Kehlani’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The 22-year aged singer, songwriter, and dancer Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a mix of black, white, Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Filipino. She got nominated for various awards including Grammy’s. As artists are mostly spotted wearing tattoos so does she. To her, loving tattoos is like loving art and also the expressions they hold. Check out her tattoos to know the type of personality that she carries and even the relevance of each tattoo to her.
Kehlani Tattoos

1. Dots Under Eyes

Kehlani Dot Tattoo
The singer spotted with 4 dotted tattoos, 2 below both the eyes. These dots may look like marks, but in reality, they are the tattoos. As she is a tattoo lover, she loves to experiment with her looks. And this is the reason that she got inked 2 more tattoos on her face.

2. Paper Airplane On Face

Kehlani Airplane Tattoo

The singing star got a paper airplane inscribed onto the side of her left eye which according to her means to stay above.

3. Spanish Quote On Side Temple

kehlani Spanish Tattoo

The stage performer has a quote inscribed on the right side of her temple which statesEspíritu Libre.” Don’t get confused; she is not a Libra. The Spanish quote translates to “Free Spirit.”

4. Queen & Heart From Deck Of Cards

Queen And Heart Tattoo

The pop star has got inked an interesting tattoo on the left side of her face in front of her ear. It describes Queen Of Heart from the deck of cards. Well, she’s the queen of many hearts!

5. Ocean Wave Tattoo

Ocean Wave Tattoo

The singer got inked an ocean wave tattoo on the left of her neck. Ocean wave represents your desire to live a life of freedom.

6. Spanish Note On Neck

Spanish Note Tattoo

The tattoo lover has got the right side of her neck inked with a Spanish note saying “Perdida y Encontrada” which translates to “Lost and Found.” To her tattoo, she said, “I think it’s a reminder if I do get lost again, I can always find myself.”

7. Tattoo On Her Calf

Calve Tattoo

Kehlani has not left any place on her body where she has not tatted herself. And here’s another one. She got her left calf inked with a tatt saying “TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER.”

8. Reggie Rocket Character

Reggie Rocket Tattoo

The tattoo lover got her right calf tattooed with a cartoon character of a female skateboarder Reggie Rocket. It is a fictional animated character from the show, Rocket Power. It is one of her favorite tattoos because she was a tomboy in her childhood days just like Riggie.

9. Dancing Figures On Her Inner Thighs

Dancing Figure Tattoo

The down to earth person has got another piece of art on her inner thighs. This tattoo represents a dancing couple, from the movie Pulp Fiction. The girl in the white shirt on her left thigh and the guy in a suit on her right thigh. What makes it more interesting is that she can make these characters dance by moving her legs!

10. Skateboard On Thigh

Skateboard Tattoo

The Oakland singer inked a skateboard on the front side of her right thigh. The skateboard features a palm tree, ocean waves, and an Oarsman inside it.

11. Spider, Rose, And A Dagger On Thigh

Spider, Rose And Dagger Tattoo

Kehlani has this impressive artwork inked on the front of her leg. The tattoo represents a spider and a rose penetrated by a dagger. The dagger symbolizes fearlessness.

12. Tattoos On Knuckles

Knuckles Tattoo

Kehlani got her first tattoo inked on her knuckles stating “HAVE HOPE” when her best friend moved away. She was just sixteen then!

13. Transformation Of The Famous “WOKE” Tattoo

WOKE Tattoo Transformation

The 22-year aged singer retired her “WOKE” tatt and got it retransformed into a lotus. The singer said, “We imagined the ‘woke’ not swallowed, but carefully wrapped by another lotus internalizing the constant manifestation of intelligence and awareness.”

14. The Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo

Kehlani has not left any part of her body without ink but no doubt her sunflower tattoo shines like a real one. This tattoo is on her left shoulder. But, she has not revealed the meaning of this tattoo.

15. Big Patches of Roses

Rose Tattoo On Forearm

Singer Kehlani has entirely covered her right hand with roses and petals inked in red and green colors. Indeed she’s an artistic person and loves to experiment with her looks.

16. Two Creatures On Arm

Creatures On Arm

The talented singer has inscribed 2 huge creatures on her left arm one below the other. The “two creatures” are Lauryn Hill (famous singer) and Frida Kahlo (Mexican artist and feminist icon)

17. “LaDreamer” On Wrist

La Dreamer Tattoo

This pretty girl has inscribed a word which belongs to the nickname of her fan “La Dreamer” on her right wrist below her little finger. This tattoo holds an important place in her heart.

18. “TSUNAMI” on Stomach

Stomach Tattoo

America Got Talent fame girl, Kehlani got her tummy inked just below the marine area with the word ‘TSUNAMI’. Well, she uses it to flaunt her abs as well!

19. Lion Face On Right Forearm

Lion On Forearm

The most daring and adorned singer of her time, Kehlani is no less than a lioness as she is fearless, courageous, and confident enough to handle any situation in life. And therefore she got her upper right forearm inked with the face of a lion.

20. Tiny Symbols On Knuckles

Symbols On Knuckles

The tattoo lover has got each of her lower regions of knuckles inked with small symbols. The singer has not disclosed the meaning of these symbols.


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