Luke Gallows’ 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Andrew William Hankinson, better known as Luke Gallows is an American professional wrestler. He spent the majority of his career in New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., known there as Doc Gallows. He made his debut appearance in 2006 in the WWE but left it shortly afterward. Gallows’ is the disciple of CM Punk and made his return to WWE in 2016. Both of Luke’s arms are covered in many interesting tattoos. Let us look at them and the meanings they hold.

Luke Gallows

Left Arm Tattoos

1. ‘Screaming Skull’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows screaming skull tattoo

Tattoo: Luke’s upper left arm is covered in a large tattoo of a half-rotten human skull which still has eyes and is screaming. Blue stars can be seen inside its mouth.

2. ‘Skull and Waves’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows skull waves tattoo

Tattoo: There are waves tattooed below his screaming skull tattoo with little skulls that can be seen at the crests of the waves. There is another grinning skull tattooed right on his left elbow.

3. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows dragon tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a dragon tattooed around his left forearm on a blue background. There is also a band tattoo of skulls covering his wrist.

4. ‘Woman’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows woman tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of the face of a woman tattooed on the lower side of his left forearm.

Right Arm Tattoos

5. ‘Creature’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows creature tattoo

Tattoo: The right shoulder of the wrestler contains a tattoo of a creature on it with its wings spreading and covering most of his upper right arm.

6. ‘Woman and Flowers’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows woman flowers tattoo

Tattoo: Luke’s right bicep contains a tattoo of the face of a half-dead woman on it, wearing a red hood. There are also blue flowers tattooed below it.

7. ‘Skulls’ Tattoo

Luke Gallows skulls tattoo

Luke Gallows skulls tattoo2

Tattoo: There rest of his lower right arm is covered in many tattoos of skulls that fill the back and front of his arm and complete his sleeve.

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