Unimerce’s 42 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Mercedes Edison better known as Unimerce is a British-born DJ. She is also a producer and model. She began her professional career as a DJ in 2005. Unimerce is famous among her millions of Instagram followers due to her heavily tattooed body. Let us explore her body tattoos and their meanings.

“I just wish to make the best of myself and be happy and successful in what I love to do. I see myself being on stage in front of thousands of people, I know it will come one day.”


“I started getting tattoos when I was 16. I’ve always been a rebel when it came to my mum telling me ‘no’ the body is a piece of art, we all have stories in our lives, and I like to display them within my tattoos. Every tattoo of mine tells a story of my life and holds a memory.”

1. ‘Lily’ Tattoo

Unimerce ankle tattoo

Tattoo: On the lower left leg, Unimerce has got the word, ‘Lily’ inked.

2. Back Writing

Unimerce back tattoo

3. Symbols on Leg

Unimerce back thigh tattoo

4. ‘Bad Ass’ Tattoo

Unimerce Bad Ass tattoo

Tattoo: On her right bum she has got the phase inked as, ‘Bad Ass’.

5. Portrait of Crying Lady on Shoulder Tattoo

Unimerce lady tattoo

Unimerce right bicep tattoo

Unimerce bicep portrait tattoo

6. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Unimerce butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of her left bum, Unimerce has got a tattoo of a butterfly.

Meaning: A butterfly tattoo is the symbol of beauty and femininity. It is the most common way of symbolizing your love for a close one who is no more. But, most importantly, it is the token of good luck. fleeting.

7. ‘Alphabet’ Tattoo

Unimerce chest tattoo

8. Diamond on Neck Tattoo

Unimerce collarbone tattoo

Tattoo: On her right collar bone, Unimerce has got the ‘diamond’ of playing cards inked.

Meaning: Diamond card symbol represents light, warmth, and femininity. As per the Tarot card reading, they are considered to be the symbol of money, energy, and courage.

9. Ankle Tattoo

Unimerce dollor bags tattoo

Tattoo: On the left corner of her left ankle, she has got three money bags inked. There are name initials inked in each of them. They are ‘Y’, ‘S’, and ‘L’. They actually represent the most used money symbols. Y is for Yen and $ for dollar.

10. ‘Feather’ Tattoo

Unimerce feather tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge feather inked on the inner side of her right bicep.

Meaning: Feather tattoo is linked with the attributes of freedom, independence, courage, strength, and wisdom.

11. ‘Finger Smiley’ Tattoo

Unimerce finger smiley

Tattoo: Spooky face smiley is inked on her middle finger.

12. Finger Tattoo

Unimerce finger tattoo

13. ‘Follow Your Heart’ Tattoo

Unimerce follow your heart tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of her right forearm, she has got the tattoo of the words, ‘follow your heart’.

14. Chained Heart tattoo

Unimerce hand heart lock tattoo

Tattoo: Unimerce’s right wrist is wrapped with a chain tattoo and a lock tattoo. The lock has been inked in the shape of the heart.

Meaning: Chain and Heart are the symbols of strength, power, and protection. People get the symbol of something close/important possessions inked along with the chain tattoo. Hereby, Unimerce has the heart inked along with the chain. The words alongside add to her symbolism i.e. ‘Follow your heart’. Chain is considered to be an important symbol of protecting yourself from evil and bad.

15. Heart Emoji Tattoo

Unimerce heart on ear tattoo

Tattoo: Heart, the token of love and life is inked on her left ear.

16. Hearts on Bicep Tattoo

Unimerce hearts tattoo

Tattoo: Double shaded hearts are inked on Unimerce’s right shoulder.

Meaning: Hearts are the token of love and romance. However, black hearts symbolize death and grief.

17. Girl Tattoo

Unimerce lady tattoo

18. Lady and Wolf on left thigh Tattoo

Unimerce left thigh tattoo

19. Leg Tattoo 

Unimerce leg tattoo

20. ‘LIFE’ Tattoo

Unimerce LIFE tattoo

22. ‘Loyalty with a heart emoji’ Tattoo

Unimerce Loyalty Tattoo

23.  Emojis on Fingers Tattoo

Unimerce MEOW Tattoo

24. ‘Musical Notes’ Tattoo

Unimerce musical notes tattoo

Tattoo: Musical notes are inked on the upper side of her right leg.

Meaning: Musical notes relate to music and thus, her love for her career of Djing.

25. Tyan Tattoo

Unimerce names tattoo

26. ‘MEOW’ Tattoo

Unimerce right hand finger tattoos

27. Roses Tattoo

Unimerce roses tattoo

Tattoo: Roses, the symbol of love and romance are inked on her right thigh.

28. ‘Skull and Rose’ Tattoo

Unimerce skull and rose tattoo

Tattoo: Skull and rose are inked on her upper right thigh.

Meaning: The skull is the symbol of life and death whereas, the rose is the symbol of love and romance. All together, skull and rose represent the fight and struggle between beauty and bad/ evil and good.

29. ‘Snake and Rose’ Tattoo

Unimerce snake and rose tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of her neck, Unimerce has got the tattoo of a rose wrapped by a snake.

Meaning: Rose, is the symbol of love, romance, purity, and beauty. The snake wrapped around the rose symbolizes the evil and corrupt mind which interrupts and overpowers the beauty of the rose and thus, life. It is a token of passion and building temptation directing towards a corrupt mind.

30. Stomach Tattoo

Unimerce stomach tattoo

31. ‘Girl and Wolf’ Tattoo

Unimerce thigh tattoo

32. Writing Tattoo

Unimerce thigh writing

Unimerce thigh writing tattoo

Tattoo: Right under her butt cheeks, Unimerce has got some lines inked which can be read as ‘I am a sinner
Who’s probably gonna sin again.’

Meaning: The lines have been quoted by Kendrick Lamar, the famous American Rapper.

33. ’till death’ Tattoo

Unimerce till death tattoo

34. Wolf Tattoo

Unimerce wolf tattoo

35. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Unimerce wrist chains tattoo

Tattoo: Small anchor is inked on her left wrist.

Meaning: Anchor is the symbol of determination, peace, stability, and passion.

36. ‘THE OUTSIDER’ Tattoo

Unimerce arm tattoo

Unimerce writing on arm tattoo

37. Roses on the upper thigh

Unimerce flower themed tattoo

Tattoo: Unimerce’s right hip area and thigh is covered with roses themed tattoo.

38. ‘Pony’ Tattoo

Unimerce leg tattoo

39. Left Arm Tattoo Designing

Unimerce right arm design

40. Stomach Bale Design

Unimerce stomach stem tattoo

41. Writing on Thigh

Unimerce thigh writing tattoo

42. Wolf on Thigh Tattoo

Unimerce wolf tattoo

Tattoo: Wolf, the symbol of courage, confidence, and fierce attitude is inked on her left bicep. It is not the single wolf tattoo on her body. There is another one inked on the front of her left thigh. Wolf and the lady represent the warrior spirit.

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