. Probably, he killed his old self by getting this tattoo.

5. Daughter’s Portrait on Neck

Kid neck portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, Kid has got a tiny portrait of a smiling baby girl.

Meaning: The girl in the tattoo is his daughter, Vada Wamwene Mescudi. She was born to Kid Cudi and Jacqueline. But, he lost the battle of his daughter’s full custody to his ex-wife after sending his wife the threatening texts for over four days. However, it is a well-known fact among his family and well-wishers that he is way too attached to his daughter.

6. Logo Tattoo

Kid logo tattoo

Kid portrait on left arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a logo with ‘K’ inked on his left forearm.

Meaning: The logo represents the logo of independent label K records. The independent record label was formed in 1982 in Olympia, Washington which was marked as the beginning of the independent records in the music industry. The K records have been called the foundation of the development of independent music since the 1980s.

The label is run on the motto “exploding the teenage underground into passionate revolt against the corporate ogre since. 1982.””

7. Right Forearm Design

Kid Cudi forearm tattoo

8. ‘Moon Man Solar Map’ Tattoo

Kid Cudi hand tattoo

Tattoo: Kid Cudi’s left hand is inked with the Moon Man Solar Map tattoo. He got it inked on April 26, 2014. The tattoo includes a solar system along with a rocket ship that is inked slightly above his left hand’s wrist.

 “I’m super paranoid like a sixth sense/Since my father died I ain’t been right since/And I tried to piece the puzzle of the universe/Split an 8th of shrooms just so I could see the universe.”

9. ‘Daniel Johnston’s Portrait’ Tattoo

Kid Cudi left arm portrait

Tattoo: Kid revealed a tattoo on his Instagram handle on 24 August 2020 revealing the portrait of the late Kurt Donald Cobain.

Meaning: Cobain was an American musician and the frontman of the famous rock band, Nirvana. The tattoo on Kid Cudi’s body represents Cobain from one of his appearances in MTV VMAs, during which the Nirvana leader wore glasses, his signature ratty cardigan, and a shirt undeath which included the title representation of his famous 1983 album Hi, How Are You.

10. ‘Mic’ Tattoo

Kid Cudi left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, Kid has got the tattoo of a mic.

Meaning: The tattoo of the mic represents his love for the world of music and his rapping career.

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